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SFI September 2009

SFI September 2009

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Hi everyone!

First of all, I'd like to thank all of you who have applied to take part in the Energy Psychology Study Group, which starts today.

There was a limited number of places available and I'm very sorry if you applied but were unsuccessful on this occasion. We will create and publish a study program for EventsPsych in due course and this should be available in the New Year.

The Study Group will run from today, Sept. 21st to December 21st, which happens to be Winter Solstice, one of my very favourite times of the year. I hope I'll have a nice present for y'all!

Also a big Thank You to all of those amongst you who have sent in reviews for Energy Psychology and shared case stories with clients. It's brilliant to hear how many of you have found some real answers there, and not just started to work on past events, but also, to plan your new events of the future.

That's very encouraging :-) indeed.

Here are the latest news:

***** Technical Upheaval! *****

We are implementing revolutionary new software across the StarFields Network behind the scenes. This is bound to cause strange effects and disruptions.

So if your favourite site looks strange, some bookmarks fail to work or other exotic bugs appear, you have my aplogogies! We're doing the best we can and amazing new things can now begin to happen soon, so watch this space!

***** StarFields Diary *****

As a part of the aforementioned upheaval, my blog aka The StarFields Diary has moved for now to

We have added all the missing SFIs to this so you can stay up to date with the latest news, articles, downloads, patterns and so forth that have been discovered since March. Well worth a visit.

***** Energy Vampires *****

Have you ever felt as though your life force has been sucked out of you after meeting a particular person?

They may have been an energy vampire ...

Find out more about energy vampires and how to protect yourself here:

***** Energy A-Z ******

I've started an Energy A-Z so that we have a place where you can look up the words we use, from ETP to Habitat, and from Shields to The Client Practitioner Dance.

You can find it here:

***** EFT Top Tapping Tips For Beginners *****

I was asked to make a list of my top tapping tips and you can find this here:

You're welcome add this to your own EFT site in return for a backlink to

****** German Language StarFields Forum *****

To practice my German and think in German every so often, I have a forum/news group in the German language now.

Everyone who speaks German and is interested in what we do is most welcome!

***** The Mysterious Book Of Faces *****

I had heard much about the mysterious book of faces, but was reluctant to enter into that fray, as I have one or two websites as you know which require my attention.

But courage is what wins the day, so I bravely ventured forth and now can be found on the book of faces. Here, in fact:


So there we have it - time flies when you're having fun?

Hm, I'm not at all sure about that.

I think time flies when you're stressed.

When you're relaxed, it is smooth and flows beautifully, and good moments can last as long as you want them to, expand and eclipse any brief annoyance, leaving us with good things streaming in, through and becoming a part of our tapestry.

One of my all time favourite affirmations is "Time is on my side."

I went a bit further (I have a habit of doing that!) to "Time is my friend" - "I am in love with time - and time loves me!" in the end.

That's a fabulous jump off point for a really amazing EmoTrance session, a Project Sanctuary journey to meet with time and fall in love, a Genius Symbol meditation on the Time symbol, and of course, power affirmations and spells too around "me and time are one and the same" or even the Champion's Vow phrasing "I have no time - I *AM* TIME".

Try it.

You'll be surprised how much is tied into that one word, that concept, that something that is time and of which we know less than we know of God - and that's saying something!!!

May time bless you, and may your time be blessed,

Until next time,

Silvia :-)

Silvia Hartmann

Links In Brief:

Energy Vampires:

EFT Beginners Tips:

Energy A-Z:

Deutsche Yahoogruppe:

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StarFields Diary:

Magic Bird - Art Solutions Symbol Hybrid by StarFields

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