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Vampire Solstice - Fantasy Fiction Novel NEW by StarFields

Vampire Solstice

Love Forever.


The Vampires Are Coming! Fantasy fiction vampire novel Vampire Solstice by StarfieldsSo ...

You have been transformed into a vampire.

You’re incredibly

Eternally young and

You have become a being of

You are precious, and beloved.

Nothing can hurt you.

And you can

Now, what are you going to do?

Sit in a dark, dank sewer, suck on rats and bemoan the passing of your humanity ..?


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In The Vampire Universe, It's Time For A Change …

Vampire Solstice Colour LogoMeet the house of vampire mistress Lady Adela Bach.

Finally, here are some vampires who know what to do if you are given an eternity to play, to love and to evolve.

There are
exquisite potentials awaiting conversion.

There is
excruciatingly sensuous love to be made.

There is an
eternity of beauty and of splendour to explore.

There are things to be learned, new skills to be developed, and truly
awesome futures to be stepped into – as it has been for a hundred thousand years or more.

And then, of course, there are the



The Mysterious Covenant Of The Vampires …Vampire Solstice Colour Logo - the wonderful universe of the vampires from Vampire Solstice hypnotic fantasy fiction

It has been foretold that when the time was right, a one would come.

vampire messiah would arise, and he would free our kind from this existence, herald in a new dawn for us all and take us home.

Everyone knows this, and it is taught to all the young ones – of course.

But did we ever really expect that it would

That the prophecies were

This year, there is something

There is something strange in the air, a sense of chaos, of excitement, of fear, of fervent hope.

The time has


Deep, deep below the city of London, there lies an ancient theatre.

Here, on the night of the furthest driftings, the vampires of the world convene for the oldest and holiest of
rituals – the Festival of Blessings.

Twelve times 144 humans will be in the theatre, carefully chosen from the mass of ever burgeoning humanity for their

Only the best will be chosen, will find their own master or mistress on this night and experience the bliss of their
First Union.

Each year, and every year for a hundred thousand years, the community has awaited the arrival of
the one.

But now, the time of
change has come.

The Festival of Blessings is upon us.


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A GREAT novel.

A FABULOUS experience.

A FANTASTIC universe.

Vampire Solstice by Starfields

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