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The StarFields Laws

(Anti Murphy's Law)

This is an official StarFields commissioned re-write of Murphy's Law which have been deemed to be no longer appropriate for humanity to follow.

1. Everything that can go right, will go right.

2. Left to themselves, things will go from good to better for that is The Hand of The Divine at work.

3. Everything IS as easy as it looks.

3a. Corollary: If you are a child, or have child-like wonder in the world around you, everything is even EASIER than it looks.

4. Nothing takes as long than you think when you put your heart and mind to it.

5. If there is a possibility of several things going right, the one that will cause the most good in the world will be the one to happen.

5a. Corollary: If there is a best time for something to go right, it will happen then.

6. If something simply must go right, it always will.

7. If in your plans, you perceive that there are ways in which your plans will go better still and plan accordingly, then something unprepared for will promptly develop to show you how limited your original expectations were.

8. If everything seems to be going well, you are obviously blessed.

9. Whenever you set out to do something, if something else must be done first, then that something will not only be accomplished but
accomplish what it was you set out to do originally to the maximum benefit of all involved.

10. Every problems offers new possibilities for something wonderful to happen.

StarFields/Anthony J. Mizzi 2003

What Every Person Needs ...


What we all need as human beings 

is really,  just 

one single person 

to be absolutely on our side.


Someone who has faith in us,

someone to really love us as we are, 

no questions asked, 

without reservations 

or judgements of any kind;


Just a single person 

who will always be there 

to help us, protect us; 


To inspire us, applaud us  

when we have succeeded in something,  

no matter how insignificant  

it may seem to an outsider;  


Someone who will encourage us  

to strive towards 

the best we can possibly be,  

and always, always cheer us on;  


Someone who cannot ever be tempted away

by youth, beauty, money, bribes  

and will always choose us,  

every day, each moment afresh; 

someone to stand by us 

when everything falls apart,  

who will love us no matter what; 


Someone who will never let us down,  

never give up on us, 

never leave us  

and who will always, always  

be fiercely and actively loving of us  

in every way, every day,  

until we take our last breath in physicality.


Well, that person is here.  


It is you.  


And now, finally, we can start 

on the road to be that person  

we always knew we should have been - 

with a little help from our self,  

our endlessly loving totality. 


Silvia Hartmann 2002


Oh Lord, Won't You Buy Me ...


Oh lord won't you buy me a mercedes benz! S1SFX Story by StarfieldsThis is a really inspirational true story with pictures about the day I got my first own hand earned Mercedes.

What is also really wonderful about it is the responses and congratulations from friends and strangers alike - it's just not true that people don't want us to succeed.

When we are truly delighted, people are also delighted for us.

Life is for having fun and enjoying yourself - whatever "your thing" is,

go for it, don't let people talk you out of it, don't talk yourself out of it,

get up, have faith and MAKE IT HAPPEN!

S1SFX - My First Mercedes Benz

MindMillion & Wealth Creators


Favourite Quotes

"If we stop thinking of ourselves as teachers and healers,
can we then also finally stop thinking of others as being broken and stupid?"

"The people who experience the least amount of stress at work, leave themselves at home."

"If we are here to help other people - then what are other people here for??"

"Enlightenment is not a spectator sport."

"I was severely disappointed with the results of the advertising I didn't do."

"People without imagination are angels with broken wings."

"Life is essentially pointless. It's all about being a big ball of energy when you die ..."

"Love without logic is insanity. And vice versa."

"The more you have, the more you have to give."

"In the extreme lies the extraordinary."

"If you fill your mind to overflowing with beautiful things, there can be no room left for doubt."

More quotes plus "random quotes" spinner @


The Very Serious Symptoms Of Stress

EFT Diagram - The EFT Stress Bunny Very Serious Symptoms Of Stress


Are YOU Stressed ...?

First step - diagnosis.

Let's find out if indeed, you are threatened by stress and its many very troubling symptoms.

Should the answer be yes, then move straight on to Marlene below who will help release and relax you!


2 Minute Positive EFT Stress Relief

(The Marlene Animation)


Emotional Freedom With The Award Winning Two Minute Release Technique


Relax With Marlene ...

