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EmoTrance: Energy, Information & Love: A Bright Book For A Brand New You!

by Silvia Hartmann

EmoTrance: Energy, Information & Love: A Bright Book For A Brand New You!

I am pleased to announce that the "EmoTrance: Emotions, Energy, Information & Love" is now available - this is a complete re-write of the theory and practice of EmoTrance with the wisdom of a decade's worth of hindsight.

When we first discovered EmoTrance, we were so pleased with it - a direct method to use when "terrible emotions strike in real life," there and then, in the field. What a relief!

But there was so much we didn't know back then.

For example, we had no idea that EmoTrance could also be used to change beliefs; in fact, that belief change comes free of charge once the energy system has been restored and a person feels inspiring, joyful emotions instead of pain, or just nothing at all.

When a person's energetic injuries had been healed, there would be this rush of energy all of sudden. People jump up and come to life, they say how much brighter the colours have become all of sudden, how much clearer everything sounds and feels, and how much happier they are.

But then they would go on to give a rush of insights - they had understood why the problem had been, how it was caused, and how it had caused all these negative emotions and limiting beliefs.

There was a rush of INFORMATION associated with the rush of energy through the energy body.

The healing events from EmoTrance, the highly energized end states, are an enlightenment experience and structurally exactly the same as a "Eureka!" experience when a lightning strike of understanding happens, and someone will jump up and run through the town in their excitement.

In fact, we found it difficult if not impossible to make a distinction between energy and information - it was one and the same.

But then, there was the third aspect of these energy events.

People became much more logical - and more loving!

Someone who experienced one of these healing events would be ready to forgive; to extend unconditional love, and be far, far more compassionate with other people, even with perpetrators.

There was a definite increase of love as well and at the same time - again, so interlinked that it becomes difficult to make a distinction where energy and information end, and where it turns into love.

The three - energy, information and love - are one and the same, they are three sides of a multi-dimensional coin, if you will.

EmoTrance is therefore not "just" about getting rid of negative emotions and feeling better - as if that in and of itself wasn't a blessing.

The additional bonuses of gaining more information, intelligence, insights and more love now prove to us how a fully functional human being works. They are loving, intelligent, and energetic.

These three goals have been held to be separate; yet EmoTrance experience over the last ten years shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that all the major human development tasks are achievable - if we take care of the energy body, and make the energy body work well.

The most important breakthrough however was the real understanding that we had set the bar for what a happy, fully energized human being can feel like way too low.

We had patterned ourselves on monks of old, who would sit about "in peace" and be "at peace" in silent meditation - but that's not what a functional energy body provides.

It wants and needs to sing and dance instead! To love actively and powerfully, and to be loved likewise in return. To know things, to understand things, to have a wonderfully logical mind that can think clearly and to have the energy to create reality as well.

What is so wonderful about our experience with EmoTrance is that we have found anyone at all can have these "Eureka!" experiences, these lightning strikes of energy, information and love.

In fact, they happen naturally when we heal something that hurts!

You don't have to meditate for decades at all, you don't have to do anything or know anything other than where it hurts in your body, and do something about it.

That's the path to enlightenment by any other name - simply to take care of our injuries in our energy bodies and bring about the proper, fast, living flow of energy.

It's amazing that it could be so easy!

It's amazing that nobody worked it out, or if they did, they didn't tell us in such a way that we could understand it.

It's simply wonderful that by taking emotions seriously at last, and instead of not trying to have them and "find peace," we embraced them as a natural occurrence in human beings and asked many questions about them, which led us to the simplicity and elegance of EmoTrance.

Ten years and a cast of many tens of thousands from around the world have taught us how energy, information and love belong together; how it works, and most of all how each one of us has a shot at experiencing these wonderful feelings and insights from our own enlightenment states - without having to become a monk!

This is good news indeed; and I'm very pleased to have taken the experiences from the last ten years and put them down in a brand new book: EmoTrance: Emotions, Energy, Information & Love.

And one more thing - we now know what the mysterious 6th sense really is.

It is the sensations felt in the body that have no physical origin - the exact modality EmoTrance is designed to bring back to life, to stimulate and to make it accessible for anyone who has ever felt "an emotion."

The information from the five senses is what the world so far has been built upon. You add the sixth sense, and you get a paradigm shift.

It used to be so that reading and writing was considered something so difficult, you had to be of royal blood in order to be able to stand it, or else your head would explode and blood would come out of your ears.

It used to be so that true energy work and all the advantages being able to use your 6th sense when others only use five was reserved for priests and shamans.

If you can feel an emotion in your body, then you can "do" EmoTrance - and gain your own enlightenment experiences, feelings like you've never had before, of energy, information and love.

And that's just the start ...

But what a perfect start for the new decade!

Personally, and now that we have the basics right, I can't wait for what we'll find out from here in the next ten years.

One thing is for certain - there will be more good feelings all around, and I'm extremely pleased to have been a part of the research which has led us here.

With best wishes,

Silvia Hartmann

Author, EmoTrance: Emotions, Energy, Information & Love

EmoTranceTHE Book For The Next Decade: Powerful information every person on this Earth needs to hear about.

Ten years of EmoTrance in theory and practice have taught us so much about energy, how it works with human emotion but also with thought and behaviour. In this next-level book, you'll find the latest and best techniques, methods, cases and breakthrough insights into how people really work - and what we can do to create extraordinary events of healing and change for ourselves and for others.

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