Please Note: The following product is NOT designed for the treatment of clinical sleep disorders, such as insomnia, sleep apnea, Pickwickian syndrome, life cycle sleep disorders etc. but instead, for people who sleep normally in general and need extra help to sleep during particular stressful physical, psychological or environmental circumstances, or who would like to experience deeper sleep states, experiment with deep delta trance states, lucid dreaming, or want to exercise their psychic circuitry.
What would your life be like if you could *really* sleep ...?

One hour.

Deepest Trance.

Drifting STILL deeper, STILL further.

Until there is no more fear, no more pain.

Then - just sleep ...

The Lullaby Project

by Dr Silvia Hartmann

After a day straight out of a horror movie, I crawled off to bed with a raging headache. The muscles in my back were locked tight and the pain in my head so bad now, it was streaming out into my jaw and teeth, and exhausted as I was, I could not find rest, or drop off to sleep.

What do you do?

I don't do sleeping pills, so I cast around for a hypnotic meditation to take my mind of my troubles and help me get to sleep. But even my favourite meditation was on this occasion, just not up to the task.

It had too much going on, asked too much of me in the way of co-operation, relaxation, "feeling all comfortable" and I had literally NOTHING left to give.

It didn't work and I spent the night in HELL.


HELP When YOU Need It Most!

The next grey and weary day, I said to a friend, "I need to make a hypnosis tape, a real lullaby, for people who are in pain and just need to rest. Only get to sleep, it'll be alright, that's what you need, just sleep. Let the systems re-set and let the rest and sleep sort it out.

"No complicated instructions, no this and that, just someone taking you straight down into sleep, deeper and deeper, gently and respectfully, someone to lean on when you haven't got anything left to give, that's what I need."

"Oh my goodness," my friend exclaimed immediately, "Yes! I want it too and I want it NOW! Yes, that's exactly what I would like to have when that sort of thing happens again, next time I have a toothache and still a whole night to wait before I can see the dentist ..."

She was right, of course - I thought just the same thing. You never know when things happen, and I want to have it there, be ready, and be sure that I can at least get some sleep, no matter what else.

So I called Ayurvedic Energy Master and Composer Ananga Sivyer of Sonic Solutions fame and set up a recording date, immediately.

Just Sleep, NOTHING but Deep, Deep Sleep ...

I got into the studio and the plan was a straight hypnotic induction, no fuss, no complicated words, nothing but strong, soothing leading into deeper and deeper states of trance, then into unconsciousness, which turns automatically eventually into deep, restful, healing delta sleep.

Conscious of the fact that I wanted this to work not for "hobby meditation" but in fact for the "worst case scenario", I decided to do a triple round of inductions. If anyone should survive the first pass and remain still awake, they would begin to go into trance on the 2nd, and if they even managed to resist that, the third would do the trick by the power of sheer attrition.

I didn't want to use a pre-written script because no matter how good they are, they are not flexible enough and don't allow me to really go for it in a very personal and powerful fashion, so in the studio, I did a number of warm up exercises for myself because if you want to induce deep trance, you have to lead and when I was ready, I began.

To help me do this correctly, I stepped into a state of being where I was by the bedside of a soldier who had been most seriously injured in long battle and was in terrible and very physical pain, as well as of course, mentally and psychologically entirely exhausted.

To speak to this person, you don't go on about how they just relax and feel nothing; that is disrespectful and moreover, it just won't work. You have to be very gentle and speak to such a person nearly as though they were a child, to be strong and steady and very, very respectful of their condition indeed to help them find a sense of security, of peace and truth and trust, a space of sanctuary from which the gentle exit into trance may begin.

Once the move into trance has begun, it then has to be held steady and deepened gently, more and more until we have calmed the system and deep sleep can arise, which allows that person's own body to really get to work and make things better.

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Deep, Deep HEALING Sleep ...

