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How EmoTrance Earned 150GPS In 1 Minute

How EmoTrance Earned 150GPS In 1 Minute

Here is something that happened today, Tuesday January 12, 2010, quite for real and it is both funny as well as a great teaching story about all sorts - including how to use energy therapy and EmoTrance, to be very specific, to make money literally out of thin air. £150 in this case in under a minute, that's between $250 and $300.

Not bad for 60 seconds worth of energy work ...

How EmoTrance Earned £150 In 1 Minute!

Here is a wonderful real life story about the practical uses of EmoTrance in every day life.

And yes, it really did make someone £150 in a single minute.

First, look at the video.

This is an advertisement for a UK price comparison website, and it deals with the inability of the British to haggle properly.

Watch carefully, especially as the presenter describes the symptoms of "the overactive cringe gland":


Sooo ...

The "overactive cringe gland" goes into operation - located in the stomach area! - and then goes on to produce a dry mouth, a spinning sensation in the head, and the person starts to be British - and cringe!

Hmm ... that could happen not just for successful haggling ...?

At any rate.

Here I am, having a coffee, a friend drops round to visit.

As we chat, he gets a text message from an acquaintance on his mobile phone.

The guy is offering to buy an old car for £100 "to take it off your hands".

I look at my friend and - oh yes! It's the cringe gland in action! He grimaces, shakes his head and says, "I guess that's better than nothing, and I would be rid of it ..."

I remember immediately the advertisement above and referenced it; luckily, my friend had seen it too and even more luckily still, he knew a bit of EmoTrance. He put his hand on his stomach, and then laughed.

Then he texted the guy back and said, "£250, it's a good runner."

We waited with baited breath and then the text came back "Fair enough. £250 it is."

We looked at each other and then just started to laugh like crazy.

He had just gotten an extra £150 out of thin air, just for emotrancing the haggle-cringe reflex and asking for way more than he ever thought he would get.

But the other guy clearly didn't have this competitive advantage, and didn't haggle back. and rather paid the extra £150 than to feel the pain of the overactive cringe gland!

So - and the moral of the tale?

There are more than one.

The first is to USE EMOTRANCE in every day situations.

It is just too useful and wonderfully simple to be left to "therapy" and "healing" and all that heavy duty stuff; it's good for that, of course, but EmoTrance's real strength comes IN THE FIELD, in the moment, when the "cringe gland" plays up and you can just turn it off, with a simple thought.

That's the moments when you can make your life different, find delight, open up new opportunities, do stuff you never could before, or earn yourself an extra £150 pounds for nothing at all, well apart from a small spot of energy work!

The second moral of the tale is of course, the existence of the metaphorical "overactive cringe gland" (there is no such thing, at least not in physciality, but in your energy body, there may well be such a place!) and the treatment of cringing - feeling embarrassed, not saying, doing things because of that horrible cringy feeling in your stomach that turns your legs to jelly and your mouth to dust.

The guy on the other end of the phone would rather pay an extra £150 - and to put that in perspective, if he works for £5 an hour, that would be 30 hours of felling trees or standing behind a shop counter to make up for that! - than feel that horrible cringy feeling and haggle back.

You know that feeling.

I know that feeling.

What does it cost you, when that happens and we run away with our metaphorical tails between our legs?

Well, we don't have to.

We have to remember that we do have EmoTrance, and the cringe gland and all its brothers and sisters that once seemed so fearful can't hurt us any more!

And that's the last observation I would like to make.

On this one occasion, my friend earned himself £150 by the application of less than a minute's worth of EmoTrance.

So how much is being able to be good at EmoTrance then actually worth?

Just in monetary terms alone - asking for money, asking for a better deal, asking for a raise, haggling brutally and with delight like the guy in the ad did, taking advantage of opportunities, jumping into action rather than dithering and cringing?

And as that other ad says, "There are some things that money can't buy ..."

How much is it worth to ask someone out rather than cringing and running away? Or telling someone how you feel about them rather than clamming up and twisting with embarrassment and pain? And all the other many times and places where NOT being at the mercy of the "overactive cringe gland" would allow you to take a positive movement forward in your destiny?

Well, it's priceless, of course.

So, ladies and gentlemen, do appreciate EmoTrance. It's more than a gift. It's a key that can unlock futures like the old you couldn't have dreamed of even.

EmoTrance is worth practising, praising and most of all, APPLYING.

And by all means, next time the opportunity to haggle comes your way, use it then and then you'll have a real life, rock solid, monetary way of measuring just how valuable EmoTrance actually is - and will be in a future where you can go on getting better deals, getting your fair share, getting those things that the go getters get whilst the cringing look on in envy.

SFX Jan 2010 - Learn EmoTrance!


Posted Jan 12, 2010   
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