Pia has been singing for New Age labels since 1986. She began contemporary western voice training in 1988 and has also studied with Haridas Ganguli, prominent Indian classical vocalist.

From 1993 to 1997 Pia toured Europe, America and India with the Jagannatha Band. Performing live to large audiences she was readily appreciated for her ability to touch each and every person in the crowd with her incredible voice and delivery of traditional Indian devotional songs. 

In 1998 she released her debut  solo album Benediction Moon, recording under the name Pia, with New World Music. Benediction Moon has sold over 40,000 copies and was voted the best album of  the year by New World customers .  

Following the release of Benediction Moon Pia received the award for best new act from Personal Vampire Magazine.

Her second album, Magical Eclipse,  was released in the summer of 1999 and has received frequent airplay from regional radio stations. 

Pia has worked with: Dream Academy, Hazel O Connor, Boy George, MC Kinky and The Young Offenders.  

Her third album, Pacifica, has already broken all sales records in the first month of its release.


Magical Albums by Pia:


Benediction Moon


Magical Eclipse




"Once in a while a voice of such quality and beauty rises up that it transcends all musical styles and cultures. Pia has such a voice. Her gentle, echoing vocals create an irresistible warmth that caresses the listener with heavenly sound."

"Pia sings joyously and liberatingly, she soars on crescendos and luminary melodies that make a gorgeous backdrop to her unmistakable and, arguably, unmatched vocal talents. Her voice is as pure as spring water, as clear as a crystal pool, as smooth as.angel delight. Rarely have I felt this way about music."