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"What boundaries exist, save those we place around ourselves?"

FREE Energy Hypnosis E-Book & FREE Hypnosis MP3s at

FREE Energy Hypnosis E-Book & FREE Hypnosis MP3s at

Is it hypnosis? Is it hypnotherapy? Yes Jim - but not as we know it! Superbly balanced lucid Sanctuary States and post-Ericksonian inductions are the portal to a new class of states, a new realm of experiences - with our extraordinary HypnoDreams! And you can now find ALL evocation scripts, full explanations and usage instructions and a free e-book on HypnoDreams II - Heart Healing at


The Original Concept Of HypnoDreams:

The Journey Is The Destination

A beautiful abalone coloured snail shell - a natural spiral and I just love it!I love hypnosis and I also love hypnotic journeys; what I don’t particularly like however is being told what I should do or think or experience and it is true, I never liked the heavy handed “embedded commands” in most hypnosis nor “constructed” metaphors, so obviously designed to “teach me something”.

So, about three years ago, I began writing a different kind of hypnotic journey, which I called HypnoDreams because they were very dreamlike in quality, and the joy lay in the journey itself, rather than in any sneaky attacks on the unconscious mind to produce perceived benefits one might derive from being told repeatedly to “stop smoking” or “get fit” or to “get rich” or whatever.

The concept of the journey for its own sake set me free to write about other things; and in the first HypnoDreams album, The Wisdom Of The Water, I made complete use of this.

There are things you can do in dreams you cannot do in your ordinary life.

· You can fly amongst the stars and experience a wondrous lightness of being.

· You can sleep for a thousand years and get all the rest and relaxation you would ever need to really restore yourself.

· You can spread yourself like light and touch the fabric of the universe itself.

· You can become a drop of water, you can be a cloud and you can go into places where humans simply cannot go when they are awake – how wonderful is that?!


It is amazing, and simply in the act of experiencing this, and without any further heavy handed ado, there are benefits.

Many benefits, as it turned out in the years that followed.

More fun, more awareness of the beauty of the universe. More creativity. Softer thoughts. More ease of relaxation. New ideas and new experiences, the tantalising hints and the promise of whole new states of being.

The HypnoDreams were very nourishing, very gently healing neurological events – but more than that, they also soothed the body and of course, worked at a most subtle level of energy alignments.

It is very possible that HypnoDreams I itself opened my mind’s eyes enough so I could see the patterns of reality that then became the EmoTrance TM system of energy healing – once we had EmoTrance and understood its lessons, we also began to understand just what the HypnoDreams were and what they could do for you.

Re-Alignment With YOUR Heart & Soul

So, when we came to produce the second album, Heart Healing, there was much more conscious understanding of what was going on here involved. Further, and you can notice this in my voice and in Ananga’s music, we ourselves were far more confident in our abilities and aims and outcomes than we were when the project had been just “something amazing, even though we don’t understand it at all”.

I knew from the start what I wanted to say and do with “Heart Healing” – this is very much a concept album which has a strong purpose and a sequence of events.

It is designed to help those who would listen and who would have a desire towards wholeness in the true sense of the word, to contact their heart and their soul – not mystical words, not in a vaguely religious sense but the true parts of our energy system which really exist and which, when you learn to touch them and to understand them, give you what YOU have always needed and wanted in your life.

See, the fact is that if we don’t have access to these most powerful of all energy processing centers and systems which belong to each one of use simply by right of birth (!!), it really does feel as though you are incomplete somehow, as though there’s something wrong with you or that you are missing out on something important - and moreover, it is PERFECTLY CORRECT TO BE FEELING LIKE THAT! You’re not at all insane or suffer from “low self esteem” – there was really something wrong all along and you were right to think that there was!

When we feel too small, too insignificant, weak and powerless – well yeah!

That’s exactly what it feels like when you try to run your entire life here WITHOUT the full support of the two MAIN power centers of your totality! That is like trying to make a car move forward – but without using either engine or gear box, so all you get is a lot of very hard work with most dubious results, no matter how hard you try or how much you apply yourself.

When we feel lonely and homesick and we don’t know what that is all about – it’s about our very own hearts and souls!

When we get the sense that “we” can’t do it by “ourselves” and that we need help, the fact that we are afraid to be on our own – that’s all exactly right and completely correct!

When life just doesn’t make any sense at all, we don’t understand ourselves or anything any more, that’s because we don’t have access to the higher processing systems of the soul and thus, of course we can only fail to make sense of the vast complexities of life, the universe and everything!

When we look in the mirror and we are dissatisfied with what we see and think, but I should be MORE than that – once again, we are RIGHT!

You ARE more than that if only you knew, you are a being that has an immortal soul which shines like a star but we are not seeing THAT in the mirror but only a flat, imperfect physicality which can NEVER satisfy us as being truly all we are – of course!

When we look up to the stars and wait for an angel come down, or an external God or prophet to help us out of our confusion and misery, and absolutely nothing happens yet again – that’s because you are looking in all the wrong places for all the right things which are, furthermore, rightfully YOURS!

And when we go looking for another person to make it all alright, to end our loneliness, to give us strength and help us out, another to be our soul mate, what we are looking for is our very own soul.


Make NO mistake – the “soul” is a real energy system.


It is really and practically, a part of everyone’s energy body.

It is incredibly powerful, and most probably, entirely immortal.

And YOU have one just as well as all the rest of us!

You don’t have to earn it, you don’t have to beg for it. It can’t be taken away from you. It cannot be hurt nor destroyed, it is YOUR IMMORTALITY, your direct access line to the all the other souls past and present, and no-one ever would want to trade THAT for anything – even if it could be done in the first place, which it cannot.

With that at incredible power and the truly unbelievable resources of your very own soul at your back, you can face absolutely everything life could ever throw at you and including death with strength, power and even with good humour and JOY – this is my supposition, and the purpose of this album is to make the connections in our respective energy systems which connect us to our heart center and our soul come to life, bring them on line, and have the first beginning flows of information, strength and pure soul energy mesh lightly and gently with our existing constructs.

No healing crisis, only rising strength and renewal in all ways – for the body, for the mind, for the energy systems as a TOTALITY as all these components begin to work together once more, a little bit at first, and come in to harmony with each other, as they were always designed to be by the Creator itself who made us just the way we are.

All and every word, sound, track and even silence on this album goes to this alone – to help each listener come forward, and from within and because they WANT TO, make contact again with these power centers that belong to all human beings by rights, and which have been ignored in consciousness for far too long.




When’s the last time someone you really trusted looked you deep in the eye and said, quite conversationally,

“By the way ...

"Did you know, you have an immortal soul?”



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Posted Jul 27, 2003   
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