... and the Two Minute Stress Releaser!

Think of something you want in your life - choose a Positive from this chart:

Positive EFT Chart of Positives

Touch the points, breathe in and say your Positive on the outbreath.

Feel that stress just melt away as your ears begin to unwind ...

This is a short intro version to how effectively EFT can release stress and tension and a perfect "try me!" for newbies to the Energy EFT Self Help systems.

Start with "Are You Ready ..." and of course, you can do it more than once!

*Send this link to a stressed friend ... it really helps!

Positive EFT

4 Minutes Perfect Relaxation With WonderWorlds

Take four minutes out of your busy day to de-stress and relax with these beautiful images from the WonderWorlds Collection. Photographs and music by StarFields.

From "WonderWorlds"


Heart Healing

Heart Healing by Silvia HartmannJust follow the instructions in the evocation to center and ground yourself in the moment, to release fear and calm your energy system in a moment of crisis.

This will help you build up your own Lion Heart.

You can get a guided meditation version as a quality mp3 download for free from - this is a wonderful remedy for heartache, in the widest metaphorical sense of the term. From "Heart Healing", HypnoDreams 2.


Heart Healing


Place your own

healing hands

on your own

broken heart

with the gentleness

and with exquisite care

the care

you would afford

a tiny frozen bird

you found

there on your doorstep.


With your gentle

healing hands

speak in your touch

of warmth and love

of your desire

to make whole

what once was broken,

of your desire and your will

to right what once was wronged.


Whisper softly,

I will do

what I can

for you,

my little love.


Fear not.


I am here for you.


For sure, I am no angel

but what I have to give,

I give to you.


Silvia Hartmann, 2003

From Heart Healing


How To Set A REAL Goal

Success Goal Wealth Inspiration Image

Goal Setting With SuperGoals


Success Is FREE!

Success is free.

It is the result of doing things you love and doing them *with love*, and because you love them, you *pay attention* to every detail and you craft them with love.

And the ones who love you will see you do what you love, and they will be full of love and delight *for you* and they will be *inspired* by seeing your work in progress.

You in turn will feel this and you will make them want to be a part of this *movement in the field of flow and wealth* with success being your rushing, trailing wake.

Take 60 seconds now to consider how YOUR success will lift and raise those you care for the most.

Success blessings this day in all you do.

Silvia Hartmann

* From  Sixty Second Wealth Creators


An Essence A Day ....

Draw positive energy into your life with For You, A Star!


Click the book and get a positive energy form to help you make the most of this incarnation!


With lots of love from

StarFields SFX :-)


From "For You, A Star"

Oceans of Energy

If you could shift

your point of view

for just a moment, as you

now grow still

and silent within,

without a thought or care,

without a thought of worry or desire,

then you might just begin to feel:


A power tingling in your fingertips

a breath that draws to you

a part of all there is, of which

you are a part,

and that surrounds you

buoys you, nourishes, protects


and reaches far and wide, and further still

into the deepest blues of oceans,

the deepest greens of mountain lakes

and all the creatures that reside

in forest groves, eternal deserts

as above,

the stars are dancing.


Oceans of Energy

and they lie at your fingertips,

for you to navigate and learn

to know the ancient arts

of balance, deep release

and once again restore

the Even Flow,

the Perfect State of Being.

Silvia Hartmann, 2001

The Original EmoTrance Energy Work Dedication From

"Oceans Of Energy"

Poetry Poem Poems by StarFields

Get A Metaphysical Poem

Let the Universe choose a metaphysical poem from the Starfields Collection of Hypnotic Poetry.

What will it be?

Pick A Poem For Me


Get A Healing Angel


Rainbow Angels Healing Angels Click to get an angel!
Click For An Angel!

The Superfast


Stress Release Technique

Press PLAY - This is an excerpt from the DragonRising Radio Show which also contains an example of EmoTrance BeauTyT, and EmoTrance Energy Dancing.

Try A Quick Wealth Exercise

Money is in the mind - exercise your wealthy brain with one of the 60 Second Wealth Creators.