Many people do sleep, but they don't sleep WELL. Now what that means is although they do close their eyes, they toss and turn all night and can awaken at the slightest noise outside.

That happens when someone doesn't sleep very deeply.

This is only "emergency sleep" and it doesn't lead to the deep restoration of all the systems of body and mind we really need to wake up bright, refreshed and full of energy the next day or the next time we open our eyes.

Recent excitement about the enormous benefits of HGH or Human Growth Hormone, such as improved energy, better skin and hair and other signs of rejuvenation such as better muscle tone and a better metabolism also play a part in this. HGH is produced by EVERYONE during the deepest sleep states, delta sleep, directly from their own pituitary gland.

But it is ONLY produced in Delta - and sleep research has shown that by the time a typical Westerner gets to be 40, they seem to have near enough forgotten how to sleep that deeply anymore!

Constant stress and anxiety about all sorts of things we can't do anything about is read by the body as though there was an endless stream of mountain lions growling and scraping right outside our bedroom doors, keeps us alert for the smallest twitch all night, and in that state, no deep sleep, no HGH production, no full relaxation and no proper physical restoration can be had.

The premature aging, the physical, mental and emotional exhaustion that results, especially over the long term, has been scientifically measured and exhaustively documented, but there may be other and further damaging side effects of missing out on the real deal "delta" sleep, such as the proper development of psychic powers, lucid dreaming and paranormal abilities which have long been attributed to the correct interplay between the pineal and pituitary glands.

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Let's Go Delta!

So, and after all of that, I'm truly delighted to now have my very own copy of our unique and incredible "Lullaby"!

NO "happy bunny" suggestions - entirely focussed on deep, deep trance!
  Designed for "worst case scenario" night times - respectful, powerful and creating a state of deep and deepening calm, even if strong physical symptoms should be present.
TRIPLE looped induction for extra, extra, EXTRA safety and unprecedented depth of trance.
  Super-deepening sonic solutions sound cycles that slow approximately ten beats in every 200 bars for a supremely gentle and irresistible path into trance.
Multi-track deep holophonic wave and vocal interlacements to safely carry us into deepest delta sleep without having to do a single thing other than just being there.
  LIVE, real time performed for you by Silvia Hartmann to create the most powerful hypnotic state and energy evocation that transmits straight through to the listener on all levels and makes the experience NOW and REAL.
Sound Healing energy tapestry composed and performed by Ananga Sivyer, Ayurvedic Energy Researcher & Master Healer.
  Having your personal "champion" energy masters create a superb and powerfully steady circle of safety in which you can finally, and fully, relax - whenever, wherever you need it, right at your own fingertips!
You need do NOTHING AT ALL - just lie down, listen, dream - and SLEEP!

*Once you have entered into deep delta trance, NATURAL healing sleep grows directly from this deeply relaxed state, progresses as it was designed to and allows the so profoundly important re-setting of all our systems to optimal functioning.

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A "Must Have" For Every Home First Aid Kit!

Don't wait until something has happened, and you lie there and wish you had the "Lullaby" to come to your aid!

Order YOUR copy now so you have it ready when you NEED it.

Or, if you are not expecting to ever be in need of this aid for deep, restorative sleep, regardless of the circumstances at the time, you might like to find out for yourself how this deep delta induction affects you - your levels of physical well being, or even your dreams, psychic experiences and abilities.

  • One very special CD - years and YEARS of safety and immeasurable value for your physical, emotional and mental health.

Created by "Project Sanctuary" Master Hypnotist Dr Silvia Hartmann and "Sonic Solutions" Composer & Top UK Ayurvedic Energy Researcher, Ananga Sivyer for your own personal use, renewal, recharge and rescue.

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The Lullaby.

What could YOUR life be like if you would *really* SLEEP ...?

One hour.

Deepest Trance.

No more fear, no more pain.

Then sleep.

Created by Dr Silvia Hartmann & Ananga Sivyer

For all adults suffering from Battle Fatigue.




Yours forever.

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