November 8 - 9, 2008      @ The Europa, Gatwick, London, UK

Dr Silvia Hartmann writes:

Ladies & Gentlemen,

I would personally like to invite you to a once-in-a-lifetime event (yes, this really is once only, one time, one weekend, and it won't be repeated, not ever) that is possibly one of the greatest discoveries of my entire lifetime.

Unspeakably rewarding and transformational - this is an event that will change your life in ways I can't possibly foresee.

I am going to take two days, one time only, to teach the process of ...

... step by step, from the ground up.

Art Solutions is an extraordinary process that will give you a whole NEW

bullet Joy Of Discovering YOUR  True Creativity
bullet Unshakable Confidence In Your Creativity
bullet A Flowering Of Your Creativity Like You Have NEVER Known
bullet Control Beyond Control - Enter Into A Dance Of Creativity
bullet Endless, Boundless Creativity - A LIFETIME'S Gift Indeed
bullet Fantastic Harvests Of REAL Art For YOUR Pleasure
bullet Power To Share Your Creativity Like Never Before.

Art Solutions Is Healing Beyond Healing, Art Solutions Creates Incredible Experiences, Art Solutions Has Shocking Effects On Your Self Concept - And On Your Self Esteem.

To say that Art Solutions is an Aladdin's Cave, a treasure trove, a glorious buffet of rich, resonant and ever-lasting star experiences doesn't even begin to do this process justice.

Here is what YOU can do with Art Solutions:

bullet You can create DRAWINGS & PAINTINGS (abstract or literal)
bullet You can create MUSIC, COMPOSE MUSIC, SYMPHONIES, & Simple Songs alike.
bullet You can create SCULPTURE and OBJECTS OF ART & MAGIC
bullet You can write POETRY, STORIES, FICTION, Non-Fiction too.
bullet You can create DANCES & CHOREOGRAPHY - for 1 or Many
bullet You can create ANYTHING that has EVER BEEN CREATED - AND THEN MORE.

This is completely correct, completely true, and absolutely proven by the original pioneers of the Art Solutions process.

All along as you read this, you can see examples of the works of art that were produced since 2004 when the Art Solutions process was first discovered and beginning to be developed.

You might not like some or any of these works of art,

but just IMAGINE ... YOU had actually done all of that.

Give yourself a moment to think what that would do for your ...

bullet Creative Flow
bullet Love of Life
bullet Joy of Achievement
bullet Amazement At Your OWN Abilities
bullet Pride and Self Confidence
bullet For your Self Esteem

... and most of all, what the ability to create YOUR OWN ORIGINAL WORKS OF ART AT WILL can DO FOR YOUR FUTURE?

I have scheduled this Art Solutions weekend as a means to document the truly extraordinary processes of Art Solutions for the body of my work.

In 2004, we started with Art Solutions and never wrote it up or documented it - simply BECAUSE WE WERE TOO BUSY ...

Painting, Sculpting, Composing, Writing - CREATING NEW  AND AMAZING MATERIALS for fun - and for profit!

Using the Art Solutions process, I created "Aromatherapy For Your Soul" - not knowing the first thing about plants or aromatherapy, I created a piece of work in stories, insights and images that one of the greatest Aromatherapy specialists in the world today called, "A revolutionary contribution, truly beautiful and touching the soul".

Using the Art Solutions process, I also created "The Genius Symbols", the most successful book I've ever written - and one of the most truly enchanting and totally original visionary systems on top.

  • Using the Art Solutions process, I created "Altar Ego" - a symphonic ring of music EVEN THOUGH TO THIS DAY I CAN'T WRITE A SINGLE NOTE OF MUSIC!

Using the Art Solutions process, I also created the ideas, words and all the original music tracks of  "Energy Dancing" - an extraordinary synergy of energy, movement and music which is not only fun to do, extremely effective, but also transmits the essential skills of EmoTrance faster than any amount of talking ever could.

