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SFI May 2010

SFI May 2010

Stress idea, Genius Symbols video, Energy conference, PS Plans, Xtra Magic, Sunrise offer ...

Hello everyone!

Spring has sprung, May is here, volcanoes are spewing ash ...

And after months of unrelenting work, one of my favourite websites, has become a SpaceNode!

Magic Spells under construction!

All the old favourites are back:

The Wishing Well - go on, make a wish! Make two, three - the coins don't run out, and the well was originally dedicated to be an actively working wishing well, too :-)

The Magic Fire - burn away something that causes you stress, that upsets you, that you don't want in your life anymore. Very stress relieving, and just like the magic coins for the well, the magic paper to burn never runs out and is always there for you.

The Mystical 8 Ball - love that, it always makes me laugh, give it a go!

... and lots more really nice little magic games in the Magic Online section to enjoy, to relax with, to stimulate your mind, body and spirit.

And for those interested in energy magic, altogether over 500 magic articles in many sections on everything from the magical properties of metals, to casting a spell on your husband :-)

MSAP (as we call it for short) also has its own ezine, called XTRA Magic, and will have some magical things going on and special offers for subscribers - subscribe to XTRA Magic ezine here.

Official opening for the new MSAP site is on June 1st, look forward to what we'll have in store for that!

Fun & Games with the Genius Symbols!

Project Sanctuary & Genius 23

I absolutely love the Genius Symbols for many reasons and the feedback on people using them has been nothing short of amazing. They're bright, they're clean and they really cheer up your day as well as immensely improve your conscious/energy mind communication. has also had a makeover and has some great new sections, especially the brand new Symbol World.

There you can also see a little video I made the other day, a simple motivational beginner's exercise using the Genius Symbols and featuring my marps, the dichroic set and my symbol mandala game board.

I always say that Project Sanctuary (and The Genius Symbols are a child of PS is the love of my life) so I've decided now that I'm starting to recover from last year's illness to do some live PS/TGS trainings. I really look forward to that - so watch this space!

Energy Conference!

We had so much fun at the EmoTrance conference, we decided to do a general Energy conference open to all and also open to all energy techniques and methods in November at the Europa, Gatwick.

We'll have EFT, energy medicine, of course some EmoTrance too and a wonderful program of lively presentations, filled to the brim with really useful techniques and tips to take home in your conference bag, as well as lots of opportunities to have your own energy experiences on a sparkling variety of topics, especially when you start combining an array of energy techniques.

This is going to be a fabulous event and there are at the moment really good discounts, so book early and look forward to having a fantastic weekend that will power you through the winter this year!

Also, make sure you tell your friends and family about this energy conference. This is open to all and especially designed to show to people just what wonderful things energy can really do in your life. We know but there are still plenty of people who don't - so let's get the word out!

Tickets go on sale from 1st June and the following details have been announced so far:

  • 13/14th November 2010
  • Pre-Conference & Post-Conference Trainings Available
  • Gatwick London Europa, United Kingdom
  • Conference Website:

Stress, Stress, Stress ...

All I hear is "Stress". It's on the news, apparently, if you get too stressed for too long, you start to exhibit the symptoms of mental disorders ... oh, really ...

We know stress is bad for us, and we even know how stress unbalances and disturbs the energy system, resulting in disturbed emotions and crazy thinking. And of course, magic failure.

So how about we make a deal and take 3 times each day out for a week and do some de-stressing?

Especially when you think you're not stressed?

Stress works just like alcohol. You know, you drink one glass. That makes you chirpy, so you drink another. By the third, you've lost the plot on that you are actually right in the middle of a process that will lead pretty much inexorably to you being a mess and vomiting on the pavement! LOL.

The alcohol itself starts to preclude rational thought which is why it is so difficult to stop.

Stress works exactly like that. Once you get stressed, you get more stressed and at no time do you stop and think, wow, I'm stressed! You just get more stressed instead and start doing seriously crazy stuff that seems so rational from that stress-drunk state ...

So I think we can safely presume that we're already pretty stress drunk, each and every one of us, and by applying an anti-stress technique 3 times a day ANYWAY, we circumvent that whole problem where this guy lies in the bathtub and talks into the showerhead: "I'm at this party and everyone's drunk, but I'm still sober ..."

Seems like a good idea ... :-)

Use this EmoTrance quick stress relief technique:

Put it in your diary, do it 3 x a day for one week.

After that, it's become easier, more practiced, more profound as an experience, and will hopefully start to kick in automatically when your stress levels go into the red and you hadn't noticed, and started to have conversations with the showerhead ...

Let's do it!

And finally ...



Sunrise Offer

My good friend Nicola Quinn made an energy music album: Sunrise - Music To Lift Depression.

I think of depression often in terms of being the hangover after waaaaay too much stress for waaay too long.

There may also be aspects of us that are depressed and we're just used to it and don't notice it any longer.

Either way, Sunrise is an excellent tool to own, to play when you are feeling dull at work and need a boost, to get you going in the mornings if you're feeling a bit down, works for hangovers too, and jet lag - and of course, depression by any other name.

There is a great offer on at the moment, 50% off the complete download library of the entire album, that's ten dollars, bargain!

Everyone should own a Sunrise - and if you have a friend who's depressed, send them this album as a gift, it will perk them up twice, once because you thought of them and made them a gift, and twice because they will own a really useful and beautiful energy magic device to brighten their days.

Be quick! This offer is only up for 3 days - Sunrise Offer.- snap it up today!


That's it for today - hope you found something interesting and useful, I do try, don't I!

Really looking forward to the new PS and TGS weekends, that should be amazing fun, wish us luck on finding some great new venues and JVs for that.

Stay well, keep stress down and do "try" to have a good time, whatever you do!

Sparkling spring wine blessings,


Silvia Hartmann


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