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"It is essential that the achievements of the past do not become the goal posts of the future. "

SFI January 2002

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StarFields Intelligence Issue 2 - The StarFields E-Zine    
MET, NLP, Metaphor, Magic     January 2002
New MET Article

Rhythm, Pulse & Percussion

In Meridian Energy Therapies

EFT Tapping In A New Way

Get Into The Beat ...

How are you tapping?

Try these new variations with lots of ideas and suggestions for users of EFT and other METs.

Beyond Rage Lies Autism
For anyone interested in ASBD, practical psychology and innovation, we highly recommend you take a look at "The Harmony Program" which has been re-released after an absence of ten years.

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Well Worth A Visit

La Metamorfosi Del Ricordo (The Metamorphosis of Memory)
Cusimano - "Metaphysical Surrealist" - Creativity, the unconscious mind and personal expression of internal metaphors.    Great paintings but more interestingly, a glossary of what the main symbols are meant to represent. http:/

"The Metamorphosis Of Memory"

Brainwave Harmonics VERY Deep Relaxation! Learn Astral Travel, Increase Your Telepathy & More.

Dr Day's 500 Years Of Health Secrets Natural Health & Healing Advice that has stood the test of time.

The Mystic Merchant for all your personal and gift needs in outstanding quality professional use crystal.

Sidereus World Wide

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Ice River - An Update

Go further still - Ice River with Music

Thanks to Ananga Sivyer, we now have a new version of the Ice River Journey that has been downloaded by over 1500 people so far in text or mp3.

Created at a syncopated 60 beats a minute, it was always designed for a sound enhanced background - you can get your copy here:

Ice River With Music MP3 - 9 mb

Ice River Adobe PDF - 42kb (plain text)


So, here we are in 2002.

New endeavours, new horizons, the brand new solar year is now under way. This is going to be an exciting year, a good year, I can feel it in the air. Whatever you're doing, stop for a moment and give a thought as to how good it is to be right here, right now, with all the resources we have at our fingertips today.

Speak up, speak out, make your reality start to dance!
Till next time, all the best from

Silvia Hartmann

& The Team at StarFields Intellingence

Posted Feb 9, 2002   
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