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Pure Energy Healing ... For Animals!

designed, conceived and written by Silvia Hartmann

Professional Web Based Distance Training Of 12 Units

Leading To Diploma Certification as a Sidereus ENERGY HEALER (Animals)

Who Can Be A True Energy Healer For Animals ..?

Everyone can sing.

But for whatever reason, many people never sing at all.

Many more sing sometimes and fall silent when they think that someone else might hear them.

Only a few sing every day, and out of these few, even fewer will take that final step which is to take their creator-given talent and to make the effort and learn the art and craft that will set the beauty of their voice free so it may soar.

Welcome To Energy Healing For Animals.

If You ...

  • have a deep affinity with all living beings;

  • already know that you have a healing power;

  • feel a deep desire to really "make a difference";

  • and you know you are ready for the next step -

... this training might well be what you have been waiting for.

Energy Healing For Animals - What Does This Unique & Extraordinary Course Cover?

This course will enable you to:

  • understand and honour the importance of Physicality - the real, every day events and surroundings right here in the physical planes we call The Hard;

  • read and understand the animal energy systems - the energetic layers such as auras, chakras, meridians;

  • clearly find how an energy system is in a state of un-balance and what needs to be done to restore it to the Even Flow;

  • understand how animal emotions and states of mind act on the body and behaviour and how to balance this through energy healing and specific interventions;

  • to read, notice and understand environmental energy concerns - geopathic influences, earth rivers, locations and energy fields in the environment in a landscape, in a situation, in a modern home;

  • to understand the wider systems that have such impact on animals - the ecology of relationships between animals, their environments, their owners and caretakers and their own past and future selves.

  • to know how energy devices and energy prescriptions work, how to do those and how to set supporting energy patterns in place that will help nourish and re-balance an individual, a family, or an environment.

  • to understand the Principles of Energy Healing - from Permission Issues to the roles of Dark and Light energies, from Protection to Distance Healing Principles, from Bereavement Cycles to Understanding The Nature of the Quantum Time Space in which Energy Healing takes place.

  • how to interact with clients and patients - human AND animal - in such a way that you don't get in your own way and to create truly magical healing realms, platforms and bridges with confidence;

  • to be absolutely aware of your actions on all levels - from the most finely resonant High Energy fields right down to filling out your client check back forms correctly and staying within the "Law of the Land" here in The Hard;

..... and most importantly,

  • to develop your own understanding, talent and confidence by really learning to communicate successfully within yourself so you can know what you have felt, interpret it correctly and then go ahead and take the correct re-balancing action in turn.

This Course is Pure Energy Healing, Pure Energy Magic

There are many books and courses on the use of tools such penduli, dowsing rods, remedies, herbs, charms and so forth. This course is not about any of these things.

It is designed to teach how to work directly with the many types of energetic realities and manifestations, using our innate and inborn abilities to be able to read AND manipulate at the non-physical levels, in the Quantum Realms.

There are many forms of healing, each having a good and rightful place, but this one - Pure Energy Healing - is the only kind that easily and by conscious design bridges time and space and touches not just an individual at a time, here in this time and space but also allows you to make powerful interventions:

  • across any distance - on the other side of the town, or on the other side of the planet, it matters not - and this allows us to be able to help wild and feral animals who we cannot physically touch, as well.

  • across the time of any individual - There *is* no other form of healing that can heal the wounds of the past, wounds that were inflicted many years ago and that have never healed. This is often not understood fully by everyone but indeed, Energy Healing is the only modality that can do this at all.

  • across any time - you can make interventions on behalf of animals that no longer live in physicality here in The Hard, and for those who have not yet been born;

  • across the limits of any individual - In the Quantum Realms, you can make adjustments to the energy fields of entire species, of the powerfields of groups of animals who have ever lived and alleviate suffering and hopelessness to entire genres of animals - it is the only place where you possibly could.

  • across the limits of any individual species - The energy systems of any living being are *clear maps* to that being, regardless of it's species, age, or where it came from. When you know how to read this Energy Maps it no longer matters what species or individual or even what the problem has been labelled in The Hard - both the problems, AND THE SOLUTIONS, become clear immediately.

  • across the barriers of description - All and everything there is is made of energy. Pure Energy Healing is *the only intervention* possible for us to help treat an ocean, a forest, an entire biosphere, or even just a single Earth Injury in your own town.

"There are many situations, injuries and problems in our world

that can ONLY be healed by Energy Magic."

Who Should Take This Course?

  • Anyone who is sincerely interested in using their heart, their mind and their power to make changes in the world, be they little changes such as helping an individual companion or wild animal and soothing their pain, desperation and hopelessness, to the big changes of adding your own unique contribution to help support the oceans, our biosphere or an endangered species in this time of need.

  • Existing holistic animal practitioners - homeopaths, communicators, herbalists, TT practitioners, Animal EFT practitioners etc - who would like to add the unique and entirely wonderful modality of Pure Energy Healing to offer to their clients.

