by Silvia Hartmann

"Oh Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz ...",

PLEASE NOTE: This article was written over 6 years ago, when Mercedes Benz UK was owned by someone else.

Nowadays, there is no such customer service as has been described here.

In fact, you're better off buying a Mercedes Benz from a gypsy on the street corner than from a Mercedes Benz showroom.

I will let this historical inspirational story stand, but must note with deepest sadness and disappointment that time has moved on and things are not the way that they once were with Mercedes Benz UK Ltd.

SFX July 2010



A Mercedes Benz?"

"Ok, Silvia, here you go ..."

"Thank you, Lord! Thank you so very much!

"I shall continue to sing your praises in great delight to all who shall listen!!"

So. Here we are.

Christmas 2004.

And I've got my very first ever Mercedes.

Have you ANY idea just how delighted I am?

Probably not!

It took me a long time, over 25 years in fact, to sort out my understanding of reality, spirituality and how the planes work to the extent that this could now happen.

That *I* could now make this happen.

And honestly, delight isn't the right word. I'm completely overjoyed!!


Some people like houses. Some people like yachts. I like CARS.

When I was trying out various goal setting exercises for "success in the Hard", I always thought of a car. It's my symbol for success. And not a Lamborghini or a BMW, a Jaguar or an Aston Martin, I've always thought of a simple, sleek, beautiful built Mercedes Benz.

Shiny and silver. And bought for me, buy me, by the work of my own hands and mind, a manifestation of pure accomplishment.

There are many forms of accomplishments in a person's life. There are psychological challenges, spiritual challenges, creative challenges, interpersonal challenges. I've managed many of these, succeeded with many others, but how to make it all work in the Hard, in this society in which we live, no matter its flaws or shortcomings I have always considered my highest end challenge.

It's true, there were many times when I thought it would be easier just to give up on it and claim the "spiritual out" of poverty, but it never satisfied me properly.

If real magic works, then it must work EVERYWHERE and no matter how harsh the conditions.

*I* must be able to make it work to prove to myself that it is real.

And my personal convincer for this was always my shiny Mercedes, with a personalised number plate.

As many "self made millionaires" will tell you endlessly, I've worked my butt off. It's true. I've put in hours that would make your average 9-5er pale with horror. I've put my heart and soul into my various endeavours and really struggled with my own short comings and personal limitations.

For all these years ...

Can you begin to imagine what it felt like when I walked into the showroom that day, and there was MY CAR, ready for collection, waiting for me?

With a plaque on a plinth that reads:

Mercedes Benz of Eastbourne welcomes the new owner of S 1 SFX

Mercedes Benz C 240 Elegance in Eastbourne Showroom, ready for collection


Front view Mercedes Benz C240 Elegance, with personalised number plate, S1SFX

Please don't let anyone tell you that this sort of thing isn't worth it, or that it doesn't mean anything.

It does.

Big time.

This isn't about some expensive metal and chrome.


I always thought it would be good but I couldn't have had ANY IDEA AT ALL just how I felt when I walked into the showroom to pick it up.

I'd been up for hours waiting for the scheduled time to arrive and I've never been so excited in my whole life.

"Is it really true? Have I really done this? Is it really REAL?!"

Yes, it is. It's here, in the Hard. It's proof and it MEANS a lot to me.

That's why it is so important. That's WHY it felt so TOTALLY AMAZING.


Mercedes Benz of Eastbourne - Handover of S1SFX to new owner, Silvia & Sales Rep Hose

It must be said that Mercedes-Benz really know how to treat their customers too.

From their end, they did everything to make this into the special occasion it really was for me.

I was already astonished over the "Welcome" plaque on the stand, but even more astonished when I was presented with a bouquet of flowers by the showroom manager!

Talk about feelings?

I just bought a car and the feelings that came with it were BETTER than on my wedding day!


Driving the new Mercedes Benz out of the showroom


So now, and after a full on aircraft take off style "induction" into the car's features and operating procedures, we're there.

The moment when the gate on the showroom lifts and I can drive my car out and away, onto the highway.

It was offered that the car should be driven out by someone else and handed over on the forecourt, but I asked if I might do this myself.

You've got to drive your new Mercedes out of the showroom yourself, really, haven't you?


I turned the key, she purred into life, I slipped in reverse and off we went!


StarFields Network members welcome the new Mercedes Benz

At home, we had a bottle of Champagne waiting - everyone was SO excited about the car, the number plate too, and so happy for me, because they just knew what it meant to me.

I'm immensely lucky because I have people around me who can be HAPPY for me and are ready and willing to let me get as excited as I want to be, and join in as well!

