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Finding The One

It is true that most people go through life with a nagging sense that there's something wrong. That they're missing out on something important. That no matter where they are, they are far from home; and that by themselves, they are simply NOT ENOUGH to make it through all the challenges of life. This is so very global that the time has come to look at this more seriously and ask ourselves, "What if that was actually true?" If you haven't found THE ONE yet, read on ...

This topic keeps coming up in private conversations and I do like this so very much, I thought I'd make a brief note on this.

One of the core surprises of my investigations over the past few months were the HEROS (higher energetic reality operating systems) which included the energy heart, energy mind and the factor X system I eventually decided to call the soul. Might as well. This system does NOT have a physiological equivalent and actually is the one which ties or bridges us as totalities into these very different, very OTHER realms.

There are so many aspects of this theory which are way beyond cool, it's difficult to know where to start sometimes.

One of the very most wonderful things about this is, if correct, that we were actually RIGHT all along when, trapped in the construct of the conscious mind and functionally detached from the rest of the totality which includes the HEROS system, we used to think things like:

  • I am not enough.

  • There's something missing in me/my life.

  • I can't take care of myself.

  • I can't work this out, it's too complicated.

  • Life is too overwhelming.

  • I don't have what it takes to succeed.

  • When I die there's nothing left.

  • I can't make it on my own, I need help!

  • I wish someone would tell me what to do/think/be!

  • How am I supposed to make a decision? I can't compute all the variables!

  • I must turn to someone smarter, wiser, more insightful for guidance!

  • I am lonely, alone and need someone else to help me out.

... and so on and so forth.

Previously classed as "signs of low self esteem", under the Triad theory they are actually nothing more than perfectly correct assessments of an untenable situation!

I also actually really like that under this theory, it is not only correct but basically a structural necessity of the construct encaged conscious mind to seek out leaders, gurus, kings, generals and such - because that would be the function of the conscious mind, not decision making in its own right, but simply to ask for further clarification and assistance from the Triad.

If a construct mind doesn't KNOW there's such a thing of which it is supposed to be an integral part, it will make these feedback connections NATURALLY with someone OUTSIDE of themselves when such a thing is offered. It's a vast relief to me actually to have a system where people are then not incredibly stupid idiots that follow every quack and smooth talker who comes their way because they're so incompetent, but that they indeed do this because it is structurally built in and a natural thing to be wanting to do.

One of the other and very first things I saw right away was that when people are looking for an "external soul mate", what they're looking for is of course their own HEROS.

And here we come to something that really quite blew me away - and what is I do believe the deep structural foundation of what we call here "Muppetville" - the construct societies across the ages of men where all these disabled and helpless constructs come together to try and make things work somehow.

I believe at the core of the problem lies the "One Delusion".

It goes something like that. Construct men and women have the various available resources for a construct split up between them. So men get to be strong, honourable, powerful and logical; and women get to be weak, martyr-suffering, emotionally unstable and intuitive.

Of course, these halflings haven't got the resources to be doing anything very much by themselves in the Hard; and in order to make up for their shortcomings, they get put together into these teams to try and make a functioning whole out of the two crippled halves.

Most if not every single activity in muppetville, from dressing a newborn baby girl in frilly pinks to owning a HUGE yacht, is all designed to attract "the ONE" - that one other human who will make EVERYTHING all right.

Who will protect us, love us, cherish us, support us, feed all our needs, understand us, give us all those things we've ever been conditioned to value and dream about and then some.

It is really quite extraordinary to muse how all the various gender and also class behaviours and rules and regulations children get submitted to is ALL AND EXCLUSIVELY to that end - parents don't want their girls to be sweet, beautiful, with perfect teeth and every so prettily turned out for THEM or society, but actually, to give the lass a chance to "find the one" who will make it all alright. Same with the boys - all the exhortations to be perfect and clever and rich and strong is basically nothing more to create a nice strutting peacock with the requisite shiny feathers to which the hens will flock, so he can pick the best of the bunch, you know, THE ONE who will make him happy ... and with whom he will "live happily ever after ..."

