The Appollonius Quartet by StarFields

Improve Paranormal Abilities - Enhance Psychic Skills - Awaken The Psychic Circuitry

Special Advanced Features Include:

  • Vocal Transformation

The "Appollonius Voice" is not like any other voice we have heard, and thus does not run into existing shields or submodality distortions, which is essential for transmitting the messages and calls to action to the psychic circuitry.

  • Sonic Balancing Algorithms For Hemispheric Integration

The back track to the Appollonius inductions contain special balancing algorithms which create a circle of safety for the listener, and stimulate the neurology to be particularly receptive.

  • Advanced Energy Hypnosis Scripting

Energy hypnosis scripting includes, but does not rely exclusively, on multi-level metaphors for lucidly balanced conscious/unconscious "Sanctuary State" experiences.

  • Art Solutions Chaneled Energy Movements

The conscious mind cannot "write an energy hypnosis script", so all content is streamed using the Art Solutions process and created in direct communication with the energy mind.

  • Directive Power Energy Hypnosis

These inductions are purposeful and directly designed for improving psychic circuitry functioning; therefore, clear post hypnotic suggestions and "power hypnosis" directives are used.

  • Absolutely User Centered

The Appollonius Quartet is not just on sale to the general public, but it is also being used by the members of the StarFields Network for their own personal psychic development. These inductions are GUARANTEED to be absolutely user centered, to encourage ONE SINGLE INDIVIDUAL to find THEIR OWN path and to improve from where THEY are.

  • Co-Operative "Traveller & Guide" Design

These inductions are designed to have the "guide" (the voice you will hear) and your self, the "traveller", CO-OPERATE in attaining a joint outcome - namely to improve your psychic circuitry functioning from the ground up. Although benefits arise simply from listening, the effectiveness of the Appollonius Quartet increases DRAMATICALLY when the traveller co-operates and stretches into the exercises.

  • Vision Aligned, Soul Centered

The purpose of these inductions, which is woven into every aspect of the Appollonius Quartet, is to ALLOW A SINGLE PERSON to RESTORE THEIR OWN UNIQUE psychic circuitry energy systems to full and ECOLOGICAL functioning in accordance to the creative template of that individual.

The Appollonius Quartet by StarFields

Improve Paranormal Abilities - Enhance Psychic Skills - Awaken The Psychic Circuitry

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