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Letter From Silvia

by Silvia Hartmann

Letter From Silvia

Letter from Silvia written 12th November 2014.

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Letter From Silvia

Dear friends!

It's been a long time, and a lot has happened.

2013 was a difficult year, and 2014 was definitely the year of changes.

So much was re-organised, it really feels like everything is brand new now - exciting!

Where are we at now?

Well, amongst the many things, The GOE is now officially a part of The Guild of Energists. Which means that we are The Energists, not psychology wannabes, and that delights me absolutely and on too many levels to mention.

Back in 2011 I gave the Third Field keynote speech and said that what we do with Positive EFT, Energy EFT, EMO and Project Sanctuary is modern energy work, and not psychology. It's not energy "medicine" either - we are the Third Field, what we do is desperately needed, and it is way too good, too useful, too powerful and too important to try to shoehorn it into some outmoded paradigm or break its spirit by trying to sneak it in through the back door and pretend it's something that it isn't.

Modern energy work is a paradigm shift and a revolution, nothing short of that, and I am proud to be a part of that.

I understand that some feel they need to cling to the old, and I wish them well on their journey. Our path is other than that, bright, new, and absolutely amazing.

AMT Energy Conference 2014

The recent AMT Energy Conference in Eastbourne was a testament to that.


You drop the pretence, go for absolute authenticity and real life experience, and people catalyse. They become excited, they come to life, and then, it's not just OK to be who you are, but perfect. This is evident in a video I took during one of the coffee breaks.

Us energists, we're in this together and we're learning that only joy and happiness are the right way forward to be the best who we can be.

Well, The Guild of Energists is over a thousand members strong, we have trainers in dozens of countries and more are joining with each day that passes.

We have begun to publish our quarterly journal, The Energist, and are now opening membership to non-therapists with our basic, AMT Standard Membership.

Being an energist doesn't mean you have to be a healer, a therapist or a counsellor. Any person who is energy aware, energy enabled, and uses modern energy work to do better in life, work and play is welcome to join us now.

For just £25 a year, you get the magazine in the mail, access to members-only events, discounts on events and trainings and more is in the pipeline.

Sign up now if you're an energist - a person who doesn't "believe in energy", but who actually KNOWS that energy is real, because they have proper, real life experience that has convinced them of this fact.

To find out more about our different membership types and how to sign up for Standard Membership, click here.

On a personal note, I'm delighted with Positive EFT. It is the long missing bridge to the general public, to every day people, kids in schools, workers in call centres and basically, people anywhere who are fed up with the endless emotional stress and want to learn this amazing new way to feel better - fast.

Our "Your Happiness Matters!" campaign is ongoing and also includes now a local presence as well as our internet activities.

There are stressed people in our own communities, they need help, so let's get out there and show them what to do!

Positive EFT was published by VAK in German this month as well, that makes me happy and will also help to spread the word further. Click here to order the book.

Project Sanctuary Master Practitioners in Switzerland

In September, I did the first Project Sanctuary (PS) Master Practitioner course - in Switzerland, in the German language. Thanks to Dr Reto Wyss, there were 50 energists participating and they absolutely loved PS. It is curious that it turned out to be that way, that PS had to be taught in German before I've ever taught it in English, but life has a mind of it's own, or perhaps there's a plan... who is to say?

So now, we have the third course - EFT Master, EMO Master, and PS Master. That leads is to the final, and ultimate, certification for the Guild of Energists - the Master Energist. I did the first three-day training and certified the first five Master Energists of the modern era on October 31st, 2014, in conjunction with the AMT Energy Conference. Click here to see a video of me handing out the certificates on stage!

The Master Energist is not a practitioner or trainer certification, it is what I call a voyager "training" - it's for one person and their path, to assist them on their journey. I'm a voyager myself rather than a teacher, trainer or a practitioner, so this is close to my heart and speaks to me in many ways.

As you probably know, I don't just write courses and trainings and books "about" modern energy work, I live modern energy work and a huge part of this is the magic of energy, art and creativity.

Since Winter Solstice 2013, I've had a public Facebook group, "Guild of Energists - Art & Magic" or Art4Energists for short.

I consider art to be of the utmost importance because it is the primal form of magic, of reality creation, and of interfacing with the energy worlds as a human being.

Art is not a hobby or something you do when you've got nothing better to do. It is the wellspring of creativity that quite literally irrigates all your other endeavours, no matter how mundane or hard they may seem.

I would say the deep difference between my work, my courses, my creations and those of others is that I am an artist first of all.

So for me, 2014 has been a tremendous leap forward in my development as an artist, with four exhibitions, actual art sales, the establishment of the art group which I hope will develop into a true art movement in due course.

I must thank the participants of last year's Positive Energy Day at Sedgwick Park House in January for that - I *know* that it was the power of the group which helped me get over "myself" so I could finally evolve my art experience and get some serious traction on a topic I've been struggling with for the better part of 50 years now!

More than that, my art experience tells me that we can get so far on our own, but we have major missing events and amongst those are missing people and group events - where peers, friends, family, the tribe really gets behind you and empowers you to "get over yourself." To actually experience the truth of that has not just changed the way I do art, but the way I teach and train, and how I lead groups.

The Dragon Lords by Silvia Hartmann - Click here to order from DragonRising The History of The Book in 100 Books - Order from Amazon

Talking of art, do you remember the Naked Writer project and The Dragon Lords? Well, fate or fortitude would have it that my Dragon Lords made it into "The History of the Book in 100 Books" by The British Library this year.

I always suspected I might end up in the history book - that's close, so I'm in the history OF the book instead! It's a step on the way and a lovely surprise.

So - there we have it! A tumultuous, astonishing 2014 and new roads opening everywhere.

It's good to be here at this time.

And if you were at the annual Positive Energy Day last January, and you heard me say that I wanted to make my mark as an artist as the desire, the goal for the year, well - I've done it! I've done it with help from above, but very definitely with the help of many amazing people who are understanding my work and spreading the word.

I can't do this alone, and I could not have done any of this without YOU.

So thank you for being a reader, a course participant, a Facebook friend, a subscriber, a fellow soul on the road to new and better experiences than our ancestors ever dreamed of having.

With this, I wish you the most wonderful season of lights and I hope to see you again soon,

silvia hartmann - the official silvia hartmann site Silvia  x


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Posted Nov 12, 2014 by Silvia Hartmann   
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