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Silvia Hartmann

Welcome to StarFields ...

StarFields has been my Internet nickname since 1996, and it means that I am not interested in building yet another cult but instead, am looking to make connections with people.

We all have souls, those are the stars; and there are many.

All the stars together make the Universe, and there isn't one that is better or worse than any of the others.

My life's work is to bring logic to where there was confusion and madness; and yes, to bring love where there was none.

The big mistake in humanity's calculations is that we have six senses, not five.

The sixth sense are the sensations that provide us with information about the energy realms; this sense, perfectly felt in the body, has been mislabelled as "emotions" and suppressed with dire consequences for humanity.

Yet, when you factor energy into the equations, life starts to make sense.

Human beings start to make sense.

We have created NEW methods and strategies which have never existed before, and we continue to explore the Zauberwelt - a whole new world that becomes revealed when we add the energy dimensions to the story.

I say "we" because I have always worked with other people who likewise have a deep desire to bring order to chaos, sanity to madness and logic to superstition and sheer foolishness.

Bringing Energy Into The Equation

Is A Paradigm Shift.

There is nothing that does not become new and exciting, filled with new potential and new lines of enquiry, new possibilities and new inspiration when energy enters.

Lives change. We begin to evolve in a whole new way. And each one of us who enters into the Zauberwelt - a world that is alive, forward moving, entirely logical and sparkling with beauty, awe and infinity - finds their own way, their own path.

There is no tour bus to the holy land.

This is not a religion, it is not a life style.

Understand the causes and effects of energy at work in your own life is of the most personal order, the most personal and thereby the most unique business for each individual.

Each one of us has their own life's experiences, their own unique Creative Template - but we can help each other. We can honestly share information, support and encourage each other, learn from one another.

We don't need gurus now. We need intelligent, modern people who are ready for a true (r)evolution that will put an end to the insanity of the ages.

I personally found "the world of men" incredibly confusing and endlessly disturbing, and I decided that I wanted to change the world.

Understanding energy does that. It changes YOUR world. It has changed mine. One person at a time, one star at a time coming to life, lighting up - that's the only way it's ever going to happen.

If you are an energist too, you know what I'm talking about.

If you are new to all of this, take heart, quite literally.

The minute we stop mis-using ourselves and get a few facts straight, stress will recede and love and logic will re-assert themselves.

I have created a lot of things during the decades I have been single mindedly following my own path.

I have discovered a lot of things which I hold to be true; but I ask you now, don't just take my word for it.

Take what I have said and compare it to your own life's experiences. Try it out. Test it to the hilt, really take it for a ride.

Then, make up your own beautiful, awesome, fantastic mind as to what is true FOR YOU.

Follow your own heart above all else.

Don't let anyone tell you that you shouldn't think what you're thinking, or that you're not feeling what you're feeling, or that it's you that's wrong.

Follow your own heart. Always.

That's the only way to have led a life that worth something when we take our last breaths in physicality.

In that spirit, I welcome you to StarFields.

Silvia Hartmann

December 2013

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