We got out the champagne, filled the glasses, stood in the drive and I gave a speech.

It went something like this:

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to sincerely welcome S1 SFX into our shared reality.

"You know what this day means to me, and how delighted I am.

"I want to thank all the customers and people who have bought my books and attended my trainings, because it is they who paid for this car with their money. I hope sincerely that they have found value in this exchange, and I would like to have them know that I am immensely grateful for their amazing support in my work and what I do.

"But most of all, I would like to thank those people who work with me and support me in my endeavours. You know who you are, and know that this car is for all of us, and by all of us.

"I'm just the lucky guy who gets to drive it now!"

Here we are!

I've gotten the best Christmas present imaginable, and I am absolutely delighted.

I've achieved a long term goal and that means the next one is now available - I can move forward now and look forward to the next moment something has been accomplished and the joys THAT will THEN bring me.

If I can do this sort of thing for ME and MY incarnation, then you can too.

Whatever it is you're doing, whatever it is that YOU want to do - stick with it. Keep at it. Don't EVER lose hope, put your best effort in and you WILL get what is IMPORTANT TO YOU.

Have a fantastic Christmas, and a really, truly brilliant new year!


& S 1 SFX :-)


Silvia Hartmann & her new Mercedes Benz C 240 Elegance, December 2004

Photographs by Alex Kent


Yay! Whoa! Amazing pictures, way to go Alex!

But, they are nothing to the first sight I got of that glorious car parked under the streetlight outside my place with the sea doing its thing behind it!

God, that got my blood pumping, and giggling, just couldn't stop as I looked out and felt every type of emotion bubbling up and making me tingle which just increased the giggling more.

Then to get in, the wonderful soft clunk of the door, and to drive it up and down Bexhill seafront, what a blast that was!

Congratulations my friend for realising one of many dreams and thank you for driving over to share your wondrous triumph with me!

:) :) :) :) :) :) :)



Woohoo! There she is :-)

Congratulations Silvia, Im absolutely delighted for you.

With love


Wow Silvia, congratulations!!!!!

How exciting. You looked so bubbly, great pictures by the way, wonderful presentation of your new car.

Love Kate


Dear Silvia

I would like you to know how delighted I feel that you are so happy with your wonderful new car. And thank you for sharing your joy.

With love from Ruth


Somersaults, handsprings, and dances in circles around a huge bonfire with international friends in celebration of the arrival of SI SFX into your life!

I wish you unlimited kilometers and miles of joy and satisfied glee with it.

Nostalgia helps me imagine you driving on those curving luscious roads with ancient trees standing by.

PS style champagne flute held in salute to you!

now digging through my papers to remind me of the steps to follow...

Namaste, mitzi


Congratulations, Silvia:-)!!

I'm happy for you:-)!

Love, Angi


Way too goooooooooo!


There is nothing more satisfying than reaching a personal Goal and you have done it!!!

Throw a kiss to the wind  and give yourself a hug.



Brilliant Silvia

Thankx for the practical focus into the hard.

and great big whoops for getting what you always wanted.



Dear Silvia,

Congratulations on your very well-deserved and well-appreciated and celebrated new steed.

Clouds of confetti and your own ticker-tape parade,





I've been there.


My thing was "guns" and "Rolexes"...

I finally, ONE DAY, noticed that I have 19 Rolexes, three of them Presidentials...

And I went, "what in the fuck am I doing?"

The answer I got was interesting.

I immediately sold 15 of the Rolexes (for a GOOD profit, since I do buy wisely)...

...and then I took a look at those guns, and I went, "OH MY GOD!"

I did what I needed to do, ending up keeping ONLY XXX of them...

...then I took a close look at my ideals, and my goals, and what I love to do, and decided my next step.

I also went and reviewing the concepts of anchoring...

Can you guess why I did that?

Life is fun. Life is interesting. Life is amusing.

Nice going Silvia. And "it's" just starting!

Dr. John M. La Tourrette



I am totally delighted for you.... congratulations !!!

Its fantastic..... sleek, shiny, silver, smooth.... superb....sparkling and 'xciting .... stunning !!!

Enjoy it.... because you certainly deserve it.

Lots of fun, frolicks and frissons driving around in it !!

And lots of Love

Sandra x


Congratulations Silvia!




This is just amazing, and a REAL inspiration to those who who wonder if 'it can be done'.  You've just proven that it can.


It is a cliche to say, 'you deserve it', but there it is.

"You deserve it!"

Enjoy your beautiful new S1 SFX!