Using the Art Solutions process, Nicola Quinn created her amazing energy meditations; the highly acclaimed music album "Star Music" and all designs and illustrations for her bestselling book "Life Without Panic Attacks".

Using the Art Solutions process,



works of art, powerful symbols,

magical systems and designs that



... and that even artists with decades of experience can't help but admire for their ...





and most of all,


We will be using this once-in-a-lifetime event to create a book about Art Solutions.

It's going to be cheap to buy, as books are, and it will be helpful to explain the processes of Art Solutions, step by step - of course.

But imagine you would have REALLY BEEN THERE, and REALLY TAKEN PART in this unique event,

taught and explained by me and with the help of Nicola Quinn,

 transforming YOUR creativity AND your execution

into a confidence that other artists can only dream about.

The Art Solutions Weekend consists of:

Learning about energy, movements and basic symbol making

Creating YOUR OWN First Art Solutions Symbol of your own

Creating complex symbols and movements FOR A PURPOSE

Learning to know how to match form, colour, sound to energy

Creating YOUR OWN First Art Solutions Painting of your own

Learning About Symbol Hybrids & Representing The Real World

Learning About Sculpture and 3 Dimensional Symbol Modelling

Creating YOUR OWN First Art Solutions Sculpture

Learning About Energy, Visions, Sounds & Music

Creating YOUR OWN First Art Solutions Music Composition

Learning About Sound, Music, Energy & Movement

Creating YOUR OWN First Art Solutions Dance

AND ...

The Art Solutions Exhibition

A VERY IMPORTANT part and the most exciting aspect of the weekend is the performance and exhibition on Sunday afternoon, where all participants will be able to showcase and perform their work and can interact with each other's works of art to understand the energy exchanges between artists and their audience - and derive maximum nourishment from this in absolute confidence and delight.

You will come away from this weekend with a TOTALLY NEW view on what YOU can ACTUALLY achieve in this lifetime - and the whole time, you are ALWAYS working with your own personal challenges, desires, issues, goals and dreams, with your own hopes - this is personal development and HUMAN ACTUALISATION at its finest.

I know from long experience that exactly the right people will be there to make this event into a catalysing force for change for EVERYONE who attends - and that for the rest of time, people who were NOT there, wish deeply that they had been.

  • Nicola and I are personally in AWE of the powerful processes of Art Solutions.

We have LIVED these methods and techniques; we have walked the talk for a GORGEOUS road of 4 years worth of THE most profoundly uplifting and AMAZING EXPERIENCES when we CREATED things that even now, we can hardly believe that we did all of that!

We have the experience, we have the EXACT techniques in the right order and sequence, we have the proof - and we have the DEEP AND PROFOUND DESIRE to pass on this extraordinary gift to you, if you are willing to receive it. Between us, we have decades of experience in helping people achieve their potential, and believe you me, we won't be holding back.

The price for the weekend includes all art materials, simple musical instruments and refreshments. We will be meeting in the beautiful upstairs room at the Europa with the big windows, and I personally can't wait to be there, to do this training, and most of all, to watch the performances and exhibition on Sunday - the energy is going to be OUT OF THIS WORLD.

I look forward to working with you,

Dr Silvia Hartmann

  • Creator, The Harmony Program, Project Sanctuary, EmoTrance, The Genius Symbols
  • Author, Oceans of Energy, Living Energy, Energy Magic, BeauTyT, etc.
  • Author, In Serein, The Magician, Vampire Solstice, The Golden Horse
  • Composer, Altar Ego, Energy Dancing I & 2

Reserve YOUR PLACE on this ONCE ONLY event NOW.

Limited Availability, 1st Come 1st Served.

To include refreshments, all art, sculpture & music supplies, 2 days practical tuition, personal support by Silvia & Nicola & exhibition champagne.

EmoTrance Art Solutions:

Finding YOUR Movement

Not many people know this, but behind all masterful things there lie not mechanics, but the MOVEMENT OF ENERGY.

