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OBE - Out Of Body Experience

Guided Meditation by StarFields

"Out of body travel is a skill every true energy magician needs to learn, and learn well."

OBE Out of body experience guided meditation CD by StarFieldsThere are those who hold that people aren't meant to travel amongst the stars in metal cans and taking their bodies, but that we travel in space and time OUT OF BODY, free, safe, and with practice, can manifest anywhere so tightly that it is actually better than being there "in the body" - which would be encased in a space suit and never get to experience the reality of being there ...

The movements the consciousness needs to undertake to leave the body asleep in a safe place are learnable.

There are safeguards preventing accidental out of body experiences happening all the time; and it has to be done in the right way to make it a good OBE experience.

  • This magic meditation, the Out Of Body experience, teaches the energy movements as well as the movements of consciousness necessary to learn real out of body travel.

With repeated use and further practice during OBE meditations, the information and course of learning in this program will allow you to begin a new existence OUT OF THE BODY in the spaces of absolute freedom that are at our beck and call - if only we choose to travel there.

  • This program uses the Appollonius voice for extra trance depth and to help make the transition from waking awareness, to the "launch plane", to the full out of body experience.

Amongst the many beneficial features of this program is the way the astral body is re-united with the energy body, and then the physical body at the conclusion of the OBE experience.

Very valuable and important to learn REAL out of body travel, and how to return home safely.

  • Created by Dr Silvia Hartmann, Originator of Project Sanctuary, this is an excellent teaching/experience meditation that grows with you as you learn the way how to have real

Out of



... in safety and clarity of vision.

  • A "must have" tool for anyone who is serious about personal development, mind, magic and advanced energy magic.

Out Of Body Meditation mp3 for instant download

OBE: Out Of Body Experience

  • Created by StarFields
  • Featuring The Appollonius Voice
  • & An Original Score Of Meditation Music by StarFields
  • To learn Out Of Body Travel in a safe, easy and natural way
  • Available as quality audio MP3 download of approx. 30mb
  • Approx. 30 mins in length
  • Suitable for all students of magic, energy magic and Project Sanctuary players
  • A beautiful trance experience and a superb guided meditation
  • "Spiral Experience" design - this guided meditation grows with you as YOUR experience and skill expands.

Great Value For Money, This Is A Powerful Guided Meditation That Will Increase Your Skills & Understanding of what OBEs are, how to control them, and quite literally, unlock your own personal "Star Gate" to the wider Universe, and in essence, all of space and time.

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