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SFI March 2012

SFI March 2012

EFT, Hearts of Gold, EmoTrance Evolutions, and the magic of Energy Hypnosis to be discovered ... Master Mind laboratories ... it's all happening!

StarFields SFI

March 2012

Friend, Romans, and Countrymen!

My God it's been a hectic 12 months. And it's been EFT, dusk to dawn, wall to wall, ever since I agreed to take the new GOE EFT trainings in hand and deliver the next generation of patterns and techniques for EFT as an energy modality (rather than a psychology tool).

As I wrote the training, I became increasingly aware that we are dealing with an actual paradigm shift here, not just a few innovations, renovations, restorations by any other name.

The move from taking EFT out of psychology and the SUD scale being a metaphor for that, and taking it into the 3rd Field of modern energy work instead, symbolised by the new SUE scale is a paradigm shift.

I realised this when I came to try and update Adventures in EFT and found that not a single section, not a paragraph, not a single A-Z entry could be "saved" or edited, updated - the whole thing had to be completely re-written, from the ground up.

So that was next - Energy EFT. It was interesting not re-visiting a topic I had written about a decade ago, but to go at it as though I'd never written about it before at all. It was really rather fascinating as a process and I would like to take the opportunity to thank the StarFields VIPs for encouraging me through the project, especially the A-Z. Thanks, guys!

I'd also like to thank the participants of the first EFTM training I gave in conjunction with the GOE 2011 conference - all 70 of them, a veritable who's who of EFT. It was great to work with such experienced people who were really up for learning more, taking it further, and playing with the plethora of patterns I've put into that training.

I would also like to thank the GOE trainers who attended the original meeting, that's nearly exactly a year ago now, where we thrashed out the Energy EFT protocol and the main patterns which were to be included. That was really helpful to me; indeed it could be said that without the feedback and input I would not have been able to construct the new training.

So then we come to the final part of the EFT year, which was the live 3 day Master Practitioner training at the beginning of March, which we recorded. All the participants signed a model release form, and a good time was had by all. I also discovered the Heart of Gold during this training (aided by there being great solar flares at the time, a full moon and five planets visible to the naked eye in the skies above the venue during that weekend!).

If you haven't done this yet, I really recommend it. Even if you never got on with EFT before, give it another shot, because this is a great piece of modern energy work and just such an amazing personal experience:

I think that's a great way to end my "year of EFT" and my personal "Thank you!" gift for putting my own research on hold, working my ass off and giving something back to EFT which I have always rated highly and which taught me much without a doubt.

So now ...

Drumroll please!

Make it louder. More drums. Taiko drums!

It's time to come home to EmoTrance, Energy Magic, and Project Sanctuary, the generators of the patterns I've put into the new Energy EFT in the first place.

I took some stock of the questions I've managed to answer over the last 20 years; the questions that are checked off my personal research list now.

They include the answers to simple questions like, "What are emotions?" and "What is the 6th sense?"

"How do people change?" - that was a good one. Of course, they only change through events, and now we know how to have them. Great!

One question that I have asked myself often over the years is, "How does Hypnosis work?"

I've been doing hypnosis for a very long time now and have for a very long time done something unusual with hypnosis; I've called it Energy Hypnosis because all I do is to revisit these questions and then add the additional dimension of the energy worlds into the equations. This tends to lead to breakthroughs and threshold shifts in understanding cause and effect. Often, this is so simple that you just have to slap your forehead and cry, "My God! Why didn't I see this before!!!"

Like EmoTrance.

Einstein is purported to have said, "When something is simple, God is smiling."

I know where he comes from.

This is just like "The Heart of Gold" - one single metaphor applied in the right way and it takes out a million minor reversals to health, success and happiness as it goes.

The Heart of Gold is immensely simple - and it works. It's right, it's true, it has infinite applications yet it is super simple at the same time.

That, to me, is the *hallmark* (!) of a really good pattern.

I seek a pattern like that for hypnosis.

There is one, and my energy mind already knows what that is; it's my conscious mind that needs to work it out.

Now I different ways of working out the answers to my various questions, such as, "What is hypnosis?"

And one way in which I do that is to engage more brain power, more experience, and more energy minds.

When I work with a group, and it comes together right, we really do have a Master Mind effect. It is very noticeable and it feels like that instead of our usual lap tops, we're plugging into a much bigger computer that has much more data AND the computing power you need to crunch that data and reveal those true gold base patterns in the process.

I have this happen spontaneously when I do a training; but in a training, you have this set program of "what the participants need to learn" and that is, to me, the old.

I already know that!

I've already written the handouts manuals, this is OLD.

To get the NEW, you need a different environment, and that's the energy lab that goes with the EmoTrance conference.

Here, we are simply together in a room and the ONLY purpose here is to become the Master Mind and work things out that have NEVER EVER BEEN KNOWN TO ANYONE BEFORE.

I don't know if anyone else does something like this in the world today apart from us guys at the EmoTrance pre-conference energy lab; with the volition and set intention to learn something important, make a real breakthrough.

Hypnosis is super-fascinating.

Yet nobody knows what it is and how it works.

If we did, just imagine what we could do.

Just on the personal level, just in self hypnosis.

Imagine you could write an instruction and deliver it to yourself in such a way that you will obey it absolutely!

That's just the tiniest tip of the hat of a very small gnome, perched on the very tip of a gigantic iceberg that goes ten times deeper than what you can see on the surface!

Figure out hypnosis, and you figure out communication. Language. State.

The repercussions for healing and personal development are unimaginable.

Are we going to figure it out on the day?

I'm actually nodding here even as I'm thinking about what to type next.

I think we will; even in the worst case scenario, we are going to learn extremely important things about how hypnotic states work energetically and have a whole lot of fun playing with a variety of extreme hypnotic phenomena whilst we are there.

So if you're a hypnotist or if you're not, if this sort of thing turns you on, you're most welcome to join us for the energy lab. You do need to be an EmoTrance practitioner or above (Advanced ETP, ET Trainer) so you've got the basics in place.

I'm doing a new Fast Track EmoTrance practitioner the day before as a warm up session and to get me really into the energy groove :-) so that's an opportunity to get into EmoTrance, which is by far and away the most advanced energy modality on this Planet today, or probably ever.

Finally, I'm going to break the "No Metaphor!" rule for the 10th Anniversary EmoTrance conference. Project Sanctuary needs to take its rightful place in time and space and now that we know what the 6th sense is, we can handle autogenics from a whole new, fresh standpoint.

So I guess we're also going to get a whole new set of EmoTrance trainings in the next 12 months - exciting! :-)

Well, I never cease to be amazed and grateful that I'm here, at this precise moment in human history, with all the resources we have and when everything of value still remains to be discovered - and so many wonderful things are being discovered, and we're the ones who are discovering them!

Not just that, we're the first ones who get to PLAY with these new things.

Yay! :-)

Exciting times, and progress is definitely in the air.

I'm going to try and write more regular SFIs, then they won't be so long - LOL.

In the meantime, wherever you are in the world, whatever you are doing, whatever your hopes and dreams ...

Keep the stress levels down.

Remember to energize yourself at least five times a day - there is always a beautiful sky, every day has the most extraordinary sunrises and sunsets, there are rainstorms, misty mornings, high winds and golden sunshine, sparkling stars and clouds, people who smile at you in return - the world *is* a wonderful place, a beautiful place, and when we connect with that, we regain the power we need to face our daily challenges and then go beyond that, as often as you can, to find joy, to feel love, and most of all, to have some fun in this incarnation.

With all my best wishes to you,

Silvia x

Silvia Hartmann


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