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EmoTrance Emotional Weather VS Emotional Control

EmoTrance  Emotional Weather VS Emotional Control

I was watching an episode of "Brat Camp" with my teenage son tonight.

For those who don't know what that is, Brat Camp is a series of documentaries about wayward teenagers being sent to Utah to haul logs in the wilderness, for MONTHS on end, to "find themselves".

Personally, I think it's no better than an extreme and societally supported form of brainwashing and nothing else, but that's a different topic.

One girl there was clearly not just "naughty" or "spoiled"; there was something seriously wrong with her (and I can't help but suspect a form of vaccination damage, yet another topic, indeed).

She could not handle the situations, the people, herself and would time and time again freak out completely (technical term); she wasn't "learning her lessons", not after 6 WEEKS of forced marching and eating cold baked beans from cans, with ENDLESS, and I mean ENDLESS, brainwashing pressure from half a dozen adults and the peer pressure from the other victims of these procedures.

Watching her being mishandled by the so called professional staff there got so bad that I burst out into tears, I felt so sorry for her.

Somewhat later in the harrowing one hour long programme I made the comment I wished to God those poor *****s had at least EFT to help them out, but what they really needed was EmoTrance, and it wouldn't be taking MONTHS of endless suffering and failure in the middle of nowhere in Utah.

"Ha!" said young son, and here we now finally come to the point of this message, "Ha! How can you sit there and say that! Why, less than ten minutes ago, you were a snivelling mess over that girl! You haven't got your emotions under control at all!"

I was somewhat taken aback by this, but then I got it, and I was delighted.

Do I have my emotions "under control" as a result of EmoTrance?

Damn right I haven't!

It isn't about "controlling" your emotions, and it never was.

When I see something as distressing as this poor girl being mistreated in public, underlaid with happy, "She's getting what she's deserving!" commentary, I hope TO HELL that the day will NEVER come and I DON'T have a major emotional response to such a situation.

But the huge difference between me (EmoTrance enabled person) and the people on Brat Camp is that I snap out of it after MINUTES.

That's also the major difference between me now, as opposed to me how I used to be - I used to be depressed for WEEKS, sometimes MONTHS on end, and it would never lift. I used to be angry for DAYS following a single incident, much like those kids on Brat Camp.

Now, I still can get as extremely angry - but it is OVER within minutes, if that.

I have learned to have these emotions come and have them GO AWAY again, once they've made their point.

As a result, I'm not scared of my own emotional responses anymore, and I don't mind bursting out into tears at an injustice or a sad occurrence. I don't even mind screaming abuse at my computer when I've deleted a whole document, days of work, with a single key stroke.

I don't mind because I GET OVER IT - every time, and within minutes, and that's in severe cases, usually it's seconds.

That's what I call "emotional weather".

There isn't a problem with weather as long as you don't get too much of a single kind - be it hot sunny, or cold damp, or rainy, or dark - if it all blows along and changes, it works, and plants grow, the ecology works, and everyone's happy overall.

These girls on Brat Camp live in a different place, where they get stuck in one predominant emotional state, and then they stay in it - even if it is totally counterproductive to the environment they're in, even if they try their damndest to get out of it, even if they try their hearts out to not even enter there, but they have no control.

And the fear and stress of even experiencing any of these emotions, because they know they'll get stuck inside of them again, gets ever greater along the way.

Then we're stuck in everlasting fear, and what can that be any better than everlasting frost?

That's what EmoTrance does - it re-establishes the movement of "emotional weather" and when that happens, we don't need to be afraid any more, because no matter what, it'll change again soon enough.

If that sounds all to difficult and way too advanced, I wish to God that SOMEONE handed those Brat Camp people an EFT protocol, to help these poor kids get some MOVEMENT on their stuck emotional states, and some of those have been stuck since early childhood, and those poor buggers can't get out, not for all the whippings, guilt, and physical deprivation that's being thrown at them.

In the meantime, I'm grateful that I can be as sad, as happy and as angry as I want to be, without fear, without trying to hold on to some illusionary state of "emotional control" with a terrified white knuckled grip, and get to respond to my environment appropriately.

With laughter, AND with tears!

Bright fresh winds to all, indeed,


Silvia Hartmann

Posted Mar 3, 2006   
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