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"It is a scientifically proven fact that all scientifically proven facts have originated from original and thereby unproven theories."

The Sidereus Universe

"All our trainings are based on what we call “The Sidereus Map Of The Universe” – a set of principles, theories and ideas of how things work in reality, for those of us who want to know about such things." These are the pre-suppositions of the Sidereus Universe (also includes the Learning States Model).

The Sidereus Foundation


The Sidereus Foundation was established to create a unique platform for learning about the Universe.

We use the term “the Universe” for all-there-is – the stars in the sky, the towns and the people who live there, all of creation, God, Infinity – all of it, and including ourselves and our relationships with all of this.

All our trainings are based on what we call “The Sidereus Map Of The Universe” – a set of principles, theories and ideas of how things work in reality, for those of us who want to know about such things.


The Sidereus Universe

At the baseline, we have a number of presuppositions of how the universe works and what we are doing within it. Here are the most basic ones:

  1. The Universe is entirely logical, rational and reasonable. There are structures and rules which, if you know them, will help you get what you want in all ways. If you do not know these rules or willingly transgress them, chaos must and does ensue.

  2. Human beings have the ability to perceive and read the “currents” of the Universe – or in other words, understand and process the information about how things work and how they are meant to function.

  3. Unfortunately, where the system breaks down is in that this information is not being transmitted, received and understood clearly – this has a lot to do with the language we use to translate this information but it also happens by faulty entrainment in thinking, being and doing.

  4. A great deal of the currently existing maps of “truth” as they are being constantly taught and perpetuated in books, universities, schools and so forth are simply wrong – sometimes faulty, sometimes inaccurate, sometimes upside down, sometimes just missing major puzzle pieces.

  5. It is for this reason that we need to go back to the only reality that can ever exist – the individual experience of any one single human being – and challenge the existing maps, finding new ways of doing, thinking and being.

  6. When we do this, we get feedback in the form of “reality checks” – does it work more successfully, does it work less successfully than the old methods, systems and theories, does it work at all? This guides us into the direction of a correct understanding of what is going on in the Universe, as simply as the old children’s game of “cold, warm, hot – yes! You’ve got it!”.



The “Sidereus Planes Model”

A great deal of what goes on when you use and apply Sidereus maps is based on a simple model of four separate “planes” that altogether, comprise reality.

You could think of these planes as four plastic foils on a daylight projector that all together, give you the entire diagram – you leave out any of them and the whole picture cannot emerge.

This is central to the Sidereus Map – namely that not one of the four planes is more or less important in the overall scheme of things than any of the others.

Here are the 4 Planes:

  1. The Hard

This is often mistaken for “reality” which of course comprises of much more than just The Hard. This is the physical world which we perceive through our senses and in which we live.

  1. The Connector Plane

This is the in-between between pure physicality and the Higher Energy realms – auras, chakras, ghosts, Earth Energies and the like exist at this level.

  1. The High Energy Realms

Stepped off from the physical quite dramatically, the High Energy realms are transpersonal, trans-spatial and trans-temporal in nature. Jung’s Collective Unconsciousness is here as are Sheldrake’s morphogenetic fields and many other existing energetic realities (ereas) of this nature. Thought is manifest and there is no difference between “reality” and “thought” at this level.

  1. The Unspoken Realm

Named thus because we cannot conceptualize this realm at all – rather than being transpersonal and transtemportal, this is non-personal, non-spacial and non-temporal, both all and nothing at the same time. There have been many terms over the centuries of human endeavor to describe this space; Krishnamurti called it “The Silence” and as words and pictures fail entirely here, we may think of it in those terms as long as we know that these descriptions are meaningless and do not do this realm justice.


The Planes Continuum


The 4 Planes Model is of course, an inordinate oversimplification of what is in truth just one system that has no boundaries at all.

However, and so we can talk about this at all, I have made these distinctions because the problem so far in human endeavors to work with the Universe (the all-there-is, if you will) has always been a confusion between the planes.

The first and most important thing to understand about the planes is that they operate according to different laws of nature. Newtonian cause-and-effect which is perfectly correct and absolutely practical in The Hard doesn’t work anymore at all in the High Energy Realms where an entirely different kind of cause-effect relationship exists instead.

Applying principles from The Hard in order to make things happen or solve problems in that realm causes absolute chaos instead because of this.

Knowing this allows us to do three things:

  • Firstly, it clearly shows us that rather than going into the other planes with our pre-set ideas of how and why and when and what, we need to stop and study the local laws and regulations first and most importantly, before we make any interventions.

