BeauTy T - The Self Help Beauty Treatment For YOU

Restore Your Self Image.

Evolve To A Better Self Concept.

Receive A New Body Image - Directly From The Creative Order.

"True BeauTy Shines From Within!"


A Prescription For A Different Body ...

All our endeavours, and this is true, begin with the body. The physical body but also, the energy body. This is our "house of spirit" and the means by which we get to interact with reality.

A great many problems, psychological, energetic and physical, arise when there is a breakdown in attention and the flow of information between our conscious minds and our physical selves.

This results in stress, and "low self esteem", a "bad body image" - you've heard the words but most importantly, you know what it feels like if you don't like the way your body looks or behaves, or misbehaves - simply, it makes you miserable and anything else, such as business or relationships success, becomes very hard to achieve, if not entirely impossible.

Stress and chaos, unhappiness and anger at the self takes its toll in every way.

I wanted to do something about this most BASIC of all systems and for this purpose created BeauTy T, a uniquely different way of using hypnosis and energy work to "heal the body image" and thereby, improve the energy system from the ground up.

Ten Minutes, 3 x A Day, For One Week ...

The powerfully hypnotic BeauTy T Self Help CD is a psycho-energetic remedy, exactly like a course of treatments with medicine, only instead of a small brown bottle with a liquid inside for you to take, this is packaged in the form a shiny CD which contains sounds, vibrations and messages.

The prescription is to take this remedy three times a day for one week, and then as and when required.


  • Please Note: This is not the usual kind of "positive suggestion" common to hypnosis and hypnotherapy. In the first place, we are dealing not with artificial "standards of beauty" as one might find in fashion magazines, but instead with the true and HOLY beauty which is common to all things derived from the Creative Order itself - such as our bodies.

  • Secondly, this is an interactive energy experience. One may simply choose to lie and accept the energetic treatment for the first few times of engaging in this healing experience, but the best results are achieved if we become ACTIVELY involved and support the process with energy treatments from our end, including EFT or EmoTrance.

BeauTy T is a unique process and original approach which will help significantly improve mind-to-body communications and lays a structurally correct foundation to an entirely new approach to the body.

Unconditional love and ruthless harmony is required to have a human being work as a fully functioning totality, where all parts help and support all other parts.

Our bodies have suffered greatly and silently over the years from abuse, neglect, rejection and the absence of true regard for their needs. With your will to have this be different, BeauTy T can come to the rescue and have us appreciate the true wonder and ultimate holiness of our Creator given physicality - a galaxy of the most profoundly awe-inspiring systems working together to give us each and every day.


BeauTy T

Created by Silvia Hartmann for our long suffering physicalities.

True beauty in the eye of the Creative Order.

Indestructible. Incontrovertible. And In Truth.



This Is A True Hypno-Energetic Remedy & Tonic, Custom Created:

  • to heal and increase mind-body-spirit connections;
  • to reduce and release blocks and barriers between mind and body;
  • to re-define the meaning of physical perfection and beauty;
  • to restore and re-build truthful, beneficial and positive self concepts.


Course Of Treatment:

The treatment is approx. 10 minutes in length.

To be taken 3x a day for one week, then as and when required.



  • This unique Hypno-Energetic Remedy is a practical application of the principles of the Autogenic Universe as discussed in Living Energy, The Patterns & Techniques of EmoTrance Vol. 2, and deals with the practical challenges of re-building a cohesive Autogenic Universe from the ground up, starting with the first map any human ever makes - that of their own body.


The BeauTy T HOME SELF HELP Course Of Treatment

One Week. Transform YOUR Body Image From The Ground Up.

Created, Designed & Delivered by Silvia Hartmann

Powerfully hypnotic. Deeply healing. Absolutely Delightful!

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Or Audio CD by Mail Order.


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"True BeauTy Shines From Within!"

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