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The Marketing (r)evolution - Marketing For Energists!

The Marketing (r)evolution - Marketing For Energists!


Find out what "Marketing For Energists" is all about, how it came to be, and why it is a truly world changing concept and a (r)evolution!

Dear friends!

As those of you who follow my adventures on FaceBook will know, I've spent most of 2013 on the road in Germany, Belgium, Ireland, England and the USA.

The purpose was to get out of the holistic healing, mind body spirit scene and to talk to the other 99% of people out there.

That was, at times, a shock; at other times, it was hugely educational. Very valuable indeed, and I learned one thing above all else.

People are not just ready to hear what us modern energists have to say, they are welcoming of it. They are interested, many are fascinated, and what we say makes perfect sense.

I began to realise then, and more and more as the journey unfolded, that we have been living in an illusion, that we've made a mistake.

There is a minute number of radical individuals who will scream and squawk about science the minute you put energy on the table. They are noisy, they are in control of some major sources of public information, such as Wikipedia, but they are FEW.

Not only are they few and fewer than we thought, they are nowhere near as influential as they believed themselves to be - and to be fair, as we believed them to be, as we bought into that illusion.

Especially as far as stress and human emotions goes, but in many other fields as well, ordinary people have long lost confidence in "the scientists" and are more than happy to try something else now.

To me, the whole thing was like taking a run up to kick in a door, only to find it was wide open already, every time.

It was astonishing.

And I learned that if we want to mainstream such things as EFT and EMO, make the Stress Chart better known, but also bring other topics to the table, be they magic, or art, or story, or even soul, we need to take a different tack in talking to people.

*We are imagining and manifesting boundaries, shields and blocks where none exist.*

When I got that, I immediately thought of Krishnamurti's cages of entrainment - illusionary cages that only exist in our mind, but not in the real world at all.

Because they're not there, you can't break out of them; the only way to freedom is to realise they don't exist at all.

People WANT what we have to give, and we are desperate to give it.

When I understood this, I revised not only what I am saying to people now, but what I advise others to be saying.

Positive EFT is the child of those journeys.

To understand that very few people, and most of them would turn out to be Wikipedia editors! would refuse the chance of SOMETHING GOOD coming into their lives.


People do not want to dwell on bad things.

It makes them feel bad, it stresses them, it makes them unhappy.

So instead of making people tell you about their traumas, we started asking people about their triumphs to inspire them instead.

Duh! once more.

I could go on for hours how teaching people how memories work becomes so much easier when you deal with clear, powerful, positive memories instead of the cadavers of therapy-mangled trauma memories!

Or how knowing how real memories work, it becomes so much easier to then deal with the distorted trauma memories too ...

But that's just the tip of the iceberg.

In May, we'll be attending the massive London Mind, Body, Spirit exhibition for the fifth time.

The first time we went, armed with only Classic EFT at that time, it was the devil's own job to try and stop people and get them to talk about their problems and tap on them.

It was difficult, it was dreary, it took ages to be doing therapy with people in a noisy public setting and the results were iffy at best.

The last exhibition we attended, we had Positive EFT. We had the chart with the positives, held it out and asked people to pick something they wanted more of in their lives. We tapped with one person, and sometimes a whole crowd would assemble and everyone tapped together on COURAGE or INSPIRATION - one round and OH WOW!

Happiness, delight, people falling in love with EFT on the spot ... many, many people ...

So easy. So simple. So RIGHT.

At last.

Now, we have lots of people who have been doing EFT for years but always felt too scared to present it to their church groups, at their schools, where they worked taking the plunge and doing a Positive EFT introduction.

Hallelujah ...

We have "Big Ted," the kid's book that came about when Alex Kent used Positive EFT to cure his 2 year old daughter of her fear of the chickens. That book has been translated into four languages and is being distributed to disaster orphans and traumatised kids - and everyone sees the sense in it.

Well, everyone apart from the Wiki nerds.

Who keep wailing, "Where is the scientific evidence for EFT? Whaaa ..."


Next time someone throws you that rusty old spanner, tell them this.

Only a few days ago, some scientist figured out that siphoning works by gravity. He wrote a paper on it. But it hasn't been properly peer reviewed yet and so it's not "science" - yet.

Please tell everyone to stop siphoning. It doesn't matter that it works, has worked for a hundred thousand years, or that billions upon billions of people have successfully transferred liquids from one container to the other by means of sucking on a tube.

