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SFI June 2002 - The Ultimate Adventures

In this issue: EmoTrance TM In London - 8 Days To Lift OFF! -- Adventures 4.2 Now Available! The Ultimate Adventures In EFT ---  Something Special: The Wisdom Of The Water --- Sereya's Song - Heard any good fairy tales recently?

EmoTrance London - 8 Days To Lift Off!

Well, we're going to have a *big* party. Big enough in fact to be requiring a number of assistants already versed in ET - the response has been just great!

Who's going to be there?

It is very gratifying to see so many friends from previous trainings come together for this special occasion - a true "once in a lifetime event" :-) Some of the participants were a part of the original research team and they know exactly what they're getting, and *still* put their very busy lives on hold to be there, others are flying in from Brazil, US, and even from Australia.

The venue holds 50. As of now, we have thirty nine signed up participants who will become not just certified and licensed EmoTrance TM practitioners but will also get their trainer's certification and license in the late afternoon of June 30th. So there are 11 places left. I would prefer to have these go to people who are already familiar with what I do and how I do it rather than to the general population (we sent out a mailshot to holistic therapists).

The phone is ringing and there are people humming and hahing still. If you want to make up your mind and come along, then call 07817 113 740 (UK) and do this thing. Quote SFI and you can have the early booking discount still with my compliments - as I've said, I prefer to talk to friends rather than to strangers. We will also have a special First time discount on the video sets for participants who missed out on the "first 25" deal so they can get them for less than half price.

Yes, you can learn this elsewhere in the future. Sure, you sit around long enough, you'll be able to pick up a jig saw puzzle of freebie bits in due course - but don't think for one moment that it will be *anything* like it's gonna be for this crowd.

Some people are simply forward thinking pioneers who are willing to be the first and others like to follow on the well established paths with the rest of the crowd. That's the way it is. I know what calibre of participants I'll be presenting to and what it's gonna be like because of that.

A couple of quotes to leave you with:

"Silvia you GODDESS !! Goddess of what I’m not sure quite yet but was going to phone you today and let you know the WONDERUL things that have happened.  I am so pumped about how this works, I have told my clients. “ Look out because, I am so high, if I don’t heal you I’ll run over you” hahaha.

It just so happens the first clients that phoned me HAD (xx). Well, using your method took care of that - instantly! The one story is so fun, I have it written down * long hand * another long term person, shifted it in less than 5 minutes!!!

Another lady phoned me because I had just used it with her mom. During the call she said, just a  minute. She laid the phone down and went and yelled at her kid. *Big Yells * when she came back to the phone she said, “Oh, sorry about that” Which I always reply, “that’s OK” Except for this time, I said “ How would you like to get rid of your anger once and for all”....she paused and said in an unsure tone.  * Sure? * We are working tomorrow night, I squeezed her in. I’ve never had more fun saying  to people. “You know what, you are so stupid!” And then help them clear it along with the next and the next.

Silvia, if you would allow me to write these few experiences out for advertising or what ever, I would love to. I started using it within an hour of when you shared this with me less than 2 days ago and have had 100% success with it.

This is is so much fun for me. I will type them up as quick as I can if you would like them. You would just need to edit some of it for correct placement.

I’ve been bragging you up all over North America. Lets see, so far I have done actually work with going on 10 people, told others about this new healing thing, just waiting until their curiosity is high enough, then I’ll tell them to sign up.

Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooo much Silvia. I appreciate the trust you extended by teaching me how this works. I will help to promote this. As a matter of fact, I am putting it on my web site.

Hip, hip hooray!!!! For Silvia



"I'm sick of wading around in the old stuff, what my dad said to me when I was three and how it's wrecked my life. I've been doing it *to death* and I am sick of it! So I invented EmoTrance - it's about the now and only the now, and then the next one, one now after the other and that's your life don't you know."  Silvia in conversation.


Get one of the remaining 11 places - call 07817 113 740 (UK) before it's too late.

Adventures 4.2 Released!

The Last Word on EFT - Adventures 4.2, the special e-book version. Re-edited, updated and enlarged and formatted especially for electronic transfers, "the best book on EFT" has just gotten even better.

Previous purchasers can get a free upgrade under the old system - please mail with your original order number on the WellNet or Click Bank receipt. Do NOT mail from limiting accounts (hotmail, yahoo etc) as the new Adventures is 1.1 MB.

Before you order the upgrade, make sure you have the older version. If your file is called Adventures_V4.2.pdf you already have the latest version.

Please note that this *only* applies to e-book purchases, NOT to hard copy purchases which cannot be updated.


Something Special - The Wisdom Of The Water

by Silvia Hartmann & Ananga Sivyer

Energy healing with a difference - for details, please visit

"A perfectly re-freshing, re-balancing and re-charging experience, wonderful for the immune systems of mind, body and spirit - a true prescription for healing."


Sereya's Song

"Once in a while, I have the desire to do something other than work for a living. I welcome it when it comes to me - it's a reminder that there really *is* more to life than credit cards and digital clocks ticking down. Sometimes it's a Hypnodream, and sometimes I paint a picture. Tonight, it was a Fairy Tale. And perhaps that's one of my very favourite forms of expression. I hope you will enjoy listening to Sereya's Song. I truly enjoyed writing it."

Read Sereya's Song on and please feel free to share it with those who might need to hear just that, right now.


Inner Circle - The Time Has Come

I have decided to set into action the Inner Circle principle which is used by many advanced teachers and trainers across the fields. This is a special mailing list for those who are seriously interested in what I do and have proven that they are - in other words, they have not just snarfelled up the freebies but purchased things, come to trainings again and again, have been in contact with us directly and many are now good friends as well as colleagues and peers.

This will also enable me to make announcements like EmoTrance with peace of mind and confine them to those who want to hear about such things and not the general public who may have ended up on this list by accident or because they purchased a single copy of Adventures and to whom most of what I do is completely irrelevant.

StarFields Inner Circle members will receive huge discounts on everything, have the opportunity to assist at trainings and help with research. If you are chosen for Inner Circle membership, you will receive an email of invitation within the month, there is nothing you need to do.

Please also note the removal instructions at the bottom of this mail and use them if you are no longer interested in receiving these mails. I need to be able to speak freely and know that what I say is welcome.

Best wishes to you all,


Silvia Hartmann



Main Links Again:

Adventures Upgrade: email WITH your receipt details.

Sereya's Song:

EmoTrance Last Chance: Call UK 07817 113 740


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