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SFI - Energy In Motion

SFI - Energy In Motion

Friends, Romans and fellow Energists :-)

Spring greetings from beautiful Eastbourne on the South Coast in England - today I am excited and VERY happy!

It's been 12 years since I first presented EmoTrance at the Commonwealth in Kensington. Back then, it was new and relatively unproven; a powerful theory about modern energy work that does not rely on old scrolls, but on personal experience and experimentation.

A method that asks for intelligence, logic AND love and intuition, to be combined and become more than the sum of its parts.

An engine which has the power to drive ANY REAL energy method and take it to the next level.

That was a lot to promise but EMO is that and so much more.

12 years on, and EMO has transformed the way we think about energy "work."

It has given us the modern aspect model, a radically different way of interacting with "clients" (aka other sentient human beings!), Events Psychology and the SUE scale.

EMO has revolutionised the way we think about energetic relationships, finally explained what emotions are, what the 6th Sense truly is, and created the concept of THE ENERGIST - a person who doesn't just work with five senses, but with all six on line, and who can finally make those connections that allow us to make sense of why we do the things we do.

Energy EFT is a direct result of putting the power of the EMO engine behind the system of EFT, and Positive EFT especially is not just a run away best seller, but is opening the door to introducing many more people to EFT and thereby, starting them on their own way to discover the truth about emotions and energy.

Very exciting!

So now, time had come to take all we've learned in the last 12 years and create the matching EMO Master Practitioner training, the logical follow on from the EFT Master Practitioner Training.

And I am delighted to be presenting the brand new training program, the first in the world for being an all round, truly modern energist, at the beginning of April to be this year's EMO conference.

EMO stands for Energy In Motion.

Flowing energy gracefully, powerfully, without stopping to tap and stepping back into a more natural way to interact in gesture, touch and the words we use.

Being an energist is not all about being a healer.

Of course, we act as energy healers, that's a big part of it and especially at this time and when there are still so many energy bodies crying out for healing.

But in the very practice of EMO we have learned that just looking for pain and suffering isn't the only way, not by a long shot.

Modern energy work is all about personal development, personal empowerment. Personal evolution - creating forward movement in mind, body and spirit by activating the sleeping giant within.

We all have energy systems and boy can you feel the difference when you set to lighting those up in a highly personalised fashion!

I'm getting all excited again here but then, energy work *is* exciting.

That's exactly what it is. It is inspiring, rejuvanating, uplifting and just the best hobby a human being could possibly have!

The fact is that when you have that X-Factor "secret knowledge" about the energy worlds, and you add that to what is already known, there isn't a thing that can't be improved, that can't be evolved.

Doesn't matter if it is healing, or praying; playing golf or gardening; communicating with animals, angels or your boss to get a raise; bricklaying, soothsaying, yoga, ballroom dancing, marketing, writing, loving, LIVING all gets that extra sparkle of fairy dust when you bring energy into it.

Being an energist is simply the gift that keeps on giving, and gets better and better with age.

If you are an energist, you know exactly what I am talking about; if you are not yet, keep at it! When you "get it," you will simply be amazed - and stay amazed!

I'm still amazed and it's been 25 years now since I first saw the light in a big way :-)


The new EMO Master Prac has been written.

It will be held for the first time in the whole wide world and all times spent from April 4 - 6 at our dear Europa, probably for the last time there.

I am truly delighted that the very top people are going to be there, and we will all work together as modern energists.

An assembly of modern energist's royalty - Sandra Hillawi, Detlev Tesch, Barbara Saph, Dr Terry Lynch, Sam Thorpe are amongst the delegates. It's an extraordinary opportunity to get to work with the most experienced and exciting energists in the exercises. To hire these guys for a session will cost you £100 and more, and we have three days of exercises and amazing experiences awaiting!

A word of warning though - this is not a course for people "who don't believe in energy."

I suggest for those to start with EFT and spend a few years finding out for themselves how it all works, and that it's real.

For those amongst you who have done a lot of EFT and you're ready to dive into the oceans of energy to swim freely, I heartily recommend to take that leap of faith to EMO and the real power of energy "in the field" - the magic of the moment, the direct, intuitive response that comes from within, comes from the heart, and can't be learned in any other way than to play with other people.

This is an amazing event, and a huge opportunity on so many different levels but most of all, an opportunity for personal evolution.

I'm immensely proud of EMO, it's a beautiful system that will in time totally revolutionise how energy work is done.