The scientific evidence isn't here yet, so we best don't do it until that has finally arrived ...?

It is unbelievably preposterous!

Real, normal people will agree with this:

Do what works.

That makes sense.

And Positive EFT works. Over, and over, and over again, and it isn't going to get any better - or worse - entirely regardless of "scientific studies."

Yes, so!

I'm excited.

I have a new project.

I have thought about this long and hard and I've come to the conclusion that what we energists need next is a whole new game of marketing.

Marketing is that handshake between the supplier and the customer, it's the bridge over which information and energy exchanges travel.

As so many things, "the field of marketing" basically ... hm, how should I say this?

OK, I'll say it like this.

Marketing SUCKS.

It is based on convoluted, outmoded base structures and ideas and doesn't understand energy, emotion, and how all of that works.

Just like old fashioned psychology, marketing has made a religion out of the fact that they don't know, and have created endless over-complicated structures and dramas around themselves to obfuscate and confuse people into thinking that there's some secret knowledge that will give you "the answers you seek."

Just as you can NOT find the real answers to how human behaviour works in a psychology university course, you can NOT find the real answers how marketing works in any marketing course on the planet.

There is only one recourse to this.

I will have to create something from the ground up.

Let's start again. This time, with all six senses fully engaged, and with REALITY as our guide.

The marketing people in particular have been very good at making it seem that we know nothing, but that if we buy enough stuff we'll learn the "deep secrets."


For all the billions they are taking off their global clientele, they have no idea and are flying blind.

I aim to change that.

I don't even think it's going to be particularly difficult - in the contrary.

Once you start with the idea that people are more than flesh alone, that they are primarily seeking ENERGY above all else, and that any decent relationship is non-hierarchical in nature, we're already in brand new territory.

Totally unexplored and wide open, filled with gold and diamonds to the brim, and you don't even have to mine for them, they're still lying right on the surface!

I am going to do for marketing what I've done for psychology - sort it out, make it easy, make it reliable, take the fear out of it and turn it into something natural that is EVOLUTIONARY for the parties that partake.

I call this "Marketing For Energists" or M4E for short, and it's going to be a blast.

You can take part in the original creation program, a distance learning course that lasts for two months and starts on June 1st.

It's going to be enormously exciting, life changing absolutely for those who want to engage in that.

I'm looking for people who understand how that whole marketing thing *is* what will take modern energy work out of the backwaters of the old healing circles and into the bright lights of real people's lives, everywhere in the world.

I'm looking for people who get it that we CAN NOT under any circumstances use the same methods to tell people about energy that you would use to sell an old plastic bucket, or a new barbeque sauce.

I'm looking for people who have struggled and struggled with marketing, found it to be painful and miserable and thought it was their fault - but who are willing to pick up and stand with me as I say, "That rubbish has GOT TO END! It felt bad BECAUSE IT WAS BAD! That you couldn't make it work wasn't your fault - you were RIGHT to feel bad about it and thank God you never engaged in it!!!!"

We're going to make this marketing thing RIGHT.

We're going to figure it out, and in the process, will break that old spell and get finally to communicate with the people who are out there and waiting, waiting for someone to talk sense to them!

And then, there's so much more.

There is true creativity in "marketing, sales, advertising, media relationships" - things that have never been done before will arise naturally and as a side effect of finally doing it right.

I am so excited about this, I really feel like coming out of some kind of miserable prison and hard labour. Marketing has been the bane of my life for decades, and I'm going to put an end to it.

If you can't afford to take part in the seminal project, don't worry. Keep doing positive energy work and eventually, we will of course release the major findings in a book or some cheaper kind of program.

Here, I'm now inviting the pioneers, the world changers, and those who get it that what we think of as "marketing and advertising" in its widest metaphorical sense really holds the key to the next step in the unfoldments.

This is it. I can't wait to get started!

The program starts June 1st, ends on World Energy Awareness Day August 8th. It costs £888 all in and it's not just going to rock your world, and mine, but it's going to rock THE world by the time we're finished!

Oh I love a real revolution!

LOL ...

Sign up here if you're ready to play a whole new game at a whole new level:


I love it when new things arise as if by magic and they're right on time, right on the money and just the right thing to do.

Looking forward to working with some of you on the new course, and for everyone else, keep your eyes on your dreams, keep your energy levels up and my personal best blessings to you all!

With love,

Silvia :-)


 Silvia Hartmann


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