It is indeed fantastic to muse on how in spite of the fact that it has just NEVER worked like that, not in 12,000 years of recorded human history, to get to have "everything made all right" by the finding of the ONE this has never changed at all, regardless of all the generations upon generations of men and women across the tribes who fell in love, thought that was the ONE, got married, found that they DIDN'T AND COULDN'T make it "all alright" and lived the proverbial lives of quiet desperation then.

"Well," thinks defeated mummy and daddy, "Well it didn't work for me, but I wish for better for my children. At least THEY'LL have a chance at finding their ONE. Let's enrol them in extra ballet-lessons, buy a couple of more cows and add three more tattoos, that way, they'll have a BETTER chance than I did ..."

I reckon that the reason this "the ONE delusion" has persisted so perfectly persistently across the ages and all knowable cultures in some form or the other (and it's always interesting to note how even the cultures with the most rabid mating controls STILL have fairy tales, music, songs and plays ala Romeo & Juliet in them!) is that the quest for one's own true self is such a profound driver, you can't not do that as a human being!

Only, being totally misplaced on the ONE "soulmate" (that term really drives me crazy! Come ON! We're ALL soul mates when we have access to our OWN souls!! There ain't just two of 'em - that is just so ludicrous, words fail me!!) what happens again that all these billions are going in the wrong direction, and in their earnest efforts to "get things right" for themselves and their tribes, groups, families et al, they are spending entire lifetimes grooming and preening, competing and fighting, working and earning, and ALL of it is completely pointless and deeply counter-productive if the end result is to really find "THE ONE" who will make you basically invulnerable, endlessly beloved and entirely immortal.

What I also found immeasurably interesting is the aspect of this whereby we've been trying to "bring things INTO the existing conscious constructs" in order to have them work better.

Dragging in resources or at least, trying to do that, which would structurally serve to - mimic the REAL effects of having access to the HEROS systems!

Thing is, you absolutely cannot drag the energy mind, the lionheart and the immortal soul into a self construct.

It just doesn't work AT ALL - and here we are again with one of those strange truths and drivers to human behaviours which are actually completely correct in all ways, but because they're so very misdirected, are entirely doomed to failure.

The construct must *go to the HEROS* and not the other way around!

Indeed, the efforts and acts to get the construct BACK to these systems and to re-connect it, could be termed a "hero's journey" - LOL! Or perhaps you could call it "the search for the philospher's stone" or "the holy grail" instead, which if found, will make you immortal and lets you transmute lead into gold. And then some!

The self construct is already way, way too full with all sorts of things that don't belong there at all, but should have been passed over to the HEROS systems for processing, for resolution and most especially, for long term storage.

There's a lot to this but I would briefly mention that *memories held in the conscious mind* are what is disturbing the entire energy matrix, causes abreactions and reversals, nightmares, all sorts of problems, because they are really only supposed to be passing through on their way to storage in the energy matrix itself. From there, they are immediately retrievable but have that special quality that one finds with memories which have been treated with energy therapies sometimes - they are of brilliant clarity, incredible depth of information and richness, AND they cause NO pain AT ALL when they are recalled.

Anyway, back to the whole "soul quest" deal, the ONE delusion (when wrongfully directed to another human, or even in the truly strange "bride of christ" versions which abound!) and what we can do here to do our own hero's journeys BACK to self.

Let's briefly go over how NOT to do this.

  • Sitting somewhere in a dusty cave and getting ever more lost in the construct, and then beginning to *hallucinate* angels and such from the sheer stress and desperation is blatantly not very effective. (For evidence procedure, please see Hermits Across The Ages. Bunch of raving lunatics! Poor guys!)

  • Rolling from one holy site to the other either horizontally or vertically.

  • Sitting in front of blank walls for 30 years and/or until your legs drop off.

  • Any version of stumbling through forests, deserts, up mountain sides for any length of time, with or without a company of elves and gnomes in attendance;

  • Hanging yourself up by your nipples for three days and having others beat you with sticks during this time;

  • Taking vast quantities of hallucogenic drugs (which have a tendency to lend inordinate breadth and depth to one's own experiences of further illusions INSIDE the construct);

  • Trying to get rid of the conscious mind and to dissolve it altogether. Often attempted, of course doomed to inevitable struggle and failure as it's the conscious mind that's being used to try and get rid of itself - LOL!