Congrats, She looks fantastic, and the plate u posuer!!! LOL

If there was anything that deserved the name 'Starship Enterprise'  then u are driving it.

Bring it up to London and visit the skint old student at UCL!!!!

Happy Happytimes



Dearest of all Silvia's

Even though I'm one of the more silent guys around in these groups, this time I'd like to speak up, with these simple word..

A Benz?!?! You've got yourself a Shining Silver Mercedes Benz???



You Go Girl!

And What a Plate!! :-D


Many, MANY congratulations!!


I wish you and S1SFX all the best of luck!!

Take good care,

of yourself and S1sfx..

John van Eekelen

The Netherlands



Congratulations on fulfilling another dream - You deserve it!!

It looks terrific!!!

Well Done!

Heather x


Sparkly, tumbling, singing CHEERS for Silvia and her new  Merc.   

Enjoy every minute.   

Love from  Shahzadi


Dear Silvia,

Sincere congratulations for this!!!

It's fantastic!

I think it's a great stimulation for all of us to see what's possible.

My hat off!



Congratulations Silvia, you earnt it!






It looks wonderful.

Silvery waves,



Congratulations, Silvia!!!

Now, how can I learn the exact process you used to manifest your Benz?


Kudos again...and many more (Benzs that is)!

Be well. -- Thomas


Add a great YAHOO!!!

from Glen


Dearest Silvia,

I can't begin to tell you how happy I was to see your photo with your shiny new car - it just sent shivers of joy through my spine.

Good for you! And Merry Christmas!




I love it that you are so filled with joy and excitement instead of saying 
rather diffidently, I just bought a new car, a Mercedes.

You are fully in the spot of feelings and emotions and reveling in the  joy. 
It's very catching.

Congrats to you.  Enjoy and keep riding that wave.



Hi Silvia,

congratulations on your so special car. :-)

Thanks for sharing this and thanks for the photos.

Doesn't she look chirpy?

Now every time, I see a silver mercedes benz, I'll have a smile on my face,
thinking of you.

sparkling waves

Liebe Gre und ...
Keep on tapping,



I just got in off the road and read your adventure. Congratulations on such a wonderful desire.

I'm gifting you roses...



Hi Silvia:

congrats. Beauty Car.....

I do love the website it is a true motivator.



Well, I'm sure I've said it a hundred times by now, but I'll happily say it again...and again...and again....and again!


I don't think I could tire of saying it because it's just so very

It really was delightful to see you pull up outside the office window and step out of the car beaming so proudly in the way that you were- in that moment, I'm not actually sure which shone brighter- you or the Mercedes!

Actually I am, and you don't need three guesses to know which it was...

I had a real sucking-in-of the energy moment when I came out to greet you, and as well as experiencing my own excitement and joy for you, I actually felt all of your own excitement, delight, achievement and everything else in between, all flowing through me completely pure and charged and it really was sensational. A wonderful exchange. To be able to feel all of that so intensely- and lets me honest in true EmoTrance fashion, FEED from that so freely - was truly amazing, and as you can see in the photo- I look almost as happy as you were!

So thank you for that experience, its one that will stay with me.

Feeling all of those things and to be able to be so ecstatically happy for you was also of course a great message to the self. A message that having the expensive car of your dreams with a personalised number plate, or any such goal, is a GOOD thing, desirable as a positive experience and well worth having and aiming towards. And it certainly ignited pleasure and delight. Which, after all, is what we're after in this incarnation...

Both of which I'm sure the car will bring to you in great abundance- long may pleasure (and S1 SFX) reign!         


Steve x                    



This is GREAT!

Thank you for sharing your moment/s of joy with me. I was there at the showroom with you in spirit and I tingled all over!

Now to my own goals with new fresh wind in the old sails

Congratulations & all the best,

Nick xxx


Congratulations S.


Its so great to see real results from real people.




Wow Silvia!

This really made me laugh. It is SO INCREDIBLY REFRESHING to see one of the real gurus of personal development be so HUMAN!

Your wonderful joy over what many might think of as a materialistic object is such a reminder to have fun, and make the most of this life.


And may you have many more such wonderful moments,

With love,



"Oh Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz ...",

PLEASE NOTE: This article was written over 6 years ago, when Mercedes Benz UK was owned by someone else.

Nowadays, there is no such customer service as has been described here.

In fact, you're better off buying a Mercedes Benz from a gypsy on the street corner than from a Mercedes Benz showroom.

I will let this historical inspirational story stand, but must note with deepest sadness and disappointment that time has moved on and things are not the way that they once were with Mercedes Benz UK Ltd.

SFX July 2010