The time has come!

The energists are coming!

About time too - LOL!

Wherever you are in the world, and whatever you're doing, be bright, be of good cheer and always remember there's a whole world of amazing experiences if only we can take a deep breath now and then, open our eyes, open our hearts and become excited about life afresh and in a whole new way.

With lots of love and my very best blessings,

Silvia :-)

ps: To find out more and register for tickets see:

pps: I've packed *all* of the following new material into this course...

1 Meet The Energist
The Sixth Sense
The Emotion Spectrum
The Energy Body Health Chart
***** Exercise: Find Something To Love
The Amazing Energy System
Touching The Energy Body
***** Exercise: The Energist's Touch
The Couple Bubble
The Attention To Love Principle
***** Exercise: Becoming Fascinated With An Other
**** Exercise: Sensing For The Creative Template
Heart, Love & Energy
***** Heart Power Exercise
Raising Energy

2 Modern Energy Healing
ENERGY Healing 29
The Laws Of Energy 30
The Even Flow
The Energized End State
The EMO Base Pattern
Engaging With Your Partner - The EMO Dance
***** Exercise: The Basic EMO Pattern 1
***** Exercise: The Basic EMO Pattern 2
***** Exercise: The Basic EMO Pattern 3
Oceans of Energy

3 Powerful Energy Healing
The Energist As A Healer
Working With Ereas
***** Emotional Problem Exercise
***** Physical Problem Exercise
***** Energy Nutrition Exercise
You Are The Gift

4 Healing Energies
The Harmony Program
Trusting The Sixth Sense
***** Colour Energy Exercise
***** Crystal Energy Exercise
Unconditional Energy Healing
***** Exercise: Colour Energy - Feeling The Love
The Shield Protocol
The Pursuit Of Happiness
***** Exercise: Fair Trails

5 The Events Matrix
Events & The Energy Body
More Than Trauma
Complete Events
***** Find Something To Love
***** Exercise: A New Journey
Events & Echoes
The Magic Of The Moment
***** Exercise: Completing a Guiding Star
Moving Energy FAST
***** Exercise: Completing A Trauma
Energy Work With Events
Events & The Sixth Sense

6 How To Love Yourself & Others
Events & Aspects
The Aspects Model
Energetic Relationships
***** Exercise: Re-Connecting With An Aspect
***** Exercise: Connecting To Someone Else's Aspect
***** Exercise: Praising An Aspect
***** Exercise: Empowering A Future Aspect
Love & Freedom
Unconditional Love

7 Energy Objects & Artefacts
Living In The Energy World
Artefacts & Energy Objects
***** Exercise: Energy & Artefact
Home Harmony
***** Exercise: House & Room
***** Exercise: Stuck Artefacts
***** Exercise: Lost Artefacts
***** Exercise: Make A Little Love Generator

8 Energy Relationships
Meet The Entities
Energetic Relationships
Conceptual Relationships
***** Exercise: The Rainbow Connection
Power & Love
***** Exercise: Increasing Your Personal Power - Permanently
The Covenant

9 Energy And The Body
Energy & The Body
Energy Dancing
***** Exercise: Energy Dancing
The X Factor
Body “Image”
BeauTy T
***** Exercise: BeauTy T On The Hand
Flowing Words
***** Exercise: BeauTy T

10 Art Solutions
Art & Energy
Art & Intention
Symbols & Movement
***** Symbols Exercise
The Click
***** Exercise: Colour Energy Click
***** Exercise: Family System Click
***** Exercise: Wild Cards
Practising Your Sixth Sense
Reading & Writing Energy

11 The HEROS
Meet The HEROS!
Heart Healing
***** Exercise: Heart Of Gold
Thought Flow
***** Exercise: Thought Flow For Goals
The Gift
***** Exercise: The Gift For New Frontiers
Positive Energy Evocations
Magic Words For Prayer, Healing & Transformation
***** Exercise: Magic Words
The Blessing

12 Love And Light
Elegant, Easy ... and FUN!
Love is LIGHT
Everything Works Better With EMO ...
***** Exercise: Whatever, Re-Visited ...
***** Exercise: Whatever, Re-Engineered ...
Super Goals 82
***** Exercise: Super Goals
Group Energy Power
***** Exercise: Evolving PowerFields
The Sikoria Method
Master Practitioner Of EMO: The Modern Energist


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