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SFI March 2010

by Silvia

SFI March 2010

Art, modern psychology, the EmoTrance conference, SpaceNodes, and ...

Happy Birthday To Nicola Quinn!

SFI March 2010

From StarFields:

My oh my, what a busy busy March (and February!) it's been.

I've had a wonderful time doing what I like doing best - art and writing.

In some cases, writing about art. Which is extra special fun :-)

Some of the art articles I consider particularly relevant and interesting are:

...and of course, some  new works of art including Lucky Hans - Visitor From The Light Dimensions - The Eye - Word Art: Transience - Space Squid - Sun Temple - Money Tree - Flowers

I've learned quite a lot during the last month or two.

One particularly significant realisation was on the energizing effects of visions, which you can read about here

That outburst of art articles and new art is the proof how true that is - and how enjoyable as well, if you just follow your heart, and let your visions energize you.


***** SPACENODES Are Amongst Us! ******

It can't have escaped your attention that I have a whole new range of new websites, each one suited to a particular interest, theme or topic that I enjoy.

This is a side effect of having the FIRST real SPACENODES - totally unique and bespoke software written by Alex Kent (my oldest son, in case you didn't know that!) over the last 8 years or so.

Now Alex is no slouch and has a remarkable talent for writing beautiful code; and what makes SpaceNodes unusual and special I think is that from the beginning, I (a customer, who doesn't dream in binary and knows NOTHING of code!) was involved in telling him what I wanted, and what I needed, to make websites that are fun and most of all, competitive and successful on the WWW.

I'm not sure such a co-operation in the making of software has ever been before; but either way, after insanely hard work and long, long hours behind the scenes, we now have our own web publishing software, the SpaceNodes, and they are in Beta Testing as we speak.

It wouldn't be fair to say that they are simple, or just click'n'drag; but then, who needs simple?

What I want is flexible, powerful, clever, competitive, and a real platform to use to speak to the audience on the world wide web.

And SpaceNodes are that, and then some.

Members from my premium members group have taken up the challenge and had a go. It's great to be amongst the first ...

If you're brave, forward looking and up for taking the next step in your web presence, go to and sign yourself up!


Having a place to put something is an amazing thing.

I love my places, which include , , , and also the new TSN raves'n'rants site,

Now when I get to work in the morning, I can ask myself, "What do I want to do today?" and whatever it is, there is a place, ready and waiting, to take it from me.

Hey! What a relief :-)


***** Modern Psychology *****

I seem to be tying up some loose ends after the last 17 years spent with human psychology.

  • Any psychology that does not acknowledge the tremendous human capacity AND NEED for the spiritual, or ignores or denigrates the very real spiritual experiences of literally billions of human beings over a million years or more, is no "science of the human mind" at all.

Reality of Spiritual Psychology, Dr S Hartmann 2010

That's one hell of a statement, but I stand by it.

It seems that my near death experiences last year have sharpened the vision a little, caused me to be a little less willing to compromise to avoid controversy or upsetting the folks out there who haven't gotten their (egg)heads around the reality of energy as yet.

My work on Events Psychology shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that if you engage in truly holistic psychology, and that includes spiritual psychology, as well as taking notice of the "psychological effects" of thoughts, emotions and feelings IN THE PHYSICAL BODY, you get reliable results and a vast, vast cessation of fear, terror, stress and insanity.

For a truly holistic psychology, it isn't just important to put back mind, body and spirit into one single functioning ecology.

Interestingly enough, what we also need to do is to put back other things that have been cut apart into whole systems, because it is only then that you start to understand how they work.

For example, one of the key breakthroughs in Events Psychology is to treat ALL memories, false memories, hallucinations, drug induced experiences, dreams that a person remembers as nothing but data, and apply the self same operating procedures to this data.

This reduces the amount of rule books you have to carry around and try and remember to ONE. One rule book that applies to all data.

As you can imagine, this makes dealing with the data stored in a human being amazingly much simpler.

This movement UP the logical levels, from separate bits and pieces to whole systems that make sense and work under one rule, also happens when you take a different tack on labelling emotions, say, "It's only an energy!" and proceed accordingly.

Anyone who knows EmoTrance also knows how useful that is, and how well that works in practice, and with all sorts of people, not just the chosen few.

In that context, there is "Magic Failure" - a term used to describe a global reversal in the energy system that then displays itself according to the faultlines that exist in any given individual.

Understanding the concept and applying it to all manner of "psychological disturbances" is like a breath of fresh air. All of a sudden, new opportunities for healing and approaches for learning to think, feel and behave differently become available.

But then, that's the magic of the "chunking up" movement - going HIGHER to the bigger, more powerful underlying patterns, rather than chunking down into ever smaller details and sub-sub systems, and in doing so, effectively losing control of - well, everything, actually.

I recommend the article on Magic Failure which you can find here:

If you are interested in psychology, you might also like these two articles, Holistic Psychology and Spiritual Psychology


***** And Finally ....****

The EmoTrance conference is ON at the end of April.

I have not been involved for the first time with any aspect of this, other than to book a slot on Saturday night for an art exhibition - I want people to see the real things, feel them, this is energy art, after all!

I will be doing a master class on Sunday morning, something special from the cutting edge of EmoTrance; I think that's a good thing to do whilst I'm still around, share some of what I've learned the hard way.

EmoTrance is an exceptionally evolutionary system that allows each individual who uses it, to do their own thing, find their own applications, find a way to ENERGIZE THEIR OWN VISIONS, and make THEIR OWN dreams come true.

Yes, ok, I admit it.

I've always wanted to be an artist.

So I'm taking steps now to satisfy that, and I can tell you, I'm totally delighted!

Art might not be YOUR thing. Politics perhaps, or science. Metaphysics. Saving the whale.

It doesn't matter what you're into - with EmoTrance, you'll do better at it. And that's pretty much guaranteed.

So if you're sitting on the fence regarding to whether or not to make the effort and come to the conference,  hop off, pack your suitcase and GO.

I say this every year, and I bet you that every one who listened to me and did go and learn EmoTrance was damned glad they did, and usually wished they'd learned it sooner.

So that's it for this edition of SFI - sorry there was so much but I get involved in what I do, and just forget!

You make sure you have a GOOD TIME here on Earth.

Do the best for every day, pack it full with cool things, with good things, with sparkly things.

Don't put yourself down, and make sure you understand Magic Failure.

Sending bright white lights, and spring meadows



PS - My good friend, colleague and co-creator of EmoTrance, Nicola Quinn, is 55 today!

She's followed HER heart and composed a wonderful album, "Sunrise - Music To Lift Depression".

Say Happy Birthday to Nicola and check out the Sunrise - it's GREAT and stuffed full of excellent energies that calm you, lift you, call you back to life.

And there's a free video and download too:




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