The movements a calligraphy master makes are essentially the SAME MOVEMENTS that the martial arts master creates; they are the same movements the sword master creates, and they are the same movements the magician creates with their magic wand.


This essential movement of energy exists in other places too - it exists in dance, where the body is used to move energy, make energy existences, trails of energy that go forth and change reality absolutely.

These movements exist in music as the sounds rise and fall, the rhythms ebb and flow.

These movements exist in the brushstrokes of an artist on canvas; and they exist in the flow of words spoken, or put on a page.

It is from these movements that ALL HUMAN ENDEAVOUR arises - but very few people know this, even fewer people understand this, and even fewer people still CAN ACTUALLY DO THIS.

As we were researching Energy Magic, the patterns of EmoTrance Vol 3, in 2003/4, I became aware of the existence of these movements that SHAPE OUR REALITIES ABSOLUTELY and I became very, VERY excited.

You see, in the past civilisations were very "samey". Thousands of years ago, with ancestor worship in place and in very strict patriarchical societies, all the MEN who studied these movements were much THE SAME. They were the same race, the same height, give or take; they all had much the same childhood experiences, they all thought the same thoughts and sang the same songs.

So the "masters" in their various arts - calligraphy, swordplay, martial arts, pottery, poetry, ironwork, architecture, HEALING, furniture making and so forth - could make SET PIECES - SET MOVEMENTS that could be taught to other people, whether they understood anything about the REAL ENERGY MOVEMENTS behind the scenes or not.

These "set pieces" are still with us today - set pieces of perfection movements designed for a certain type of person that UNLESS YOU ARE THAT PERSON, can NEVER really work for you.

I stood by a yoga poster with another fat lady and pointed to the girl in the picture who had her legs wrapped around her neck.

"Can you do that?" I asked the fat lady.

She just chuckled, then we both laughed our heads off.



That's the core of EmoTrance, remember?

Rather than some arbitrary standard of perfection, based on a man 6,000 years ago who probably lived in a monastery, at that (!!!), WE NEED TO FIND THE PERFECT MOVEMENT FOR EACH ONE OF US, RIGHT HERE AND NOW, TODAY.

And now, for the good news.

Rather than to have to study SOMEONE ELSE'S MOVEMENTS for decades, and they will NEVER REALLY BE YOUR MOVEMENTS, no matter how hard you try, no matter how hard you try to shape yourself into something YOU ARE NOT, we are going back to basics.

The knowledge about the movements is INSIDE EVERY HUMAN BEING.

The systems designed to find the perfect movements exist INSIDE EVERY HUMAN BEING.

We just have to wake them up, call them forth, and then we can FEEL THE MOVEMENT - YOUR MOVEMENTS, YOUR PERFECT MOVEMENTS, that inscribe YOUR WILL INTO REALITY.

Once you have found these movements, recognise them, understand them, MADE THEM YOUR OWN, you are FREE.

You are FREE to dance as YOU need and want to dance.

You are FREE to express  YOUR MOVEMENT in colours, sounds, visions - and in WORDS.

You are FREE to create YOUR OWN SPELLS that will work with you, through you, and for you absolutely.

Regaining a sense not just of THE movements, but of YOUR OWN PERFECT MOVEMENTS, which are different to anyone else's movements, more different even than your fingerprints and your DNA because even identical twins have their OWN PERFECT MOVEMENTS EACH ONE! is to regain a human ability that is our birthright - magical through and through though it may seem.

The Art Solutions weekend has been created, based on our own personal experiences with THE MOVEMENTS over the past 4 years, so that YOU will first of all, gain a sense of the movements behind the scenes, and secondly, to then pick up our Creator given skill to USE THE MOVEMENTS to give the solutions we have sought our whole life long.







EmoTrance Art Solutions

LIVE Training

Once Only and NEVER Again

Taught & Facilitated by

Silvia Hartmann & Nicola Quinn

November 8/9, Europa Gatwick