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SFI - March 2002

EFT Resources, Web Magic, Guiding Stars 2002, EBooks For Beginners, Chet Day Recommendation, GOE Trainers Training, and LoveLine in the March Edition of SFI Ezine.

Welcome To SFI March 2002!

In this edition, we have Web Magic, EFT Resources and a new original pattern by Silvia Hartmann called LoveLine.


EFT Resources

A warm welcome to the newcomers to EFT - there are quite a few of you and I sincerely hope you're enjoying your explorations so far and found many practical benefits. Here are a some very useful links to more EFT articles you might find interesting:
EFT & Relationships
A fear of flying is unpleasant but a fear of social situations or relationships can really ruin your life, big time. Emotions never run higher than when relationships are involved, and nowhere does EFT treatment bring more noticeable changes for the better in your life overall than when applied in the context of relationships past, present and future. This article also introduces the magic of "Proxy Tapping" - treating yourself for creating changes in another.
EFT & Animals
After relationships with people, the next deepest and most profound relationships are made with companion animals. This site is particularly designed to address problems, challenges and situations that exist in trying to communicate and live with companion animals. There are articles about using EFT and Proxy EFT for training, communicating, healing and bereavement as well as a forum and links to newsgroups.
Tapping Therapeutically
Even people who really don't think of themselves as therapists in any way will end up, sooner or later, "tapping another" to help them with EFT, even if it is just a friend, their own children or their partners. It is useful to know how to "tap therapeutically" for the treatment to be received well, perceived as pleasant and get the maximum amount of change. This is a four page downloadable PDF document, available from here
Rhythm, Pulse & Percussion in EFT Treatments
Tap, tap - how hard? How often? What if it hurts? What if it doesn't work sometimes? There's a lot more to tapping than meets the eye - check it out here
Have you found a problem yet that brings up more and more aspects on every round, leaving you overwhelmed and thinking that you have to treat yourself until the stars fall from the sky? Are there things in your life that are so huge, you don't even know where to start or what Opening Statement to put to it? The SLOW EFT protocol might be of help. Slow EFT
1 2 3 E F T
If you would like to tell others at a party, in the street, in a shop about EFT and need a handy reference for a website that explains EFT very quickly and simply, remember
This site is not for experts, but designed for someone to take a quick look and come away with a good idea of what EFT is and how it works. It contains a good protocol and also the famous 2 Minute Release animation.

Web Magic, Web Craft

FREE Web Magic for Magical Web Masters & Web Mistresses
Sign up for "Silvia's Seven Top Tips For Web Craft", a series of 7 lessons on doing magic on, with and through the World Wide Web. This is for webmasters only and it isn't about html, css or java scripts ...

For Advanced Energy Therapists ONLY - The Guiding Stars 2002 Protocol
In 2000, Silvia Hartmann discovered something about the structure of what holds a person's life together which was revolutionary and entirely unexpected. A protocol to handle this discovery was created and it was called "Guiding Stars". Because it was so powerful, both as an experience and in it's effects, the Guiding Stars Protocol was tested by only ten therapists in the world and never released because it proved to be just as earth shattering when they used it.
For two years, the Guiding Stars protocol was kept quiet and only parts of it taught in professional trainings, and even then, with many warnings attached. Further research and a breakthrough insight on how to change the protocol and handle it in a new and different way occurred in late autumn 2001, and the new protocol is now available again.
For Advanced Energy Therapists ONLY - Details about Guiding Stars 2002 
Now only available in the Reserch Library at StarFields VIP


Buying E-Books OnLine

This comes from James Masterson, Web Services & Support for StarFields and Sidereus.

James says, "99% of all customer services problems come from the simple fact that people just don't know what they're doing. They're new to the web and I guess it's all pretty scary and overwhelming. Please do something to tell people BEFORE they order how it works. That will save everyone concerned getting in a stew, myself included."

As no-one benefits from a stewed James, we have taken this to heart and created an introduction to E-Books that explains what they are and how they are supposed to be downloaded, handled and used for our many new friends who are joining us here on the Web for the first time.

The E-Book introduction includes a trial download of a short exercise document and can be found on (link expired)

A Personal Recommendation

If you are interested in natural health, Chet Day's site and newsletters is a must. As a dedicated researcher in the field, Chet has spent many years checking out the best in healthcare both ancient and modern. There is a choice of excellent newsletters and some very good ebooks available.

Visit Chet Day (link expired)

AMT Trainers Training At The European Energy Therapies Conference
The GOE Practitioner Certification Training is the original MET training, focussing on the principles and practise of healing mind and body with MET therapies and going beyond any single approach such as BSFF, TAT, EFT etc but teaching how to work with MET instead.
We are very happy to be the first to announce that Silvia Hartmann will be teaching the new, fully revised and updated content of the GOE Practitioner Certification Training at the Oxford European Conference in August as a special Trainer's Training.
Existing GOE Trainers are invited to attend at no charge. For details and how to apply for a place, please see next months public announcements from the organising committee which will be mailed and posted at

Original New Pattern - LOVE LINE
"Feeling unloved, sometimes? Do you wonder sometimes if you are at all lovable? Feeling lonely even inside a relationship? Misunderstood? Alone? Well, I think we can put an end to that. And a beginning to a completely different understanding of how and what love has been in your life, what really went on and how you could, if you wanted to, begin to think of yourself in a whole new way."

Experience LoveLine, an original Project Sanctuary based pattern

Classified Ads
EFT Audio Online Training with Paul Cutright - over five hours of live training plus Gary Craig's original manual. (link expired)

Paul Newcomb's Gentle Touch - Passed down from father to son and now thanks to the World Wide Web, relieving pain around the world. Simple, profound and very effective. (link expired)

Learn to read, study and retain at the speed of light with Joseph Bennette's unique course in Light Speed Reading. Absolutely state of the art SuperLearning for the new millennium - and it works! (link expired)

Comments, articles and enquiries about SFI EZine(link expired) please.
Posted Mar 10, 2002   
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