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SFI October 2009

SFI October 2009

Postcards from EvP Study Group - Article: 1,000,001 - Article: Evolution - The Genius Symbol "Magic Machine" - What is more scary than speaking in public? - EmoTrance by Proxy: Modern Shamanic Healing - Image - Fantasy Dragon

SFI October 2009

Hello everyone!

Wow. Where did October go?

I know where it went. Or shall I say, where it e-vent!

The Events Psychology study group continues to take up nearly all of my attention, to a most remarkable degree.

Here are some "postcards from the EvP group" to you!

* Imagine you turn them over and see the picture on the other side :-)


Greeting from this great new planet EvP21, nothing here works like it did back home and life will never be the same again when I do get back :-)



Wish you were here. More magical fireworks than you can imagine, great friends, and aha moments galore. Got to go and find a missing event.



Hi this is Terry on a magical, mysterious journey with EvP; aspects galore, metacomments to be heard, only you're not here...too bad, ah, but the mystery awaits you if you dare to enter!


Oh, you have NO idea what goes on here on planet EvP21...some kiss frogs,
others eat them...we travel through time, we do magic, we make nightmares
disappear, we are constantly giving each other gifts...we sing and dance
around camp fires...we cry and we laugh till our sides hurt!Aren't we the
lucky ones!

Hugs and Kisses, Ariana


Having a wonderful time here. plenty of surprises, firecrackers and new horizons with a sprinkling of laughter and jollity.
Dont you wish you were here!



HI from eventspsych.

We're having a lovely time, good friends, lots of laughs, tears, and occasional gibbering and hiding under the bed, Lots of magic, stardust everywhere. Massive energy shifts Last one took out my email, my broadband, and crashed the computer. Anything can happen and usually does. A sprinkle of fairy dust to you all.

Teri Howlett


From me I would add, this is exciting stuff. I said right from the start that we only saw the tail end of a multicoloured, unknown being with EvP, and that's proving to be the case.

A fascinating journey, indeed.

***** EmoTrance News *****

The other thing I've been doing is to go back in time, one article at a time, as we're all working on the new EmoTrance site, to re-edit them, update old and broken hyperlinks, and meta-tag the lot.

I'm currently in 2003, if anyone's looking for me ...

Quite fascinating to track the evolution of EmoTrance from an idea to something that's out there with people teaching it, and that's really helping people in all these different countries.

I've had a lovely note from a gentleman in Russia thanking us for the Russian translation of the EmoTrance Primer, as so few english speaking folk even think of doing that.

EmoTrance is for all people and so I'm really glad we're getting there with the translations.

One I would like to see particularly is Portuguese, which is widely spoken in Latin America, so if you speak Portugese or know someone who's up for it, that would be great.

I would also like to take this opportunity to ...

Wish Sandra Hillawi, our world travelling No. 1 EmoTrance Ambassador, author of the absolutely "must have read!" Love Clinic and all round wonderful lady a very happy birthday! Sparkles of energy to you!

And to congratulate Kim Bradley on her amazing "EmoTrance in Schools" project, whereby she got student peer mentors to learn EmoTrance to help others. And she also taught teachers how to de-stress. Very valuable and if you're interested in running such a program for your local school, contact Kim who can tell you how she did it. Well done!

***** 2 Useful Things *****

We're working on some fabulous new things here, both technically as well as intellectually and metaphysically, and this is a great time of year to expand one's horizons and actively seek to learn new things as the days are getting shorter and we have more time to pay attention to ourselves.

Two things that have become abundantly clear in the study group and that you might find useful I'd like to share with you before I go.

---- 1,000, 001

The first is the importance of CONSTANTLY monitoring your stress levels, of INSTANTLY taking action to bring them down, and to really APPLY all the anti-stress techniques you know, picking the right one at the right moment.

If we don't pay attention to stress, adrenaline will build up unnoticeably. It'll derail your immune system and make your thinking, feeling and awareness LESS than it could be. And I guarantee you that you personally are much more stressed than you think you are.

We need to get the baseline of stress DOWN, each and every one of us, and speed up the recovery time when we have become stressed, and that's the very first step to EVERYTHING - whether you want more money, more love, lose weight, gain weight, give up smoking or start on a healthier lifestyle.

None of it can work properly unless you de-stress first - and then it's amazing how much EASIER everything becomes.

It's true, I know we've heard it a million times, but perhaps me saying it again today is that millionth and one time, the one that makes the difference!

so shall it be ...

---- Evolution!

The other thing that's a wonderful legacy of Events Psychology is a slogan we've coined:

"You don't have to solve it, just EVOLVE IT!"

This came about because people were picking memories for exercises in self treatments that were "huge and overwhelming" causing stress responses and then of course we have magic failure and all is lost before we even start!

When you think in terms of "You don't have to solve (this huge problem) you just need to evolve it ..." all of a sudden, there are lots of ideas of how to move it on, make little shifts here and there in the right direction, and that's all you have to do to make REAL PROGRESS.

So if you have a problem that is HUGE and you have no idea how to solve it, start thinking how you might evolve it - move it on, shift it a little, unfold it a bit further, take it to the next step.

Very useful, and especially good to remember in moments of overwhelm!

So there we have it!

I jjjjust got this October newsletter in before it isn't October anymore :-) but even though I'm busy, I am thinking of you all and once the EvP study group is over, there'll be lots and lots of exciting new things to look forward to!

Have a delicious, stress free, future orientated "season of mist and mellow fruitfulness"

With best wishes,

Silvia :-)

Silvia Hartmann

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(Also useful if your pet is afraid of fireworks!)

Postcards from EvP Study Group - Article: 1,000,001 - Article: Evolution - The Genius Symbol "Magic Machine"
 - What is more scary than speaking in public? - EmoTrance by Proxy: Modern Shamanic Healing - Image - Fantasy Dragon

Fantasy Dragon

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