Water Chalice by Silvia Hartmann, 2003

Introducing the WONDERFULLY Relaxing, Healing, Stimulating and entirely ENCHANTING


Created by Dr Silvia Hartmann

Fantastic Shamanic Journeys of Lucid Awareness

Deep Re-Connection and Alignment Flow

Beautiful Poetic Imagery, Nourishing Energies

For YOU to enjoy - time and time again!

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At the crossroads of lucid dreaming and wide open awareness, where communication resolves to magic spells and mystery, where the body is relaxed and at ease and the energy system flows smoothly, where the mind is clear and calmly logical - that is where we find the Sanctuary state of Totality Hypnosis.

A revolutionary hypnotic concept, beautifully crafted in sound and visions, there is nothing quite like ...

Dr Silvia Hartmann's AMAZING HypnoDreams

Energy Healing In Sound & Visions

Not the usual "guided meditation", not a barrage of "suggestions", not like any trance experience you have ever had, a HypnoDream respectfully invites and enchants you to be present in mind, body and spirit all at the same time.


Choose your journey, choose your destination!

Each single journey you take is a complete and absolutely unique experience in its own right.
Each hypno-energetic experience will take you to a state and place you have never been, but may remember deep from old.
Each journey will enhance internal communication, stimulate the growth of new ideas and insights, and build new bridges right inside your self.
Each hypnodream has been created to lovingly nourish, to heal and to awaken parts of your totality that may have slept for many years.


And every journey, every time you take it anew,

will awaken, refresh, re-charge and restore your mind, your body AND your energy system.


Created by Lady Hypnotist Dr Silvia Hartmann with exquisite love and care, these truly beautiful evocations are far more than just extraordinary holidays in space and time;

in fabulous environments of deep excitement, or of restful peace and calm;

a ready buffet of experiences for you to pick and choose the flavour and experience you know would give you rest and restoration both;

time for YOU to rest, relax, and emerge delightfully refreshed.

HypnoDreams are a wonderful web of images, sounds and visions.

They speak in a language that your dreaming mind and your consciousness can understand and call to your totality to reach and stretch towards re-unification, to have the flow of energy across your systems soothed and brightened, deepened and widened into areas of your own self that "others rarely seek, nor seek to find."

Flow with ease, in delightful support and deepest comfort

into different states of mind and states of being.

Experience wonderfully healing energies, colours, sounds and visions

to awaken you, to delight you and to restore you.


The journey itself does change the traveller

and it is new each time as more, and more is learned.


Expect to be challenged.

Expect to be surprised.

And Expect to be different.



Created by Dr Silvia Hartmann

featuring Sonic Solutions energy composition tapestries by Ananga Sivyer

Soaring vocal harmonies by Pia


Relax DEEPLY. Feel Your Mind Expand. Heal, Learn & Grow.

with the BEAUTIFUL HypnoDreams Trilogy.



Water Chalice by Silvia Hartmann, 2003

HypnoDreams Volume 1

The Wisdom Of the Water

Water is the stuff of life; our bodies are made of water. But water is also a metaphor for ENERGY - for flow and change, for healing, for rejuvanation, for bringing LIFE to the parched deserts so that gardens may grow once again.

The journey to the Wisdom Of The Water is the most basic re-connection to ourselves on every level, on every plane; and this is healing water for all your systems, all across your totality.


The Wisdom Of The Water

Become ONE with water itself - in all its wonderful manifestations, the very source of life of all life on this our blue green planet that would be nothing but a desert without water.

Water is the original elixir of life  - and in the higher realms, a form of pure and innocent energy that heals, energises, refreshes and cleans you like no other, like nothing else can.

Water doesn't judge you. It doesn't ask you to change or demand that you should let yourself be loved. It simply *is* and as you move beyond yourself and you make contact with the consciousness of water, as you take part in the water's journey, you become a part of this journey...

... so your energy system will remember many things of old and a very special healing takes place for you that is both more subtle and more profound than anything you might have experienced before.


The Wisdom Of The Water is perfect for ...

... anyone who simply loves to re-connect with the truth and beauty of our Universe, our World, on a very personal and very profound level and knows and appreciates the benefits this brings to you.

.... anyone who deeply craves the nourishment and moisture of this unique energy to help re-balance your immune system and support all your healing endeavours.

... anyone who needs a space of re-charge and re-juvenation in a whole new way to help you cope with stress, with change, with life.

The Wisdom Of The Water is perfect for:
  • Deep Relaxation For Your Mind - Especially When There Is Stress From Illness or Change

  • Energetic Re-Alignment - Give Your Energy Immune System A Real Boost!

  • Healing Nourishment For Your Entire Energy System With The Purest Form of Energy

  • A Holiday In Mind - To Leave You Feeling Eased, Relaxed, Refreshed and Re-Vitalised

  • Open Your Other Senses - Let Yourself Be Enchanted And Awaken Your Psychic Circuitry


This ONE superb and magical journey meditation is alone well worth the total purchase price of the product because you can use this healing experience as often as you need it and have it with you, wherever you go.

It can also be played for healing groups and is a truly magical tool for personal evolution.


But with HypnoDreams Volume 1 you get far, far more than just The Wisdom Of The Water.


HypnoDreams Volume 1 ALSO Contains:

Oceans Of Energy

Hear, absorb, learn the original magical evocation which Dr Hartmann uses herself for ALL Energy Work.

Dive To Diamond

Truly otherworldly and profound, Dive To Diamond is a deep catalyst for the psychic circuitry which directs energy and attention to awaken the magical parts of ourselves more fully. Sweeping and incredible sound and vocal energetic tapestries assist in the experiences of stellar sounds in harmony to guide you to the Diamond Dimension - through the darkness, to the stars.


A full length deep rest and restoration experience at the furthest end of the Universe - let time stand still and experience a sense of profound rest and relaxation which can last for just as long as you would need so you're ready to emerge once more, emerge refreshed and with a deep sense of calm.

Ice River

A fantastic journey to the parts of our psychic circuitry that is reminiscent of Superman's Fortress of Solitude, or that magical place of lights at the North Pole which exists in so many civilisations, so many cultures. This track utilises a "psychic travel device" which is similar to those found in OBE research.                                 Listen To Ice River

Treasures & Riches

Travel through space and time to a very special location, where you will learn something new and most surprising about our Treasures & Riches - and receive a surprise gift, as well ...


The extraordinary, incomparable and incredibly personal truth track which has become the absolute favourite of many listeners.


Seven Plus One Fantastic Journeys

Seven Plus One UNIQUE Exercises For Your Totality

Seven Plus One Magical Experiences For YOU To Use

For YOU to Choose ...

Pick your track, relax, lay back and ... GO!


Water Chalice by Silvia Hartmann, 2003


HypnoDreams Volume 1

The Wisdom Of The Water

Created & Guided by Dr Silvia Hartmann

With Sonic Energy Tapestries by Ananga Sivyer

& Magical Vocal Harmonies by Pia

Produced In High Quality Multi-Layered Sonic Solutions Stereo Audio at Chyama Productions



The Journey IS The Solution ...

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