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The Advanced Patterns of EFT

by Dr Silvia Hartmann

First Edition January 2003


* Contains The "Guiding Stars" Protocols!

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The Advanced Patterns Of EFT

by Dr Silvia Hartmann

Do you love EFT as much as we do? 

Has it helped you overcome a true personal limitation, come to your aid in a moment of real crisis, showed you the way to emotional freedom you never even suspected could exist before you met EFT?

Well, if you do then you will be wanting to celebrate "simple Classic EFT" with these fantastic quantum healing patterns that take EFT out of the realms of simple, mechanical phobia fixing and put it right where it belongs - namely as one of the most tremendously flexible and powerful quantum healing modalities of the new millennium!

A superb teacher for the ways of the energy system, a superb first introduction to the realms of true emotional freedom and healing, EFT is actually far, far more than that. 

With the correct leverage and with mastery of the EFT processes and the treatment flow, it is a mind-body healing tool of the first order - including the most profound shamanic healing applications, the power to release overarching life patterns, and the possibilities of wide ranging change as have never been known to mankind before - ever!


"A very elegant advancement of established EFT and a practical and useful book by a skilled clinician containing some of the most powerfully healing interventions known to date."

Dr Michael Millett

Elevated Therapy International 

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Including a huge sweep of techniques, patterns, treatment procedures and step-by-step approaches for the most intense and terrifying of human emotions and conditions, "The Advanced Patterns Of EFT" represents a true breakthrough into realms of healing previously unknown to healers and therapists - and not to mention sufferers.

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Written by Silvia Hartmann, PhD, universally acknowledged as one of the most revolutionary and finest thinkers on energy psychology in the field, these advanced patterns are just that - extremely advanced.


"Silvia Hartmannís scientific mind has the amazing capacity to draw numerous strands of life together in a holographic alchemistic sense and make previously numinous unfathomable quandaries, seem simple and ordinary and I wonder why I never saw the connections before." 

Edel Moylan, B.A., M. Sc.

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These are treatments and techniques for special situations and circumstances, for use by competent and masterful healers and therapists who have a deep and unflinching desire to help their clients get back to their birthright as human beings - namely to be in charge of their destinies, effective and joyful in what they they plan, and what they do.

"If you are a therapist, you simply must read this book to stay up to date in the exciting and rapidly growing field of Meridian Therapies."

Brian R. Connelly, LMHC
Licensed Counselor & Therapist, Topsfield, MA
Emotional Freedom & Healing

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If you truly love EFT, and you are ready to make that step from the "tapping technician" to becoming a true energy healer, "The Advanced Patterns of EFT" will aid you immensely in your growth, learning and progress.

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"From invaluable information on establishing rapport with clients through to varied and insightful approaches for working with deep rooted and complex problems, Advanced Patterns in EFT is the ultimate sourcebook for any student or practitioner of Meridian Therapies. I wholeheartedly recommend this excellent manual to our students as essential reading."

Ananga Sivyer CTAMT Dip. Kin MANLP 

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"For me as an EFT therapist, this manual is an invaluable reference treasure of more alternatives to help clients and myself find new paths in our lives. I am eager to start experiencing some of the patterns in my own personal work."

Nils O. Jacobson, MD

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Stay in touch with the latest developments.


Find the tools and protocols that help you succeed with your own problems and with your clients.


Find answers to your own questions and the next steps on your own path.



The Advanced Patterns Of EFT

by Silvia Hartmann, PhD

90,000 words approx. 

Over 35 stand-alone breakthrough patterns and techniques to use for yourself or with your clients. 

Five years in the making. 

Two Complete Sections Of Advanced EFT Treatment Flow Work and The Advanced Patterns Of EFT themselves.

Includes for the first time the Instant EFT protocols, the high end Addiction protocols, "Immortal Beloved" bereavement resolution, The Guiding Stars EFT protocols, and much, much more!

Order TODAY - And prepare for a superbly challenging learning experience.

The Advanced Patterns Of EFT

Priceless Information Density, Priceless Learning 

Find out about The E-Book Advantage!

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The Advanced Patterns Of EFT

by Silvia Hartmann, PhD


  • Mastery In The EFT Treatment Flow
  • Guiding Stars EFT Resolution
  • Energetic Relationships
  • Addictions Release Protocols
  • Bereavement Flow Protocols

... and much, much more! 

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"Extra-ordinary healing indeed - if "Adventures In EFT" brought EFT to life, "The Advanced Patterns" teaches EFT to fly, to soar."

James Stanbridge, Ph.D.

"An absolute "must have, must know!" for anyone even remotely considering themselves an Energy Psychologist. I am deeply impressed and I consider "The Advanced Patterns Of EFT" to be a most outstanding contribution to the field." 

Chrissie Hardisty
Founder, The Association For Meridian & Energy Therapies 

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"Guiding Stars alone makes this book worth ten times the sales price. In fact, I might as well just say that the information is priceless." 

Dr N. Oppenheim 

Founder, The Sidereus Foundation 

"I would buy this book. And I would gain a lot from it. I would learn from it many many new ways to use and think about EFT, learn to color brilliantly outside the lines and even create my own designs with it."†

Rue Anne Hass, M.A. 

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Learn about Guiding Stars, True Forgiveness with EFT, Shamanic Approaches,

Absolution Protocols and True Elegance With Intuitive and Instant EFT Variants!

"An absolute must for any practitioner of Meridian & Energy Therapies, an immensely valuable work. An essential handbook for mastery of EFT and an important milestone in the evolution of this new field."

Sandra Hillawi MH, CTAMT, CTET
Centre for Natural Healing, Hampshire UK
Director of Ultimate Detox Holidays, France.

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Available as Specially Formatted, Upgradeable E-Book for Instant Download AND Hard Copy Softback for Postal Delivery.

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"The Advanced Patterns of EFT" by Silvia Hartmann is a thorough and comprehensive work that should be required reading by anyone who considers themselves a serious practitioner of EFT. This book provides a wealth of practical tools for taking EFT beyond the relief of simple anxieties and phobias. Silvia Hartmann reveals her breadth and depth of knowledge in a completely accessible and useful style.

 Paul Cutright

The Center for Enlightened Partnership

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If you are serious about EFT, then you need this book. 

For a first introduction to EFT, please go to Adventures In EFT instead.


Advanced Patterns Of EFT by Silvia Hartmann, PhD - First Edition 2003

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