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SFI January 2010

SFI January 2010

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SFI January 2010 - The First SFI 4 The New Decade

From Silvia Hartmann:

Hello, friends, Romans, collegues and countryfolk!

First, the health update.

The operation was very successful - taking place as it did on December 31st, what a date! - and I'm all good again now.

I'm sure a lot of the tremendous smoothness and overall excellence of the whole process had everything to do with all the good wishes I've had from you, energies and gifts sent - wonderful people you are, and I am most grateful for your support through what was admittedly a very scary time indeed.

I'm back at work now, but I'm still supposed to take it easy.


Morning Shadow by StarFields December 2009

Right ...

I know that the tremendous workload I've piled upon myself during 2009 and all the stress that this entailed probably brought on the physical breakdown; and I know that I can't work the way I did before this happened.

I'm an old soldier now and must pick my battles with more care than I could in my youth!

But with age comes wisdom (or so I'm told) and so I've sat down and considered what changes I want to make to start the new decade in a joyful and grateful manner.

The first thing I decided to do was to drop most things but to continue and focus on the premium members group, formally known mysteriously as the Pertineri Club.

So now we have the officially re-launched:



***** STARFIELDS VIPs ******

Firstly, we have managed to figure out a system by which the DragonRising member's discounts apply to the monthly subscription fee.

So if you are a platinum member, you'll be paying so little, it might as well be nothing at all!

But everyone else too from bronze to gold as well gets their level discounts as well, that makes more sense because the platinums are the ones that know the most about what I do, and are therefore absolutely the most valuable members to have on board for what is ...


The second change we made was to add a whole swathe of business and internet related forums and activities, including the idea to let the VIPs have the first round of SpaceNode sites for real life user testing.

There is a huge amount of potential in networking, in person and on the web, and this group is obviously the place to be if one might want to take advantage of that.

The third change we made is to have an application form for potential members that needs to be approved. We want only the best - of course.

So if you feel that you might like to be involved in the world's hottest mastermind group to give you some real upcurrents beneath your wings for your plans for the new decade, go along to

... and see if you like the idea of becoming a VIP.


I'm looking forward to what the new decade is going to bring.

To have such a "waterfall" on your time line as this illness/operation experience was out of the blue is a brilliant opportunity to reflect, and to consider what's most important to do with the time we have left.

I want to continue my mission to explore the strange ways of being human, to help folk not be so unhappy and miserable and afraid anymore, bring some light, some lightness, make some things that really work and stand the test of time, improve my world and help others improve theirs, as best I can.

There are many ways in which this can be done.

One is/was to create exciting new techniques and therapies for healing, and for beyond healing into exploration and innovation.

But there are so many others.

I heard just today that a woman's group somewhere in the US wants to use a poem of mine on their T-shirts. That's wonderful, I feel really honoured and the poem will hopefully help lift their spirits in the days to come.

A lady in Argentinia requested a design of mine to be used on a brochure for her healing clinic. I hope it helps her draw people towards her clinic, and helps with her healing mission in some small way.

An adult literacy group in the UK requested a fairy tale I wrote for inclusion in their handouts and for use in class - wow! I love it!

And a religious group from Sri Lanka asked permission to use my heart healing prayer in their services.

These are just some of the things I get every day, from all around the world, and these may be small things, isolated events, but it makes me proud and happy to be able to make such things that help others in all these different ways in THEIR endeavours.

  • In the end, it's about ENERGY. The SPIRIT of the thing. I have a hopeful, positive, forward looking spirit, one that loves the world, the universe, and is endlessly awed and amazed by all its many manifestations and can't wait to explore it further, interact with it more profoundly, and love it more deeply, and more deeply still.

I reckon that if I let myself be guided by what I love doing the most, I can't go wrong, and I'll do the best I can, when all is said and done!

So in this spirit, there IS a new decade, and a new chance as there is every day really, for renewal, for affirming what's important TO YOU, and how you go about making your contribution that is unique to the world, doing things that YOU love, finding ways to love what you do, and always looking at everything with new eyes, with excitement and with an expectation of, "Wow! What else can there be? What else am I going to find out, experience, LIVE? What is round the next corner?"

If we take that point of view, then we can't ever be truly old, can we.


Wishing you the very best start to the new decade, and lots of love and sparkly blessings


Silvia Hartmann
January 2010

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