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Energizing Visions

Energizing Visions

I've been writing for a while about the energizing effect of real visions - it is a side effect of working with visions that is both surprising and truly delightful. 

Today was a lovely example of that in action on my latest SpaceNode, and here is how it works.

There is a tremendous amount of energy in a vision - there is information, of course, and that's what takes the center stage when you first have a vision, what you learn, the excitement, the new ideas.

But visions are better than that still.

I got myself a new website, a SpaceNode of course :-) for my various art projects and thoughts on the topic of art,

But there is always that hesitation at the start - where do I begin?

What exactly am I doing here?

And it's so much work, starting a whole website from scratch ...

But luckily for me, I had just had the experience of the SpaceNodes "flowering" vision in action (see ) and was thus very aware of that energizing action of a real vision.

So I sat back and thought about my vision for "art".

And I did have one, an amazing, wonderful vision that arose whilst I was writing the Magic Spells book and went back to primal magic as a principle to work from the ground up in a structured and logical fashion.

I stood in a hot place and watched a tribe of monkey beings and one of them noticed that a movement they made had produced a line in the golden wet river clay.

They stopped and then very deliberately, drew another line beneath the first.

I knew I was present at the moment when art and magic entered the world, and it was - an extraordinary experience that I do not have the words to describe adequately.

This vision helped me get over my reversals to take on all the magic schools of old at the time and helped me write my own book on magic.

And this same vision, when I tuned back into it this afternoon, had exactly that incredible energizing effect on me again.

All of a sudden, I knew what 1-art was to look like.

I knew what the logo was going to be - the two lines in the golden sand - of course!

I knew what the purpose of the site was - to help people get over all their art reversals and connect to the primal magical artist within, something that we are all born with, and who has EVERYTHING to do with making your mark on the world, leaving your name in the sands of time, CREATING REALITY ABSOLUTE.

To re-define art as what I had seen - this inordinate blessing, extraordinary magic, wonderment, something that we humans can do and that does so much for us in return; is a remedy to the draw backs of being sentient and knowing you will die one day and living with that knowledge; it - primal art and our capacity for it - is a gift to each one of us!

Yes, I'm excited about this.

I'm completely CLEAR what this is about, I understand, and I want the share the joy of that with as many people as possible who might not know yet.

I understand now how important art is for human beings, each one, and for the human race all together.

And as a direct result, I also knew what articles I wanted to write today, which images would go with those words and explanations, and how to tie the whole thing into the wider context of my mission to make people more aware of energy and the real real world which is so much more than just a rock covered with chemical reactions.

My oh my!

I have had a WONDERFUL day, working with things so close to my heart, absolutely inspired and energized by the vision, guided by the vision all the way so there was no stress, no fear, only forward momentum and delight.

So please hear this!

Everyone can learn to have visions.

It doesn't matter if the visions you seek are for magic, or art; for programming websites or how to make your family happier and more loving; for love or money.

When you work with your own visions, it's not just about the bottom line results, although they are great.

It is that energizing effect, that doubt-removing effect, that de-stressing effect of knowing exactly what you're doing, and WHY you are doing it, which leads to working at a whole new level and in a whole new way.

If I have the power to bestow the wish that you should experience this too, and many, many times at that, each one getting richer and more productive AS WELL AS more wonderful, magical - then I make that wish NOW.

Practice your visioning!

It really is the best a human can get.


Proud owner of 

  The Joy Of Art!

Posted Feb 28, 2010   
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