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SFI August 2009

SFI August 2009

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Welcome to the August 2009 Edition of SFI!

***** So ... Silvia's 50 ...! *****

Thank you so much for all the wonderful greetings and blessings I've received from quite literally all around the world. It's great to hear from you, that you're enjoying my work, that it is useful to you and helps along the way.

So a big thank you and a special multi-coloured orb to all who wrote in on the occasion!

I've always wondered what it might be like to actually be 50, and now I know!

Read it here:

****** Events Psychology Is Out Now! ******

This is a pretty cool book, even if I say so myself. The ebook is available right now, and it's full of really useful information about many things that all fit together in a beautiful way.

Because Events Psychology is essentially "method free" it gives a person the chance to throw the book at the problem and use everything they've ever learned and that has worked for them, opening up the whole toolbox of techniques we have all accumulated during our lifetimes and being free to use it all. That's very exciting and it also makes for exciting and transformational experiences all around.

If you haven't looked into it yet, I recommend you do:

***** Opportunity: Events Psychology Study Group ******

I have decided to write a concise, straightforward distance learning certification training so that practitioners of Energy Psychology such as EFT, MET and EmoTrance can be certified and listed as Events Practitioners on the new Events Psychology website.

My personal study group will have me as the tutor and I have ten places for Pertineri Members at £100 each, and 10 places for other interested parties at £225 each.

Entrance qualifications required are either an existing GOE MET Practitioner and/or EmoTrance Practitioner and above, and please note it is pre-supposed that you are well versed in the use of these methods.

The course starts on September 21st and will include some teleclasses as well as the usual written course materials on this occasion. It is my desire to keep the Events Practitioner course tight and focused so that a lot less reading and writing is required - short, sweet, and to the point is the motto, as is Events Psychology itself, of course.

This course will be available later in the year for £275 on general release through the normal channels at DragonRising without the extras.

If you would like to apply for one of the ten places to be on the study group, write me a short note, and please include your existing qualifications in Energy Psychology.

It's an interesting opportunity, and I look forward to working with the study group to get the first generation of Events Practitioners on the road and on the web :-)

***** EFT: The Genius Factor *****

Want to improve your Genius Factor with EFT?

Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy!

One for all you EFT fans out there:

PS - We have started work on a new edition of Adventures In EFT, so if you own the ebook, you can look forward to a FREE upgrade coming to a computer near you soon!

***** PS Dimension: Lucian's Horse ******

Stimulated by the models from Events Psychology, we played a PS game to discover something "Lucian always wanted but never had received" - and the result is a rather beautiful PS story that teaches the game as a bye-the-bye. Well worth taking a look at.

**** The German Corner ******

I would like to do some things in German in the coming years, so if you are German or speak German I would like to invite you to sign up for the new German newsletter. Mail me if you'd like to be included. In the meantime, checkout the new arrivals at :-)

***** The Mailbag ******

I get a lot of mail on so many different topics, but this one really made me laugh:

>> Help! My boyfriend attended an NLP seminar recently
>> and ever since then, he's become creepy and I don't know
>> if I like him anymore.

>>> What can I do???

You can find my answer to the creepy NLP boyfriend problem here:

There we have it!

Life goes on after 50, it's true!

There are still lots of things to discover, but I do think we have a set of cohesive tools now and in Events Psychology, a good guide manual as to how we can use those tools to make artistic, beautiful and interesting lives.

I am a great believer in KaiZen, the theory of continuous small improvements. It's like grains of sand falling onto a mountain, but what does happen, and this really does happen, is that one more grain of sand falls and you have threshold shift - you are in a new world, with new vistas, new horizons, and all that old stuff has become indeed the past in that moment.

I do think that to really look forward to the future and embrace it absolutely is the key to a happy life; and this becomes ever more important, the older you become and there is so much temptation to look back instead of looking forward.

I think many of the unhappy old people we have all seen and met and hoped that "that wouldn't happen to us" gave up on the future at some point, and turned their backs on it.

I cannot prove this of course but I have a strong feeling that the minute you do that, you lose contact with life itself which always goes forward because it can do no other.

If you keep looking at the future, playing with the future, doing things now that will have an effect in an hour, tomorrow, next week perhaps, planting seeds and looking forward to taking a bite of the fruit, I don't see how you could ever be "old" in that sense.

That's worth remembering :-)

I wish you all the very best this world does have to offer, and the best you can do from your end to open up and receive it all, suck it in for all it's worth, right now and even more so, tomorrow!

Sparkly blessings filled with life and silver light,

50 year old Silvia :-)

Silvia Hartmann

Links In Brief:

***** Silvia @ 50:

***** Events Psychology:

***** Creepy NLP Boyfriend:

***** Lucian's Horse:

***** EFT & Genius:

***** Pertineri Premium Members Club
The Avant Guarde & Haute Couture of Personal Development:

***** Register interest to take part in Silvia Hartmann's Events Practitioner Certification online training/study group. Closing date is September 21st, 2009. This offer has expired.

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