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Excellent EmoTrance: 4 Important Tips To Make EmoTrance Work Beautifully

Excellent EmoTrance: 4 Important Tips To Make EmoTrance Work Beautifully

EmoTrance is wonderfully simple, and when the basics are done well, will bring excellent results and joyous sessions for both the practitioner, as well as the client.

But there are some places where things can go wrong, and cause a zzzt in the EmoTrance session.

Here are four examples of where things go wrong with beginners, and how to put them right to make EmoTrance work beautifully.

Excellent EmoTrance:

4 Important Tips To Make EmoTrance Work Beautifully

by Silvia Hartmann, Creator of EmoTrance

EmoTrance isn't difficult, but in order to make it work the way it's supposed to work, we do have to pay attention to the simple words and concepts we use.

We have to make sure we get those words right, and understand the basic principles behind the EmoTrance process.

Here are some examples that have come across my desk recently and which I would like to share with you.

***** Do make sure that the people you are treating or teaching understand this correctly.

As the examples show, even a slight mistake in the words we use can really put a blockage in the smooth flow of an EmoTrance session - when there is no need for this at all.

Remember: EmoTrance is simple, but you have to get the basics right to get the best results.


The Metaphor Police Is Coming!

As you know, I am a metaphor specialist with over 30 years experience and I deliberately chose to NOT have ANY metaphors other than that of water for EmoTrance.

I did that for very good reasons, because in the past, energy healing has been literally be-devilled (had a devil inserted into it!) by the use of metaphor.

EmoTrance works so well because we are staying with the sensations of the body.

That way, we stay connected to reality.

The moment you lose this connection with the feelings in the body and you start to talk "about them" in metaphorical terms, you go off into cloud cuckoo's land and whatever you do there no longer impacts the body directly any longer.

That's a direct cause and effect.

I saw an EmoTrance practitioner the other day ask a client, "What colour is the feeling in your chest?"

That's EXACTLY the kind of thing we DO NOT want to be saying to a client, because that takes them AWAY from the feeling in the chest we want to be working on, and into another dimension altogether.

If we want more information about the feeling in the chest, we ask the client, "How does that feel?"

Now be clear to not ask, "How does that feel LIKE?" because "like" takes us into metaphor again, and again, takes us AWAY from the place we want to be working at in EmoTrance.

You are looking for direct descriptions of how the body sensation feels, in direct kinaesthetic language, for example, "It feels tight," or "It feels hot and churning."

Often clients will go on to offer a metaphor like, "It feels hot and churning like a pot of boiling soup." even if the correct form of question, "How does that feel?" has been asked.

If you look at that sentence you can really see and feel the place where the client is "losing the plot" - losing the real body sensation and going into their heads and starting to hallucinate, to all intents and purposes, about pots of boiling soup.

If we were doing Project Sanctuary instead of EmoTrance, we could play with that metaphor now, establish the habitat, explore the domain, and start to develop that. Likewise, if we were doing Events Psychology, we could go on to unfold a memory fragment from the metaphor and proceed from there. Those are treatment styles in their own right, but those are NOT EMOTRANCE!

  • EmoTrance does NOT work with metaphor, only with feelings in the body that tell us where and how the energy is moving through the energy body.

If that "drift off into metaphor" movement happens to your client, bring them back INTO THE BODY, which is WHERE THEY HAVE TO BE TO MOVE THE ENERGY LATER.

Ignore the "boiling soup" comment and say, "So it feels churning and hot right there in your chest? Very good. Let's work with that now ..."

If you stay closely connected with that level, DIRECTLY connected to the body sensations, EmoTrance will work like a charm, so please pay attention and don't wander off into metaphor land - that's a different form of therapy altogether.


Feeling, Not Imagining!

In this example, the problem was in the repeated use of the word, "Imagine."

"Imagine the energy flowing up your back." - "Imagine you are softening and flowing the energy." - "Now I want you to imagine innocent energy falling on you like rain."

This person had come from a long, long tradition of Mind, Body, Spirit workshops and therapies and were used to using the term "imagine".

I stopped them and asked them if they thought it was a good word to use.

"Oh, I guess not," they said. "A lot of people can't really visualise ..."

And this is true. A lot of people don't know what you want them to do if you say "Imagine something softening in your chest."

That's half the problem.

The other half of the problem is the people who are very good at imagining and visualisation. These will instantly, on the instruction to "imagine" start to do just that - imagine something.

When in EmoTrance we are actually working with here-and-now attention on something real that you can feel in your body.

So I asked the person to replace the word "imagine" with FEEL in those sentences.

They were quite shocked and said, "But surely that can't work?"