Click the image below to try an exercise.

Wealth exercises online from the 60 second wealth creators by dr silvia hartmann

Wealth Exercise Online

From "60 Second Wealth Creators"


Aromatherapy For YOUR Soul

Let the universe pick a perfect aromatherapy essential oil for you:


Aromatherapy with a difference - Let the Universe choose an essential oil for you today!

Click on the Magic Aromatherapy Bottle!

From "Aromatherapy For Your Soul"

A Message Through The Genius Symbols

Think of a problem and let The Genius Symbols shed some new light on the situation.


From "The Genius Symbols"

The Gift

The Gift is an absolutely wonder full pattern for healing, learning about energy, giving that which only you would have to give, and of course, for receiving and learning to receive as well.

Click on The Gift below and find out what The Gift you have received today:

An inspirational Gift for you today!

The Gift From Project Sanctuary

A Quick Story - The Man ...



The Man

A man came to me and said he wanted to learn of Sanctuary.

"It sounds interesting," he said.

"It's just imagination, right?"

I laughed.

"Just? What do you think imagination is?"

The next day he came back and said, "Imagination is when you see things in your mind. But I don't see things in my mind."

I sighed and said, "Have you ever had a dream?"

I didn't see him for two days after that.

When he came back, he asked, "In my dreams, I don't just see things, but I hear things, feel things. Is that also imagination?"

It was a start.

A week went by and the man came again. He was nervous but trying not to show it. But I could tell because he was too fast.

"What good is imagination if it isn't real?" he asked in a rush. "It's nothing, nothing at all!"

I shrugged my shoulders and ignored him.

For a time, he stood there, being way too fast, then he turned on his heels and stormed out of the temple.

It was raining on the day when he came back and sat down on a step a way away from where I was painting.

He didn't look at me when he said in a low voice, "I keep having those thoughts ...  I don't know how to stop them ..."

After a while, he added, "I know it's not real but ... I can't sleep, and I feel as though I'm going crazy."

A while after that he said, "Can you help me?"

I put the brush down and turned to him.

"Walk in the garden with me," I said.

It was raining on the day we walked in the garden. Everything was misty green and moist, so beautiful.

The rain's small voices filled all the spaces with nothing but holiness.

The man sighed and stepped down, and sighed again.

"It's all real, isn't it," he said as we walked on the soothing grass.

"Imagination is reality."

I stopped and turned to him, gently stroked his shoulder.

"Don't be sad," I said. "To know that is to have unlocked not just the world, but the heavens, too.

"Now, it's all yours for the taking."

SFX 2008

Project Sanctuary

Created with Project Sanctuary

Fight For Your Right To Dream ....

Choose An Inspiration: The Masterpiece | Daily Diamonds | ConfidenceThe Dreamer | The Egg

Find Something To Love

The great waterwheel of life needs to spin forward, so that it carries us, powers us, into the future.

When it turns forward and is in harmony with nature, with the rising tides and the turn of sun and star, we are powerful and strong. Life is beautiful, we are in love and all is effortless and right.

When it slows, life becomes ever harder, ever more difficult.

When it comes to a halt, we are confused, powerless, helpless.

When it spins backwards, we are thrown into pain and the past, into failure and misery, into depression, into self mutilation, into suicide.

Life happens.

There are challenges, there are adventures.

There are things over which we have no control.

But we can keep the great waterwheel of life turning in the right direction.

Find some thing to love ...

Love is the greatest power in the universe.

There is only love, and the absence of love.

Love is joy, it is pleasure. It is heaven.

The absence of love is pain, and it hurts. It is hell.

As long as you can love, you are safe.

As long as you can love, you are blessed.

As long as you can love, there is nothing that can destroy you.


Find some thing to love ...


Love is the answer, the solution, and the only way.

To learn to love, and to love more, more often, more deeply and profoundly, is our task.

It is our duty and our saviour; our work and our reward.

When we love, we become immortal.

Loving is easy and it heals all wounds.

Say YES to love.

Start today, start straight away.

Find something to love.


                                                                             Silvia Hartmann
                                                                             December 2013

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