  • Hanging yourself in a small plastic box from a crane without any food for 44 days and 44 nights.

  • Praying for getting this done miraculously to the blue fairy, or other potentially non-existent source which usually doesn't answer back.

Now that we've covered as to how NOT to achieve the homecoming of the construct/consciousness to the rest of the totality, we may consider what we can do instead.

I believe to have the right focus of attention is of the essence.

For example, directing heartfelt pleadings straight up and to the starry skies above tends to direct such messages straight outside one's own energy system - the HEROS watch it go by and shrug and say, "Ah well, that's not for us then ..."

With many things in consciousness and construct-city, it is often just simply to express a will or readiness for something to happen is all that's required - only the construct doesn't know this.

At an ET training, there was this gentleman who had had a heavy pain in his chest for about 12 years, on and off. It caused him much fear, sleeplessness, stress and all sorts and I have no doubt that when he came to the training, we were on the very verge of the breakthrough of this into his physicality.

Anyway, in true ET fashion, he was asked to put his healing hands on the place and to flow it away.

It did so most readily and the gentleman was really astonished as well as somewhat disconcerted. He said, "But if that's so easy, WHY hasn't it resolved before????"

I remember responding with, "Because you've never put your hand there before and asked it to do so."

That's the deal with the consciousness - that's its actual JOB in the greater scheme of things, to turn all these computations that have run through the entire system INTO ACTION. It's the red button that unless it is pressed, sod all else can happen.

Which is why it is counter-productive to try and meditate it away, berate it or undermine it in any way. We need it. It needs to be *in it's rightful place, doing what it was designed to do* and in conjunction with all the rest of the totality, with full support, guidance, help, co-operation and communication of the HEROS.

Personally, I haven't found anything better or faster yet than Thought Flow and Heart Healing to begin this communication process and to start looking in the right direction for "those who will make it all alright" and where "we" (construct selves) will finally be at home, come home in a hero's welcome and get all those things we always knew we needed and deserved. And THOSE things won't be plastic surgery vouchers or diamond rings, of that I'm pretty sure ;->

What one needs to do is then now not to even TRY to "integrate or discover one's female side" or to "enhance one's creativity" or such. All of that is really not in the brief of the construct, and when such things are undertaken *within the construct*, they tend to be only illusions anyway - projected into the walls of the construct to give that feeling something has been achieved, and yet one kinda knows deep down that it was only a game, it wasn't *real*.

Real is when it's a full body experience, physicality responding, vision going much clearer, hearing getting sharper, energy rushing and whole new realms of insights arrive at our fingertips.

So and to conclude, the very act of taking whatever VOWs were made at some point about the mistaken nature of "THE ONE", misleading ideas and ideals, all that stuff about what YOUR construct has to be like to get saved and loved etc. and to either snow-globe the lot once and for all, or to simply re-direct all of that in the light of the new information to start questing for one's own lionheart, energy mind and soul, is a very good start indeed.

The same would hold true to past and present VOWs, help calls and promises etc. to external "power sources" in whatever shape or form; dissolve or redirect them or simply pass them over so a space is created within the construct for guidance to emerge as to how exactly that re-unification process is to continue forward in each particular case.

A general statement of purpose and intent, spoken traditionally aloud and with one's hand on one's own heart, such as, "I now seek to re-join the totality." is also always very useful. If you don't ask, it doesn't get given ...

And just in case you're now thinking, oh no! Silvia's taken the romance right out of my life! Hope of romance! Oh no oh no!! please let me say this.

Two halfling constructs rolling around uncomfortably together have never really been anything other than a huge disappointment for all concerned.

Now, imagine if you will, if you were to put two humans together who are fairly switched on and integrated in their totality. What you get then is what they call "more than the sum of its parts" - and I am pretty congruent that A LOT MORE fun and romance on a level we might not even be able to conceive of as yet, can and will be had :-)

It's a fascinating topic, for sure; and a very exciting one, at that :-)

Silvia Hartmann

September 14th 2003

Posted Sep 15, 2003   
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