  • Existing practitioners who work with humans - adding Pure Energy Healing to your practice will give you a dimension you would not have encountered elsewhere. The lessons that animals have for us people are unique and not found in any textbook on human psychology or healing.

Please Note: This course is taught from the ground up. The material is unique and has never been taught before, so previous knowledge of other healing techniques is not required. Having a connection with all living things, however, and some experience or insight into the practicalities of animal care would be a real advantage.


Superb Confidence

Healing abilities blossom when there is confidence, certainty, congruency.

This outstanding training is specifically designed to help you develop the confidence to know what to do and how to do it, whether you are faced with:

  • a health problem,

  • a behavior problem,

  • a companion animal,

  • a feral animal,

  • a family system

  • or even toxic environments and

  • the accumulated problems that a species might have suffered from across the ages.

Yes. Energy Healing For Animals is THAT powerful!

Unbound By Time And Space ...

Energy Healing happens in the Quantum Realms of what we call the Oceans Of Energy.

Although of course there are pre-requisites to successful living in the Hard to which we must always pay attention, there are many problems, many situations and many circumstances where ONLY energy healing can hope to succeed and bring about a return to balance and the Even Flow.

As Energy Healers, we can heal the past and create a new future.

We can heal with our hands, with our intention and we can reach across any distance of time and space to heal something that happened many years ago, or something that is happening now on the other side of the World.

Healing is a holy occupation.

It is perhaps the most holy occupation we can share in here in the Hard, for it is through healing that we offer our own unique contribution to our fellow creatures, to our environments and to the All There Is, consciously and by choice and decision.

Unprecedented Scope And Range ...

This course is extraordinary, as it by needs must be for it deals with extraordinary concepts that have extraordinary repercussions on the lives of those it touches.

Written by one of the world's leading training designers, it does not only offer you absolutely unique content, information, insights and understandings in each one of the twelve Course Units, their exercises and assignments, but perhaps even more importantly, it will support you in all you learn and all you do.

Forget stale and boring 3rd person science talk and complicated words that are essentially meaningless.

Dr Hartmann speaks to you directly, tells you in straightforward and totally practical ways what you have to do to have the experiences you need to have to really understand and integrate learning with DOING.

We know how people respond to the material and the exercises from our live trainings.

We know where and when there are questions that are raised, when confidence falters and when extra support and further explanation is of the essence.

This is why continuous encouragement is built into the very fabric of every lesson.

Totally Personalized Learning ...

How many times have you been in a training, and it just rushed by and you were not quite sure if you had heard everything, understood everything, would remember, missed something important?

Conversely, how many times have you sat in a learning situation, bored, restless, wishing it would move along and give you something to really get going?

With our web based distance training, that will never happen because you get to learn at your own exact rate, at your speed and because you have all the lectures and all the comments right there at your fingertips, you can go back and review parts of the training at any time.

Indeed, we encourage you to do so because as your understanding grows throughout the course, you have a new perspective on the earlier trainings and materials and get even more and even deeper understandings when you review the earlier material again from your new vantage point.

Also, imagine if all this content and all these exercises were crammed into a week's residential training, with the costs involved, the added travel expenses, accommodation prices and all the problems of having to be away from home.

There's only so much the mind can take at any given time and now consider that you have all this time, indeed, all the time you need, to really integrate those learnings, understand everything and also, and that is so important to deep learning, the time to reflect, to think about things, to try them out in practice and with REAL ANIMALS and not in an artificial training situation so you learn from your experiences even whilst you are learning to have all these new experiences.

Do you think that your learning will be of a completely different order at the end of the day?

You bet it will!

What Your Course Fee Returns:

  • 65 Superb Original Exercises to help you flex and reach towards your maximum potential as a healer, specially designed and created by Silvia Hartmann and laid out to be your stepping stones to healing mastery.

  • Well over 100 Assignments and Questions to help you be confident that you have really understood and integrated the material, and that you can do now as well as know. From simple content questions in the earlier part of the course to your own original work and thoughts in the more advanced phases.

  • Over 30 Tutor Comment Sections with more in-depth and further background information on the Unit topics.

  • Over 40 Separate Topics, Lectures and Explanations especially designed to give you the knowledge you need to have behind your new abilities.

  • 232 Separate Chapters and Sections overall, in fact if this course was put together into a book the index would span more than 6 whole pages!

And, if you choose to take the optional and additional certification option:

  • Your Diploma, Certificate and Registration as a professional Animal Energy Healer and your name on our Roll Of Honour.

You will further gain:

  • Deeper understanding and confidence in your own healing abilities;

  • Practical skills for dealing with problems from health to behaviour;

  • Knowledge and insights which will make your treatments flow beautifully and with ease;

  • Practical protocols and strategies to deal with the most difficult and confounding of problems;

  • A clear path to fulfilling your mission as a healer of animals with passion and with conviction.

