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SFI June 2010

SFI June 2010

Hello everybody!

Gee, where do I start?

Do you know some of these months that seem to last a lifetime? This is one of them for me. What with one thing, and another ...

Alex Kent Got Married

Alex Kent, CEO of DragonRising and The StarFields Network, got married on Summer Solstice to his new wife Claire, who is now also called Kent (!).

This was a very magical undertaking which turned out well; the perfect start for a new life together.

You can see some pictures here:


Setting up a wedding is a massive logistic undertaking by all concerned with a multitude of details to be taken care of, a multitude of people, places and objects to be organised and generally, a whirl of activity under high emotional stress.

Some of you might remember ... :-)

However, and undaunted by this, we also did some things, each one a massive undertaking in its own right.

We now have our new and bespoke website software, which is still drying its wings, metaphorically speaking; even so it is outperforming anything we had before by leaps and bounds.

Plus - and this is most important to me! - our new web publishing software called SpaceNodes has networking features.

We're finally building The StarFields Network I had envisaged all these years ago.

As a part of this, we need to transcribe the old sites and their content, all the images, links, programs, installations, downloads and what have you into the new system and that is a huge, huge task.


Magic Spells 2004 - 2010

We finished the massive site that is just in time for the Summer Solstice re-launch. All the old favourites are working again, from the magic wishing well to the online fire, and every single one of the 443 magic articles and Ask SFX magic questions were transferred, checked, linked, imaged and uploaded too.

Phew ...

MSAP as it's known in the trade also now has its own ezine, XTRA Magic, and its own magic downloads for subscribers.

Also, MSAP has gained a sister site,

As you can imagine, there is a lot of nonsense on the topic of magic about; and I've long wanted a place where I can recommend serious suppliers of objects and magic services that fit in with Energy Magic. BuyMagic is in its infancy but you have to start somewhere if you want to change the world :-)

On a personal level, it was really quite extraordinary for me to do these articles, a trip through time starting in January 2004 when I started the site, and working forwards towards the here-and-now.

After moaning and groaning about the horrendous work load MSAP transfer entailed, I began to appreciate the opportunity this offered to me, to really get an overview of my journey with magic so far and bring everything up to date.

This is a movement that happens when apprentices make a masterpiece; they review everything that came before and bring it all together in one object, and it really did feel like that.

Amazingly, it also made me rather hungry for doing that again. Not the 100,000 x CTRL C, CTRL V, but the actual review through time.

So I rolled up my sleeves and did the same thing to ...


Project Sanctuary

That was in many ways even more fun than MSAP.

What I was just truly amazed about were the omissions of the obvious on the Project Sanctuary site.

For example, it didn't have a mention of the word meditation; or a section for games, and nor did it have a section for dreams, and neither did it have a section for healing.

Wow ...

You know how much I love Project Sanctuary, and it was really good fun to add those sections and to start contemplating doing some live Project Sanctuary trainings.

We're nearly there with that ... watch this space!

In the meantime, there are lots of new features and explanations on the Project Sanctuary spacenode site, and I'd like to recommend these two:

Tips for better, deeper meditation & how to stop bouncing out of trance, and The Secrets of REAL Dream Interpretation which is a real must-have-read, whether your are a PS Player or not.

The old PS Forum didn't survive the move to the new web software, but I'm sure in due course we'll have forums again and we can start afresh - how nice that feels ... :-)

What else did we do in June?

Oh yes, there's the small matter of ...


The 3rd European Energy Psychology Conference

Love EFT? Love working with mind, energy, thought and emotion?

Then make your way to the EFT Plus Other Energy Stuff conference this coming November at the Europa, Gatwick, UK.

It's a way off but if you book now, you save $$$ (or £££, or eee!) plus you can put a bit aside for the travelling costs each month so it won't hurt and only bring you joy, new experiences and that vital charge of energy one just gets from attending an energy conference. Which is to me the best bit.

We've gone for a program that has lots of things to do that are helpful and interesting, and that can also be done by newbies, so everyone is welcome and this conference is open to all.

For details, see here: and if you are interested in re-selling tickets, get in touch with Josh at the usual address.

I'm going to do Events Psychology, mostly because the VIP members keep saying how much it has helped them personally, how much it is helping professionally, and how much they love it.

I think it's good too but unfortunately for me, EvP got tied into being very, very ill last year and I have a tendency to simply forget it even exists!

I'll take the opportunity at the conference to clear my relationship with EvP which has some truly beautiful and revolutionary features and love it as much as my other "babies" - it's only fair and right ...

What else is cooking?


The Rich & Healthy Witch

Well, I'm currently putting the finishing touches to a book codenamed "The Rich & Healthy Witch" witch has general life style advice for magical people in it. Once again I am indebted to the members of the VIP club for encouraging me to go on with that; they are right in reminding me that a book that deals with some of the fundamental issues of being a magical person (a person whose psychic circuitry is at least partially online) in a world that doesn't understand us AT ALL is needed, and wanted.

I've written this a chapter at a time over the last 18 months or so, and I'm in the process of putting the manuscript together now. It's an unusual book, but one that I wish I'd had when I was 13. Or 8. Or 21. Or 35 ...


EmoTrance Is Eight Years Old

EmoTrance had its 8th birthday this month.

Amazing ...

You can read my Birthday Message here:

And here is Nicola Quinn's Birthday Message:

If you would like to add your birthday greetings, you can do so here:

“When the solution is simple, God is answering.” Albert Einstein


Art 4 Sale

The final thing I've done this month is to for the first time come out of the artist closet and put up one of my paintings for sale.

Wow ... talk about reversals!

I am very blessed that I have some people around me who can stabilise me, encourage me and tell me to "Soften and flow!" in these moments of crisis.

I know for a fact that without that, I'd be lost and all things would be so much harder, some would probably be completely impossible.

I might actually go and write a chapter about that for the RHW book - Friends. It's essential for magical people that they should have some, it really is.

And on that note, I think I call it a day for the June SFI. As I said, it's been one hell of a month!

Thank you for reading, and I wish you and me both a most productive, joy filled and exciting July, no matter what the weather,


Silvia Hartmann

Posted Jun 29, 2010   
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