Dr Silvia Hartmann's Acclaimed

Metaphor Magic - Unleash YOUR Genius & Creativity with Project Sanctuary

Project Sanctuary

Magic Metaphor To Unlock The Power Of YOUR Mind

"If you only one buy ONE book in this lifetime - make it Project Sanctuary."

  • Free your imagination.
  • Engage the powerful engines of your own creativity and genius.
  • Really and absolutely unlock the hidden powers of your own energy mind.
  • Learn to think at a whole new level.
  • Start to communicate with yourself and the higher realities in a whole new way.
  • Do so easily, with delight and in absolute fascination.

Project Sanctuary is the key.

Project Sanctuary metaphor magic is the key to unlock the hidden powers of your energy mind

Project Sanctuary is ESSENTIAL for:

"Project Sanctuary is a goldmine, no, a DIAMOND MINE for any creative professional."

Using the power of fractal imagination, Project Sanctuary is a never ending generator for stories, projects, works of art of all kinds.

Generate custom made hypnosis inductions and scripts, stories for the grandchildren, movie scripts, novels, metaphor and simile for therapy, public speaking, seduction, or for your own personal enjoyment.

Previously thought to be "mysterious", Project Sanctuary shows you the way to your own creative wellspring - guaranteed.

"There is nothing like Project Sanctuary to explore the landscapes of the mind and soul."

For therapy and therapists, Project Sanctuary is a "must know". Going way, way beyond the established understanding of what metaphor is, how it works and how humans use metaphor to communicate with their energy mind (unconscious mind, subconscious mind, dreaming mind), Project Sanctuary is exciting, radically innovative and absolutely client centred and client led.

"If I was on a lonely island and only allowed to take a single book, it would be Project Sanctuary."

Project Sanctuary puts the power of problem solving right back into your own hands, into your own mind. Learn to work with dreams, with past life experiences, with the inner child; learn how to create autogenic environments for healing, rest and relaxation; improve your intelligence and your problem solving abilities as you learn and play; find out who you really are and prepare to be amazed.

"Visionary designs, creative solutions and astonishing insights - that is Project Sanctuary."

Learn to EASILY and INSTANTLY calculate the most complex organic systems with the help of your energy mind. Find out your own mind can generate answers to complex questions, and how you can use Tesla machines to create and test new designs. This is innovation and creativity at the highest level.

"Project Sanctuary creates intense, lucid shamanic experiences and personal contact with the wisdom of the ages."

Whether you wish to develop your paranormal and psychic abilities, understand the true nature of shamanism or begin to explore your own spirituality and relationship to your prophets and to God, Project Sanctuary provides an absolutely unique and wonderfully safe environment to overcome all manner of barriers to communicating with the higher realities DIRECTLY and in a very personal fashion.

Metaphor Magic - Unleash YOUR Genius & Creativity with Project Sanctuary

Project Sanctuary is a unique set of processes using mind, energy and metaphor, developed by Dr Silvia Hartmann in 1993, that heals the divide between the conscious mind and the energy mind (unconscious mind, dreaming mind, subconscious mind).

It is a fantastic, exciting and delightful process that every human being can engage in.

Especially children will benefit dramatically from playing the Sanctuary games; but it delights our inner children and the adults we are just the same.

Be prepared to be completely AMAZED at what YOU can do with the MIND the Creative Order gave you.

Here is a brand new set of operating instructions how to use mind in a FANTASTIC WAY:

Dr Silvia Hartmann's Acclaimed

Project Sanctuary

Project Sanctuary - Metaphor Magic for therapists, healers, artists, designers and human beings

Now In The 3rd Revised & Expanded Edition

"If you only one buy ONE book in this lifetime -

Make it Project Sanctuary."


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