Energy Healing For Animals

Course Contents (Main Topic Headings Only)


Unit 1 - Field Awareness & Attunement

Welcome To Energy Healing For Animals

The Planes Model

Connector Planes & Higher Energy Fields

The Requirements Of The Hard

First Principles Of Healing

Deep Awareness

Extreme Field Awareness



Unit 2 – Meridians, Chakras & Auric Layers

The Bridge Between The Planes

Healing Hand, Healing Touch

Reading With Your Hands

Touch Healing For Animals

Working With The Connectors

Meridians, Meridian Points

The Chakras, Auric Layers

Relative Alignment


Unit 3 - The Principles Of Healing

The Individual & Their Path

Conscious Desire

Being The Channel

The Individual, The Beloved

Energy Exchanges & The Healer

Dark Energies


Maintenance For You


Unit 4 - The High Energy Systems

Permission Issues

The High Energy Systems

High Energy Field Terms & Examples

Contacting A High Energy Field

Your Personal Feedback System


High Energy Systems Awareness


Unit 5 - Systems & Toxic Environments

The Human/Animal System

The Threshold Model Of Immune Functioning

Long Term Environmental Effects

Animals As Bearers Of Human Burden

Reading People/Animal Systems

Feedback On Meta Systems

Family Systems

Other Systemic Interventions


Unit 6 – Earth Energy & Environmental Energy

Fields Earth

Energy Lines

Irregular/Topical/Specific Energetic Lines

Symptoms of Geopathic Stress Related Illness

Understanding Sidereus Interfacing.

“Listen To The Land”

Touching The Land

Energetic Realities In The Home

Bringing Even Flow To Earth Energies


Unit 7 - Professional Healing Practices

The Initial Contact

The Contract

The Ethical Pledge

The Meeting

Client Expectation & Personal Style

The Treatment

The Blessing

The Closing Ceremony

Check Back & Future Support


Unit 8 - Distance Work & Proxy Healing

The Quantum Universe

Time, Location The Unseen Realms

StarFields & Generative Energy Patterns

More Distance Healing Techniques

Story Healing

Creating A Healing Space

Proxy Healing 1 & 2

General Notes on Distance Healing


Unit 9 – The Harmony Program

Animal Behavior Problems

The Structure Of Attention Seeking Behavior

Escalation Mechanisms

Animal Autism

Trance Behaviors & Repetitive Behaviors

Positive VS Negative Energy Interactions

The Fear Of Love

Healing With Love Energy


Unit 10 – Animal Communication, Animal Emotions

Clever Hans & The Magic of The Hard

The Learning Quadrant

Animal Emotions

Communicating With State & Energy

The Healer As The Communications Bridge

How To Build A Rainbow Bridge

Bridges Within The Individual

Bridging to PowerFields


Unit 11 – Potions, Prescriptions & Protocols

Devices For Owners

Placebo Effects

Evaluating A Device

The Cocaine Effect

Homework Protocols

Emotional Freedom Techniques

Animal EFT

Sacred Water

Prayer Prescriptions

Tuning Exercises


Unit 12 – Farewell To A Friend

The Moment Of Perfect Clarity

The Unchanging You

The Ever-Changing Individual

Bereavement As An Energetic Injury

The Energetic Stages Of Bereavement

The Circle Of Relationships

Time & Displaced Time

Re-Uniting With The Unchanging You

Certification As A Sidereus Energy Healer For Animals (Optional)

YOU can do this kind of magic. We all can.

All you need is to want it and desire it, then do what it takes - enrol now!

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Energy Healing For Animals

written and designed by Silvia Hartmann, PhD

Silvia Hartmann, PhD, is a Founder of the Association For Meridian & Energy Therapies

Dr Hartmann is the trainings designer for the AMT certification programmes, author of the bestselling "Adventures In EFT", "Advanced Patterns Of EFT", "Oceans Of Energy" and creator of EmoTranceTM, the revolutionary system for healing the human energy body.

With 25 years experience in holistic care and healing of animals, Dr Hartmann combines her vast experience and expertise of energy healing with the very practical concerns of healing animals within the context of their environments and their owners.

Energy Healing For Animals is Dr Hartmann's personal labour of love and gratitude to all the many animal friends and companions who have been her teachers and guides.

Professional Web Based Distance Training Of 12 Units

With Optional Certification as a Sidereus Animal Energy Healer

To include all 12 Units of Course Materials, Information & Exercises

In return for your fee, you will receive access to an online library containing the documents for you to download in Adobe PDF format. Please note we do NOT send hardcopy in the mail.

Certification Paper & Fee (Optional)

You can decide whether to order the Certification Package separately once you have begun to work with the course.

If You Have A Calling To Helping The Animal Kingdom, This Course Is For You - And For Them.

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