  • Secondly, by knowing which kinds of tools, principles and laws apply to each plane, we can stop using the wrong ones which end up with chaos and wrongness after considerable energy expenditure and a lot of hard work with the best of intentions;

  • Thirdly, it stops what I call “planes confusion” – i.e. the futile endeavor to create “Heaven On Earth” with it’s corresponding disappointments when one finally has to admit that it cannot be done, and on the other hand, the futile endeavor to re-create “Earth In Heaven”, i.e. dealing with spiritual matters and the other three realms as though they were a cottage in the woods, which they are absolutely not. This second planes confusion leads to backfiring magic, sickness and major upset and confusion as the wrong things altogether are being manifested, created, set in motion and ricochet aimlessly around amidst the planes.


Planes Thresholds

As I said before, the planes merge unnoticeably into one another as they are in reality, a part of a single continuum without thresholds. However, and if you were to think of the planes as waves, there are moments of becoming and places – collections of space time points – where one set of laws phases out and the new set of laws phases into being. These are confusing places where both and neither of the relative plane’s laws are in action at the same time, and depending on which way you look at these places, could be said to be either a wave, or a particle :-).

If you try to do magic – by prayer, by spells, by intention, by thought or free will or in whichever way you want to call your tomato a tomato – and work with intention and thought in the Higher Energy Plane, these thresholds break up, reflect and refract the intention as it gets translated from one medium into the other, from one form of existence to the other, from one set of universes with their own specific local laws into the other.

It is for this reason that it is never enough to just understand the local conventions of each plane in isolation, but what is essential is to understand how they work as a complete system and just how information is passed between them.

An idea, born of circumstances of The Hard, such as “Making More Money”, cannot be translated into a simplistic coin symbol and survive the passage across the thresholds between the planes intact enough for there to be any resemblance of money at the end of it’s passage back through the three systems.

It is really because of both the complexity of making a symbol that can transcend across the layers and still remain meaningful and aligned to the original intention of the symbol maker is inordinate, as well as because of the inherent dangers of getting this wrong and manifesting total chaos and destruction instead, that symbol making has usually been confined to a very few brave individuals who would undertake such a demanding task.


Individuals & Symbols

One other major problem with symbols that has dogged the human race for millennia is the fact that each symbol is entirely idiosyncratic to the one who made it in all ways – a truly custom made communications device between one single individual in their space time and the Universe.

True magic demands that one’s own symbols be created, because “stock symbols” such as the ying-yang, Eye of Horus, Pentagram and so forth are merely children’s playthings that have as little to do with real magic as a plastic play hammer has a relationship with a real hammer made from stout wood and heavy iron.

Trying to nail real nails into real stone walls with a child’s toy is a futile endeavor; it cannot help but cause much confusion and frustration, and yet the plastic toy hammer is still “hammer like” enough to keep the illusion going that it is the real thing.

Somewhere along the line, the knowledge that one plays with a toy hammer to learn in safety and without much danger to damage the fabric of time and space until one graduates to the first real one, seems to have become lost or confused. Now, there are a great many fine people driving themselves crazy with entirely unsuitable tools that cannot ever get their desired job done and a powerfield of ages around the stock symbols that gives them an entirely mistaken impression of power and authority.


The Learning States Model

1-2-3-4 is not just the way we learn to waltz; it is a structural device by which humans are designed to learn. If you wanted to make the connection between the 1-2-3-4 of learning and discovery and our 4 planes model, you might do so in an entirely non cause-and-effect way, at least not in a Newtonian one.

1, our first stage of learning, is the so called “spot” learning and experience – a one on one relationship between a single problem and a single solution, a single symptom and a single cure, a here-and-now, hand-in-hand experience which is where all and every learning starts.

“What is that?” – “That is a cat.”

“My eye offends me!” – “Cut it out!”

... are examples of thinking and responses at the No.1 or spot level.


No.2 gives us process – two points and you can travel from one to the other. After the spot work has been done for a time and learned on a level, all separate incidents that make no meaning other than in their own context, like unconnected dots randomly placed on a piece of paper, eventually the step is taken to go beyond that.

“My eye offends me!” – “Cut it out!” – “But what happens then?”

Process gives a sense of time for the first time in the system. 1 is quite timeless – every incident is now and it is here, and it is very much all there is.

In process, the journey from a to b takes time and the density of possibility, information and connection takes a direct leap to a higher order of organisation. In learning, it takes some time to learn to process this new density of information and to get used to process loops and other occurrences that simply didn’t exist in the 1=Spot system.

When we add a third point to our line, we are adding a further dimension. In learning, now we have systems and systemic thinking – it’s not just a question of just one individual with one problem, but how does that problem reflect the individual’s environment, their relationships?

3 brings in the relationships between the individuals and still retains time as well – we have changing systems in temporal flux and interventions at this level are necessarily a great deal more complex, interactive, subtle, and far reaching as they spread out through the entire system.

