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StarFields VIP - The MasterMind Group

StarFields VIP - The MasterMind Group

After the recent health scare, I have been told by doctors and guardian spirits alike (and how often does it happen that they ever agree?! on anything?!) that I have to throttle back and take it a whole lot easier. But how do I keep the research going which is what I do believe I'm here for? The answer - instead of trying to please the whole world, its wife, and all the other relatives, I'll work with my mastermind group instead.

Since the start of 2009, I've been experimenting with a "members only" site and network, and luckily it is now at a point where it is getting into its stride and it's there for me to make that shift.

Now one of the things I truly believe in is that people are a TOTALITY. This means that everything they do is connected, interlinked, and cannot be treated in isolation.

For years, I've looked after various "special interest groups" and the fact is that most problems simply cannot be solved in the place in which they appear.

For example, I used to have a yahoogroup for MindMillion, where we would talk about marketing and business success and such.

So you get a guy who wants to advertise his wares, but his ad copy writing is just not there. What he writes, sucks.

How do you improve that?

Frankly, the reason his writing sucks is because he's had bad experiences at school when he was but a squirt.

Until and unless we move off into psychology and self help here, his writing is NEVER going to improve significantly.

But even with the basic reversal taken out and the trauma healed, now this guy lacks the last 42 years of experience in writing and has no confidence in his writing because of it.

How do we get him started writing ad copy that sizzles, from the heart?

Well, if he was to do some Project Sanctuary or Genius Symbol or Art Solutions exercises, he would soon discover how the basic writing pattern works, get some experience, and so he's ready to start writing some decent ad copy at long last.

Now he's starting to wonder about advanced language patterns, hypnosis, and NLP ... about how to choose and match colours, shapes and designs for his logos and website ... and btw, what about SEO?

See it's all connected.

I don't know how you can do "real personal development" or we should call it, personal EVOLUTION, until and unless you widen out the brief and embrace it all.

The StarFields VIP mastermind group does exactly that.

We have forums for business, AND for art. For sex AND for SEO. We have a Language Laboratory AND a place where we can discuss movies we've seen and what we thought of them.

In all and any observation and interaction, there lies the seed of new developments. You notice patterns in one thing and then you can apply them to something else. That's how innovation is done, that's how creativity works.

And you end up with much deeper insights, stuff that works "in the real world" and while you're at it, you can be relaxed, have fun, and follow your own fascinations.

Which is what I like to do.

And the "good stuff" arises quite magically as a bye-the-bye, rather than by furrowing the brows and burning the midnight oil.

So who would make a good member of the StarFields VIPs?

Clearly, someone who knows something about what I do.

Nobody knows EVERYTHING - including me - but there should be some familarity or resonance and understanding of some thing I've built.

Project Sanctuary, for example. Or EmoTrance. Either are a good entry point, as are the Genius Symbols.

You can start there and widen out to other things if you want to, and you will of course, because it's all connected!

One other thing about the VIPs that is very handy is the ongoing nature of staying in that research frame of mind.

I know that if I'm left to my own devices, I doodle a lot but don't get much done.

  • It is in the interaction with others, AND THROUGH THE SUPPORT FROM OTHERS, that the step from an idea to something that is real and active, earning money, doing stuff, creating change actually happens.

There are some very smart people from all walks of life and every corner of the round world in this mastermind group, and a number of heads are always better than one.

And that's the whole purpose of a mastermind group.

To engage a form of human thinking that is BEYOND ONE SINGLE PERSON.

Think about it energetically.

It's like putting together all these fabulous multi-dimensional computers, and the what you get is just simply way more than the sum of the parts.

That's where the fascination lies, and the potential.

It's early days but this is going to be interesting, indeed.

If the idea turns you on, and you know something about the "StarFields Worlds" and how they work, you might consider putting in an application and see how it goes.

The form is here:

I'm quite excited about the prospect of this, and look forward to reporting on the "ready to wear" results from the group in due course.

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