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SFI April 2009

SFI April 2009

Breakthrough! Events Psychology! | The Members Club Teleclass | The Genius Symbols | Congratulations To The First Three Genius Symbol Readers! | Alan Bridges Shows Genius Symbols To 3 Different People | Welcome to the new NLP | Ed Grimshaw's New Book On Recruitment | Packing For The Conference

Hello everyone!

It's been a truly exciting time, with a major breakthrough in my work.

I don't say that lightly, and there's no easy way of saying it - I've discovered a new form of psychology that makes a lot of sense and brings together all the rest of my life's work, from The Harmony Program to Project Sanctuary to EmoTrance to Energy Hypnosis.

***** Events Psychology *****

I've called it Events Psychology and presented the basic principles for the first time on Wednesday, April 15th, 2009 during a special teleclass for the member's club.

A psychologist on the call said that I'd managed to "cut the Freudian knot" which I thought was quite delightful and a cool thing to have done.

Events Psychology is a very clear and powerful model of the forces that shape a person's life (and afterlife); it is one of those things that is immediately accessible to just about everyone because it actually tallies with their life's experiences and explains them in simple, scientific and measurable terms; and also gives us some interesting insights and answers to questions such as, "Why am I here?" - "What am I supposed to do with this life?" and importantly, "What should I do next?"

For me, Events Psychology is a huge sigh of relief because now I finally know how all these isolated techniques and strategies hang together, how they work, and most importantly, WHY they work.

Events Psychology might also prove very useful for the Energy Psychology community as a framework that fits with that modality PERFECTLY; as the theoretical groundwork for further developments in that field; but also to give people who work in that field a support structure both in theory and practice that has been missing so far.

So yes, exciting times, lots to do, and I would like to thank the good people from the member's club who are actively co-operating in this research for giving me a platform for the first "real life tests" of the theory and the "trail of techniques" that is to follow!

Life doesn't stand still just because I've had a 30-year-in-the-making-breakthrough on the nature of the human neurology - LOL! - and so here are other news.


The first three people EVER to have passed the Genius Symbol course are:

Carna Zacharias-Miller
Kris Ramasra
and Alan Bridges

I was VERY curious when writing this course how far I could take this, and how far the students would come in the end.

I designed this particular course with great care and built in some very interesting features along the way; leading to a special form of catalysation at the end, in the 6th Unit.

As Alan Bridges said, "You get out of that course what you put in!" and that's completely correct, it's designed that way.

The three first ever "Genius Symbol Readers" did an amazing amount of work for this course and from what they've told me, they have really reaped the rewards.

They are very different people, from different backgrounds, experiencing VERY different challenges in this course but I am EXTREMELY proud of them all and would like to publicly say, "Well DONE!"

What pleases me most about this is that they now have a real tool for so many uses, and know how to use it right; this opens the door for a lifetime's worth of healing, evolution, discovery and exploration for themselves and those they support professionally and personally.

Here is a story from one of them, about sharing the symbols with a child I found particularly wonderful - and heartening:


A friend's niece came to visit us here on the farm.

She is 11 years old and is very, very creative. She says she either wants
to be a dancer or a writer when she grows up. She knows that I do readings
and she came into my study and asked about my work.

I decided to show her my symbols.

Before I could even begin to tell her how to use them, she was already selecting her favourites and telling me about them. It was so charming. After she went through her telling me about them, we walked through the meanings. She could immediately see the symbols and understand what they stood for.

And I didn't have to tell her about telling the stories because as she picked them up, the story seemed to just flow from her. Eventually we got her into a structure and we told stories about what school was going to be like, where she was going to live, etc.

We didn't call them readings. We referred to them as just playing games.
The stories she came out with were highly symbolic, deceptively simple and
always very pertinent. During her stay, we went down to the beach to
gather some pebbles on the shore and made her own deck.

Since returning home, I have heard through the grapevine that she's already coming up with the plotlines for future novels.

Not bad for an 11 year old!


I LOVE this story - I just can't imagine what my life would have been like if I'd had an adult when I was 11 who had taken me to the beach to collect stones for a symbol set!

Blessings to her and to everyone who plays the games!

***** Say hello to! *****

I've had the domain name for years and years and never got around to doing anything with it.

In the course of restructuring the sites, I came across it and decided to take the opportunity and put some of my special NLP things together.

This is NOT a site for beginners in NLP, and obviously is very much about my take on NLP and how I use it; but it's a nice opportunity to do something with language, state and energy that is vibrant, alive, and EXCITING as I absolutely believe NLP should ALWAYS be.

I can only say that I've been helped TREMENDOUSLY in my research by some of the models and methodologies of NLP, especially the General Semantics heritage aspects which have been priceless to learn and understand, but also the NLP hypnosis models. Most of all, however, and this has jived with me right from the moment I started to learn about NLP, is the core idea to REALLY, REALLY PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT THERE REALLY IS - and learn something from it!

That's how I've always worked myself as well and in my humble opinion, that's THE ONLY WAY to ever make progress with anything at all, be it problem solving for systems or people, or to find new things to play with and how to have a good time!

I've never personally taught NLP (only by immersion!) because I was way too busy USING NLP for my own research purposes; so if you are amongst those who have thought about taking an NLP training, I would certaintly encourage you to do that, and sooner rather than later. It's fascinating and INCREDIBLY useful as a life tool.

***** Packing For The Conference ... *****

Right so ... the EmoTrance Conference starts next week on Friday with the Fast Track Practitioner Training. Due to circumstances we have a change of presenters and the FABULOUS Sandra Hillawi will be teaching this instead now.

Opportunity, ladies and gentlemen!

To get YOUR top class EmoTrance prac training with lots of really experienced people in ONE day, taught by THE most experienced ET Master Trainer in the World, at THAT price, well ...

The Europa is close to Gatwick Airport, with its own transfer bus service, so hop on a plane, and have yourself an AMAZING time, AND walk away with skills that will simply blow you away.

Say no more!

I'm packing my crystals for the crystal workshop, my symbols for the symbol workshop, and my "I can't wait to see what I'm going to come up with!" hat for the Master Class with Nicola Quinn.

And the glow in the dark party wig - obviously :-)

Having worked on the Conference Manual, I can tell you that you're in for a treat with the workshops of offer here. Brilliant stuff, from embracing your inner hypnotist with Ed Grimshaw (whose excellent book on recruitment, The Perfect Fit, has just been published - check it out!), to a special Credit Crunch workshop with Sandra Hillawi that doesn't just contain energy work, but also PRACTICAL tips and events outlines from ET's most experienced trainer, sample brochures and much more.

I haven't got room to go through it all but what I love about the EmoTrance conference is that you get PRACTICAL stuff, things you can take away and use, and that everything is EXCITING, sparkling and new.

I've sat through too many dour and dusty conferences with speakers droning on in my time so I make sure that pleasure, excitement and having fun always comes FIRST.

How else is anyone EVER going to learn ANYTHING of use, I ask you?

I absolutely believe - no, I KNOW FOR A FACT! that people learn SO MUCH MORE when they're engaged, excited, really having fun, and so you have the best of both worlds - more information, more fun, AND people remember what they've learned.

And on this happy note, be well, be nice to yourself, and stay on the lookout for people, things and events that will bring you pleasure.

See you on the other side of the conference,

Silvia :-)

Silvia Hartmann

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