4 does not make a square or even a cube, don’t make that mistake. The fourth point is not in the same dimension as the three previous ones; it is elsewhere and essentially a standing pulse through the all the different planes, thereby opening out the system of 3 to the entirety of the Universe. As it does so, the still existing 3 system with it’s higher connection to the fourth point becomes like a multi-faceted diamond as it is reflected in all the planes with their various different local laws of organisation – although the 3 construct remains essentially the same, on one plane it appears to be one thing, on another it appears to be another, and it is in the overlaying of all those different appearances that the “truth” of the 3 construct may be approximated. 4 is therefore the layer of multi-ordinate systemics.


As with the planes model, this system has threshold shifts and threshold turbulences – it is not generally a question of an “enlightenment” that produces the move from one learning experience to the next, but more a case of suddenly seeing something more for a time, then falling back into the old ways, touching the new plane again here and there, getting frustrated with the knowing that there is “something else just around the corner” and a general acclimatisation into the new order of things.

As we move along from 1 to 2 to 3 to 4, the following happens:

  1. Information density increases exponentially. Indeed, one of the problems with the threshold disturbances arises directly out of the fact that too much information is all of a sudden available to a system that is unused to dealing with this kind of overload. Although the structures absolutely exist to handle the increase in information density, the individual’s responses to the threshold disturbances in the end dictate as to whether they are going to continue on and forward or just back up and stay in a comfort zone of the previous level and decide to go no further.

  2. Leverage over the whole system increases also and in direct relationship to how much of the system has become known – you could think of it terms of “zooming out” to include more and more of the surrounding Universe, and more of it you see, the more of it you can choose to affect because now you know it’s there in the first place.


The 1-2-3-4 Model of learning and experience is in general, context specific. Therefore, an individual may be capable of navigating and influencing some systems at the 4 level (such as quantum physics) and in others, might be working at the 1 level (such as relationships with people). This, once again, is highly idiosyncratic to any one given individual and has much to do with their personal set ups such as their experiences, decisions and energetic occurrences in this incarnation so far.


Learning States

As with the 4 planes, no state of learning is any better than any other – each one is an absolute part of the system and one cannot happen without the other, live in absence of the other, exist at all as they are a totality and a continuum.

However, learning states confusion is just as damaging and irritating as planes confusion. A person who is working on perfecting their 1-state finds no solace, help or comfort in communications from someone who processes at 3 or 4 – they are simply incomprehensible to them, insane possibly, entirely non-sensical.

This works the other way around as well – a 3 and especially a 4 might well be incapable of tolerating a 1-state learner and consider their questions an example of being stupid, lacking intelligence and insight or simply being “limited”.

1-state learners and 4-state learners stay well away from each other in general, and it is the 2-state learners and the 3-state learners who endeavor to bridge a communication between them and make a mediate state where everyone can at least retain a sense of hope that they might be understood, or that they might understand, given enough passage of time.

The solution lies in simply doing three things:

  1. Creating trainings that naturally move with the 1-2-3-4 model and allow each individual the time and resources they need to move from one to the other as they were designed to be able to do;

  2. Creating support structures for the threshold confusion states that everyone will experience and to encourage individuals through these so they may continue on;

  3. To teach the 3’s and 4’s that they need to retain the ability to respond at the correct level in order to make the system work for everyone’s maximum support and benefit, and without prejudice from any one learning state to any other.


Balancing The Planes

The Sidereus Foundation has at the heart of its “mission statement” the desire and focus to balance the planes – to work at a level where all the planes come into harmony and align for a given individual.

To do this, and in view of the corresponding 1-2-3-4 model of learning states, we are creating trainings that are multi-ordinate in nature – but truly so, as they retain effectiveness entirely at all the levels and thus can be approached from any level.

The purpose of the training is not only knowledge transmission, although it is a necessary part of the “holistic planes system” – at the 1-learning state, knowledge is of prime importance and without it, you cannot progress any further – but the trainings are designed to help an individual get into harmony with the Universe by finding within themselves the resources that are there and to develop a confidence in these resources to read, understand, navigate and use the patterns of the Universe for their own desires.

We are particularly aware of the challenges of the threshold confusions – be it in the learning states or in the general planes model – and thus have devoted a great proportion of the energies in the trainings to the act of supporting, steadying, encouraging and gently guiding the students through these storms which they necessarily must face.

This is a very holistic approach to learning and personal development; designed to be as specific to any given single person as they bring to the trainings their own individuality, and, in so doing, create a unique training that is only for them and can never be the same for anyone else as they interact with the training directly and in a very profound and personal way.

It is our understanding that to understand the Universe, and our place within it, on a personal and experiential basis is within the reach of every human; that this is not a special gift reserved for the few but something our neurology was designed to do in the first place.

We want to see just how far we can go.

Just how far you can go.

And what else is out there ...


Silvia Hartmann

October 2001

Posted Jun 3, 2002   
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