Ten things I'd like the world to know ...

1. Yes, people have an energy body ...

2. Emotions are the feedback devices that tell you how your energy body is working. If you're happy, it's working well. If you're unhappy, it isn't. It really couldn't be any simpler ...

3. People are generally so miserable, stressed, paranoid, illogical and annoyingly stupid ONLY because they are constantly low on energy. In fact, there are innumerable perfectly good human beings out there believing they are totally insane when they are just severely stressed because they are chronically and critically low on energy.

Please look at the energy body stress chart:

Energy Score Type of Energy Flow Effects On A Person
- 10 Final stress - Energy system collapsed completely So much stress damage that the system shuts down and does not restore itself (catatonia).
- 9 Super high stress - Energy system collapse Temporary shut down of the stressed system by a fit, panic attack followed by fainting.
-8 Extremely high stress - Energy system on the brink of collapse Extremely severe disturbances, self mutilation, autism, blind rage, "going berserk," "madness"
-7 Very high stress - Dangerously low energy flow Extreme temper tantrums, self abuse, schizophrenic metaphors, uncontrollable memory flashes, "crazy ideas," inability to control the body
-6 High stress - Dangerously low energy flow High stress causes high disturbances, temper tantrums, high end addictions, illogical thinking, immediate gratification, unstable, highly egocentric, accident prone, bad decisions
-5 Full stress - Way too low energy flow Irritability, inability to concentrate, not in control of thoughts & memories, communication failure, inability to enter rapport, social, mental and physical malfunctioning, making serious mistakes and errors of judgement
-4 General stress Lapses in ability to control thoughts, emotions and behaviour, lack of long term planning ability, overexcited, stubborn, closed mind, impaired communication skills, making mistakes, clumsiness
-3 Medium stress Talking, thinking and moving too fast, trying to do too much, putting in more effort than the situation requires, lack of empathy
-2 Low Stress Slight impairment in emotional control, not entirely "clear" on future goals and current situations, slight impairment in social skills
-1 Very low stress Occasional infrequent flashes of uninvited thoughts
ZERO No stress Calm, tranquil, peaceful, no action required, resting, relaxing, sleepy, drifting
+1 Very low energy flow Neutral, semi-aware, occasional flashes of positive thoughts & emotions
+2 Low energy flow Vague sense of potential, hope, feeling like "waking up from a sleep"
+3 Medium energy flow Feeling ok, smiling, beginning to move, enjoying the present
+4 Improving energy flow Breathing deeply, increased body awareness, more movement, feeling good, starting to think about the future, able and willing to communicate freely
+5 General energy flow Feeling wide awake, happy, ready for action, wanting to take action, wanting to interact and communicate
+6 Faster energy flow Feeling exciting physical sensations, more expansive thinking, feeling personally powerful, feeling excited, enjoying communication, high social awareness
+7 Very fast energy flow Re-thinking and re-organising concepts, expanded awareness, feeling powerful positive emotions, feeling alive, feeling love
+8 High energy flow Picking up personal power, feeling delighted, making new decisions, very fast and very logical thinking, high social abilities: networking, rapport and communication
+9 Very high energy flow Delighted, tingling all over, very excited, joyful, actively loving
+10 Optimal energy flow Enlightenment experience, unconditional love, universal connection to the web of life.

This chart means many things - but most of all, that it depends on whether you are a good person or a bad person on how good your energy levels are at any given time. Every human being can be nice and nasty, dumb and smart, anything in fact ... sequentially.

4. Not just human beings but all social mammals (at least!) need ENERGY for food for their energy body. We call that energy nutrition. Energy comes from (decent) food, from nature, but most of all, from other people.

5. Now this is really important: There is no good or bad energy. There is only the absence or the presence of energy. When there is energy, it feels good and the absence of energy feels bad. You can translate that to, there is no evil in and of itself - only an absence of love.

6. We don't just have five senses, we have six. And the sixth sense is that felt sense in the body called "intuition" or "gut instinct" at the lowest level, "emotion" in the midrange, and "psychosomatic pain" at the top end, where 6th sense ENERGY sensations become so painful, they have become indistinguishable from physical pain.

7. When we add the information from the 6th sense to the other five, we finally have enough information so that "the world makes sense." That's a huge paradigm shift and affects EVERY SINGLE THING we can ever do.

8. The energy body has veins, in olden days they were called "meridians" through which energy flows. It has "healing hands" which is what does the energy healing in hands on healing. It has major energy organs, like the heart of energy, and, very importantly, the energy body has a "head" - the energy mind, previously known as the "sub- or unconscious mind." In order to calculate REALITY properly, we need the energy mind to help us out. You can't do it with the conscious mind alone.

9. The easiest and fastest way to have a better life - and that doesn't mean having more money but it means to have more and better experiences more often! - is via the energy system. It needs attention, it needs to be taken into consideration, it needs more ENERGY!

10. Improving the health of the energy system directly, by using strong, desirable energies (we desire them because we NEED THEM!!!!) we get to be happier, healthier, smarter, stronger and more powerful - from the inside out, which is the right way round.

Your personal happiness is just not important, it is paramount to your functioning.

When you are happy, plus five and above, you are a gift to all of humanity. You start to feel more like "yourself" because it is getting closer to your design blueprint, what we call the Creative Template, which includes an energy system in full flow.

The only person who can know what will make you happy is you - because you feel it in your body.

If you make your daily and ongoing happiness your goal, you will do right by yourself, by the Creative Order and by humanity at large.

And that above all else is the most important thing I wanted to tell you.

Silvia Hartmann 

December 2013