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SFI July 2010

SFI July 2010

This month, we have been seriously looking at money, inspiration and stress relief.

These are tough times for many around the world in one way or another, and all the things we do and have learned about keeping a cool head in a crisis, making better decisions, and having the inspiration to take action are coming into their own.

Hello everyone!

This month, we have been seriously looking at money, inspiration and stress relief. These are tough times for many around the world in one way or another, and all the things we do and have learned about keeping a cool head in a crisis, making better decisions, and having the inspiration to take action are coming into their own.

Personal development is not a fair weather sport; it's when the going gets tough that the efforts we have all made to be "better people" come into play for real, and that's where we begin to notice the many advantages we have over those who don't know the first thing about their own psychology, about how to motivate yourself, how to release stress, control your emotions, and generally, take charge of your incarnation.

Now, of course none of us are perfect (yet!) and we all have moments of magic failure; that comes with the territory of being human, and nothing to be ashamed of. The deal is, how quickly can you put yourself back together again, re-activate your goals, gather your resources and continue on your path?

There are folk who sink into magic failure aka depression and stay there for weeks, months; that's something none of us can afford to do, and luckily, we don't have to suffer this.

We can help ourselves. That's why it's called "Self Help" and if I think back of what my parents were like when I was a kid, I can only say that we are incredibly lucky to have these techniques, methods and approaches that very smart people have figured out for us to use, today.

So, and to do our bit to support all of you out there who are striving for personal development, we at the StarFields Network sat down and thought what we can do and came up with three things.


The FREE Mind Over Money Course Is Back!

Mind over money free course onlineThe first was to bring back the 60 Second Wealth Creators by email.

When we last or first had them, people loved them; but back then, the economies were good, money was plentiful and easy to get, and enthusiasm and optimism was high.

Now, the "mind over money" exercises actually really come into their own; and even though it was tremendous work on our part to get that back up and running, we did it gladly because we know it will help our people, bring some light, inspiration and most of all, a reminder of what we're doing and what each one of us is all about into the day.

  • Excellent exercises, and if you put a bit of "oomph" behind each one, give it some proper attention, use some EFT, EmoTrance and/or Project Sanctuary to get the most of the exercises, this is really going to help you move through these difficult times and out into a very bright future indeed.

Sign up here & tell your friends:


The Gift

The Gift by Silvia HartmannNow of all the things I've ever invented, The Gift ranks high amongst my favourites.

There is so much in that simple little pattern, it is extraordinary.

When you have no health, no money, no prospects, no friends you still have the POWER TO GIVE THE GIFT.

And when you do, magical things happen - that's simply one of the laws of the Universe, that those who have power will gain more power, and those who give, can't help but receive.

You can think of giving as giving a fruit tree a good kick - and the apples rain down on you.

No kick, no apples, if you know what I mean.

People who are desperate forget this and sit under the tree and wail, rather than getting up and giving it a good kicking to shake the ripe apples loose.

It's a feature of magic failure that we should find ourselves powerless - even though we are not, and that's the annoying thing about it.

But back to The Gift.

The act of giving The Gift turns you from a sucker into a broadcaster; it brings your power back on line, re-reverses a global reversal that causes powerlessness.

It also helps those who you send the The Gift to; and apart from all of that, The Gift and giving The Gift is magical through and through, and a fabulous exercise in metaphor, energy, power, magic and love while we're at it.

I have put a brand new The Gift spinner here:

... where you can go at any time, get yourself a The Gift from *me* and draw it into your energy system, tune into it while you do some EFT tapping, or take it into your own Sanctuary to play with it for real.

Bookmark the page and when you feel magic failure coming on, get a The Gift, and then find someone YOU can send a The Gift to as well to get the flow of energy going of good things into, through and out your person and your life.

There is also an interesting article about The Gift as a "The Test" which I recommend:


Stress Hypnosis: Stress Relief Higher with Silvia HartmannA Higher Form Of Stress Relief

The third project of the month started harmlessly enough - lots and lots of people enquiring about a hypnosis stress relief program created by yours truly.

Now I remember, like I'm sure many of you do, those painful hypnotic guided meditations from the elder days of the New Age {g} where the hypnotist would bore you to death with "slow waves of relaxation now entering the first nail of your little toe ... of your left foot ... and moving into the second knuckle of your little toe ... and the wave now moves into the nail of the fourth toe on your left foot ..."


Man that used to annoy me and if I was stressed already ...

I can tell you no good came of it.

Which is why, by the way, all the HypnoDreams and HypnoSolutions go straight into it, there and then, my style of hypnosis is based in parts on my own traumatic experiences and what I learned not to do ...

At any rate, some time ago in the VIP club I released a personal composition I made which is called HIGHER and designed to make the consciousness take flight, expand, rise to where it is high and the air is clear and we can think clearly and freely, expansively, see the bigger picture.

And thus, faced with the challenge of making a good stress hypnosis induction I took that lesson and made my very first HIGHER induction - instead of talking the stressed person "down" I talk them "up" into clarity and beyond.

Phew ... that's a relief ...

The new stress hypnosis program simply entitled "Stress Relief" has a three step energetic stress buster in it with some excellent energy work on the stress in the body, and then and while we are going higher, we go a bit higher still and really expand the consciousness to be high, and light - wonderful.

No going to sleep on this one, this is a 15 minute session for stress relief where you come out of it clear and ready for action if you want.

You don't have to rush back to work however; if you wanted to, you could then go ahead and do some energy work of your own, or a meditation of your own and make use of the "Higher" state in that way.

Apart from being a work of art, Stress Relief is super-practical and I recommend it to be used often, and regularly because you get to learn how to go UP into trance (just as you learned how to go DOWN with the older style inductions) - and that has many practical uses and possibilities, including learning to do stress relief in the field and on the spot by practicing with this induction.

You can find the details page for my "higher" Stress Relief program here:

And some more details on Higher from the hypnosis standpoint here:


The Rich & Healthy Witch Is Coming ...

Every so often in my work I have a project with a mind of its own and a life of its own.

A project that I think is something, and as it progresses, more and more is revealed about it and it turns out to be something totally unexpected and highly educational.

The RHW project is different from anything else I've ever written or made.

For starters, normally when I write a book, I sit down and write it. Takes a couple of months or so, but that's that.

RHW was written over nearly two years, in short bursts, a chapter at a time, and each chapter is a thing in its own right, could stand alone, and has a powerful and complete energy progression within itself.

Also, RHW developed with feedback from the members of the VIP club, where I posted each new chapter when it was finished. This is also a new one for me because I usually write books by myself, if you know what I mean.

Then finally, as we are just about to put it all together, put a pretty witch on the front cover and re-title it to something "that would sell at Amazon" {lol!} one more chapter turned up right out of the blue and changed the entire RHW project in a heartbeat.

And I had a total revelation on the *nature of what a book actually is* as a result!

As a result of that, the whole project became something else altogether, and I won't give too much away right now but I can tell you that this is "not just another book" but ...

I will say that it is a book strictly for magical people, created BY magical people, no holds barred.

And that the very genesis and existence of RHW opens the door to a whole new area, possibly not just in my own evolution as a writer, and an energy magician.

Something to look forward to - and the perfect gift for my birthday next month.

Ah it's nice to have friends in high places!


So this is my StarFields Intelligence Report for what happened in July 2010.

Difficult times, but sometimes, within those difficult times there lie the exact seeds you needed for the world that is to come, and that is better than anything that went before.

I leave you with that thought and my particular blessings,

Fields of stars to you all,


Silvia Hartmann

July 2010


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