And yes, it can work, it does work, and more of all, it even is the very reason for why EmoTrance really works and isn't just a mindgame.

Try the sentences that caused trouble for those who couldn't imagine, as well as those who could (!) from above, with imagine replaced with feel on each occasion.

"Feel the energy flowing up your back."

"Feel the energy blockage in your chest becoming softer, and starting to flow."

"Innocent energy is falling all around you like summer rain, can you feel that?"

That's the DIRECT PATHWAY to feeling energy (which cannot be seen, and in the context of EmoTrance, should never be "just imagined"!) and from feeling the energy, we can go on to be dealing with the energy.


Words That Are Best Left Behind

We really need to remember that EmoTrance is about feeling emotions in your body, and then working with those feelings to change them.

We can't do this by talking "about" the feelings, we need to pay attention to the feelings themselves, and how they evolve when we give the simple, "Soften and Flow!" instructions.

In this example, the client kept on flipping out of that vital connection to their feelings, and starting to talk ABOUT their feelings instead, much like this:

"So how does that feel now in your chest?"

"It's better ... and it really wasn't my fault, it was his fault, he is a bastard and I hate him for making me feel so angry!"

Now the the words beyond "It's better ..." are taking us away from the EmoTrance work and into something we don't want to have any part of.

When this happens, we need to gently re-direct the person's attention BACK to the feeling in the chest, and/or any other feelings they might be experiencing.

This really is only an energy, and faults, bastards, hating and anger are side tracks that take us away from changing all of that, quickly, elegantly, and easily.

Please be on the lookout when this happens in a session. Use the word "OK!" and start a new sentence that takes the client BACK into the feeling you were working on.

"So how does that feel now in your chest?"

"It's better ... and it really wasn't my fault, it was his fault, he is a bastard and I hate him for making me feel so angry!"

"OK! Now, how does that feel in your chest? Where does the energy need to go? What's happening now?"

The "OK" (or any version thereof, such as, "Alright!" - "Good!" - "I see!") tells the client you have noted what they said, and it's ok and now let us move on and get back to work, and this is what we want to pay attention to right now and without getting drawn into a long therapy discussion of any kind.

For some clients, this has to be done over and over again until the physical sensations take over as the focus of interest, the energy starts to flow, the emotions start to change and they become involved in the process, fascinated by it, and are finally working at that content free, structural level which is pure EmoTrance and which is the place to be to create amazing healing experiences and energized end states easily.


A Simple Languaging Mistake With Dire Consequences

Here is a final example of where language is extremely important in making EmoTrance work.

A practitioner reported that a client had gotten quite upset when told to soften and flow and that "it wasn't working for them".

When I went through the session notes, I noticed the place where it had all gone wrong - a simple mistake in languaging.

Instead of saying, "Where does this energy need to go?" the practitioner had asked, "Where do YOU WANT this energy to go?"

If you look at those two sentences, they sound nearly the same, but structurally, what is happening is totally different.

If we ask, "Where does the ENERGY need/want to go?" we are looking for THE NATURAL PATHWAYS of the energy, to try and FIND SOMETHING THAT IS REALLY THERE.

We can discover this pathway, and then we can use it to flow the energy through it.

The wrong form, "Where do YOU want this energy to go?" leaves the client in mental no-man's land.

"I don't know! What do I know where I want this energy to go? I don't know what's for the best, or what to do with that energy!"

And that was exactly the response of the real client - they got upset and didn't know how to decide where THEY wanted that energy to go.

The client got upset, the practitioner didn't know what to do, and the session really went tits up - because of a simple languaging mistake.

  • So in conclusion, please do be careful with what you say to your clients, and if you are a trainer, really do be careful to make sure the practitioners get the basics right.

EmoTrance is really simple, but there are places where we can go off the rails with it and land up in the same confusion that has dogged proper energy healing since the dawn of time.

By using the right phrases that are designed to keep the client with the REALITY of their bodies, and keeping the entire session focused on the REALITY of what's happening in their energy systems, we get to make brilliant changes like the world has never seen before.

In the simplicity and elegance of the EmoTrance design, there is a PRECISION of how we work, and if you pay close attention to that, you will always get predictable, REALITY based results for your clients.

* Keep your language really simple, and very clear.

* When something goes wrong in a session, back up to the basics -

  • Where do you feel it in your body?
  • Show me with your hands! (or point in the right direction for thoughtfields)
  • This is only an energy.
  • Where does that energy need to go?
  • Let's encourage the energy to move in that direction, soften and flow.

* If in doubt, check your training manual!

Silvia Hartmann
Creator, EmoTrance


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