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SFI November 2009

SFI November 2009

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SFI November 2009

Hello Friends, Romans & Countrymen - And Countrywomen :-)

Are you busy?

I am crazy-busy.

What's going on?

So much to do, and so little time ...

Do remember my favourite affirmation:

*Time is on my side.*


*Time is my friend.*

I find just thinking that de-stresses me and somehow manages to put a few extra hours in the day, and that is nice.

So here are some of the things I've been busy with ...

***** Welcome to  *****

Subtitled "Inspirational EFT with Silvia Hartmann" I hope you will find something to inspire you to take your EFT *even* further.

There is a lot that can be done with EFT, and there's always room for improvement, no matter how marvellous one might think oneself to be.

I particularly recommend the articles on Energized EFT (no EFTer should leave home without it!) and also, 50 Years In Therapy.

The illustration kept me chuckling for hours ...!

I also want to start a "Fun" section on that site.

EFT isn't psycholanalysis - thank the Lord, all the stars, and everything else that moves in the grand Universe!!! - and a light touch can make all the difference between success, and elegant, delightful, delicious success, which another story altogether.

If you have a funny EFT anecdote to share, anonymously or otherwise, mail it to me and I'll include it in that section.

Here are two of my favourites.

The first was a lady with clown phobia - caulrophobia - who was not just afraid of clowns per se, but also of CLOWN-LIKE occurrences.

These included Father Christmas, garden gnomes, mimes and ...

... old ladies with very curly hair and waaay to much make up!

The other story which always makes me chuckle was the very, VERY first EVER telephone consultation I conducted with EFT, with a gentleman from Belgium, who had never heard of it.

I was nervously teaching him the tapping points, and when it came to the top of the eyebrow, I described this as being at the beginning of the eyebrow, and he said, and I quote (imagine a heavy continental accident!)

"But I haff only won eyebrough - ant it goez all ze way across!"

Man. Just my luck! First time out, I get a gentleman with a unibrow! Story of my life!

It did serve to lighten me up and things went very well from that moment forth. I also never had a person who only had one eyebrow, not in all the 11 years and thousands of EFT demos, trainings, clients and occurrences that followed ...

The Universe does have a sense of humour ... and so should we.

Ah, and before I go ... the EFT opening statement of the month, true set up, this really happened:

"Even though I'm a therapist, I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself!"

LOL ...

***** Raindrops ******

One of the things I am most grateful for in my life is that I can spot beautiful things just about everywhere, any time, and they always lift me and delight me.

So it was that I got up one morning, and it was rainy, stormy, typical North Sea weather, and I saw the raindrops on my window pane, and they were simply so beautiful, I had to get the camera out because they delighted me so much.

There is ALWAYS beauty, whether the sun is shining, or not.

You can see the images here:

***** What Makes A GREAT Therapist? *****

Well, obviously, tapping on, "Even though I'm a therapist ..." !

No, just kidding. Or am I? I'm not sure ...

Anyway, I came across this list which was made by Bandler and Grinder when they studied Fritz Pearls, Milton Erickson and Virginia Satir.

I think that list is not just useful for therapists, but for HUMAN BEINGS in general.

In the Events Psychology group, we set an exercise to discover what might be done to be a much, MUCH better Events Psychology practitioner.

You can take a look at this list and see if you can find something to improve, aspire to - or pat yourself on the back 'cause you're so gorgeous already!


Bnadler and Grinder found a few common traits expert communicators – whether top therapists, top executives or top salespeople – all seemed to share:

* Everything they did in their work was in active pursuit of a clearly held goal or objective, rather than reacting to change.
* They were exceedingly flexible in approach and refused to be tied down to using their skills in any one fixed way of thinking or working.
* They had a strong awareness of the non-verbal feedback (unconscious communication and metaphor) they were getting, and responded to it - usually in kind rather than by analyzing it.
* They enjoyed the challenges of difficult ("resistant") clients, seeing them as a chance to learn rather than an intractable "problem"
* They respected the client as someone doing the best they knew how (rather than judging them as "broken" or "working")
* They had certain common skills and things they were aware of and noticed, that were intuitively "wired in".
* They worked with precision, purpose and skill.
* They kept trying different approaches until they learned enough about the structure holding a problem in place to change it.

As a result, Bandler and Grinder believed that there a few behaviour essential patterns underlying successful communication in therapy, business and sales, summarized as four main patterns:

1. the ability to set specific goals and outcomes
2. the behavioral flexibility to attain the specified goals and outcomes
3. the sensory acuity to be responsive to feedback and to adjust current behavior and/or goals if it is not working
4. self-maintenance to be able to monitor one's internal state and
make adjustments as needed.


Interesting, and worth observing also IN SELF HELP when you are treating YOUR SELF. Obviously, one must have the very best therapist that money can't buy when one conducts self help treatments, right?

I leave you with that thought :-)

***** The "Scientists" VS EmoTrance *****

Here in the UK we had a bit of storm in a teacup when one team from the Times set about "debunking" EmoTrance (by getting a pharmacologist (!!!!) who had never heard of it to denounce it as "psychobabble," whilst another team from the Times wrote a reasonably well balanced article, stressing the stress relief aspects of EmoTrance in the context of school stress, and students treating each other with ET.

You can read my response "Scientists Behaving Badly" and also more about Kim Bradley's oh so controversial project to have students learn the simplest of methods to deal with emotional stress and peer pressure in schools at

I heard someone commented that to call EmoTrance "psychobabble" was somewhat missing the mark, as there was NO psychology involved, and no talking about the problem, ergo no babbling of any kind.

I thought that was funny.

**** Learning To Say Yes! and NO! *****

This is an important topic if one wants to remain healthy in mind, body and spirit, and it revolves around our old friend, the energy reversal.

Interesting reading at:

**** EmoTrance 2010 - GREAT Discounts! *****

NOW is the time to book in for the 2010 April EmoTrance conference. With the BEST discounts you'll ever get by booking early, so you don't have to just read afterwards how much fun everybody had but you weren't there ...

Take the Fast Track Practitioner training if you haven't gotten a proper EmoTrance qualification yet; the conference is THE place to do it, or do it again.

If you are a distance learning student or an existing practitioner, the retake fee is minimal and you get to have a wonderful day of pure EmoTrance to work on yourself and try out new things.

The conference itself is really something - if you haven't been, PLEASE do not think it is anything like "other energy therapy conferences".

For starters, we absolutely believe there is a lot more to life than being endlessly in therapy.


It's for making friends, for having fun, having a good time, finding out how good you can feel - and how often.

The EmoTrance conference is a true highlight of the year, so be there, or be square as they say, and save £££EEE$$$ by booking NOW!

That's it folks for today.

Try really hard to stay light and have a good time :-)

Allow yourself an out of body experience a few times in the day, to view the situation from a different vantage point, high above.

It really puts things into perspective, and is very de-stressing :-)

And the more difficult/harrowing/challenging the circumstances, the more important it is that we stay centered, balanced, and LIGHT.

With my best blessings from stormy North Sea shores,


Silvia Hartmann


Links In Brief:

Save a truckload of money on ET10 - register NOW!

Energy Reversals: The Art of Saying Yes & NO!

Schools Project and Scientists VS EmoTrance:

New Inspirational EFT Website: 

Beautiful Rainy Day Raindrops:

Rainy Day Collection by SFX


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