The StarFields Meta-Index

Encyclopedia Of Terms, Patterns & Techniques


1=Infinity - Pattern based on the uniqueness of events. Infinite Creativity

2 Minute Stress Clearer - Also known as the Marlene animation. Facial points only, used as a "quick demo" to get people to try EFT. 

360' Field Clearer - Energy clearing pattern. Oceans Of Energy

50 - Reference to "child sex abuse survivor" as in, "Yes, he's a 50," based on "50 Shades of Grey" where the character declares himself to be "50 shades of fucked up." This term may seem disrespectful to those who are not 50s themselves, but to those who are, it makes sense and feels less depressing. Plus it is shorter to type and say.

60 Second Wealth Creators - A set of 365 thought/energy exercises that can be done in a minute to clear wealth reversals and learn to think wealthy.

7 Lessons In Web Magic - 7 Project Sanctuary events-lessons for magical webmasters. Web Magic is free in the VIP Library

Activators - HypnoSolutions sounds tracks which capture the energy of a HypnoSolution but without the words; for playing at any time in the environment. See also HypnoSolutions.

Addiction MET Protocols - Complete set of professional MET patterns for treating high end addictions and using a wide frame of reference in the definition of Addiction beyond substances. MET Practitioner Course Advanced Patterns of EFT

Altar Ego - The sound track from Vampire Solstice. 13 compositions "Vampire Music" album.

Animal EFT - EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques for animals. 

Anxiety & Stress Self Help Protocol - Complete energy psychology self help protocol for stress and anxiety. Also available in the German language.

Appollonius Quartet - Set of four Energy Hypnosis inductions (the four quarters) to significantly increase psychic abilities and paranormal skills by restoring flow to the psychic circuitry and repairing damage in that part of the energy system.

Aroma Energy - Working with aromatherapy essential oils on an energy basis for healing, change and magic. Aromatherapy For The Soul

Art Solutions - A superb process which uses kinaesthetic feedback to create works of music, words, actions, and art for problem solving. Living Energy ET 2, Energy Magic ET 3, see also

ASBD - Attention Seeking Behaviour Disorders. See also Harmony Programme.

A-State - Amphetamine like "fast energy state" induced by breathing technique. Living Energy ET 2

Asha - Word/label used for a particular human quality of going on after defeat, without hope of the situation ever improving and in spite of constant suffering. Named in honour of an African mother who brought up her 6 children by herself in spite of being in agonising pain from a degenerative disease which precluded her from sleeping.

Aspect see Genius Symbols - The sign that stands for aspects of a person or any thing, like the facets of a diamond or time delineated aspects like in the aspects model.

Aspects (of a person) - Phrase used to replace the concept of "parts". Aspects are defined by time and are always and only sequential. Understanding the difference between "I, now" and "any aspect, then" is essential for general mental health and the practice of psychology. Events Psychology

Astral System, Astral Circuitry - The psychic circuitry or psychic "body" of a person. Not to be confused with the energy system as it functions on a different plane altogether. You can think of it as follows: If the meridians are vaguely equivalent to the circulatory system, the astral circuitry is vaguely equivalent to the neurology. The astral or psychic circuitry is the least understood and most mis-represented of all human energy systems. The Appollonius Quartet

Attachments Ereas in the wider energy field which were not generated or derived from the individual whose field it is. See also Evil CDs.

Autogenic Body - The body map of an individual. Goes well beyond any nebulous "self concept" or single "body image", this is a suit of thoughtform armour that functionally destroys the energy matrix and perverts flow and functioning in the energy body. Living Energy EmoTrance 2 ; BeauTy.

Autogenic Universe - A really quite self created world where events have magical attributes set by the owner of that universe. That's what the map is, in the "the map is not the territory" sense of that saying. Living Energy EmoTrance 2

Autogenic Relationships - Key pattern for advanced Project Sanctuary players dealing with ... autogenic relationships. Project Sanctuary_Masters

Avidity - See Client Avidity

Beauty T (BeauTy) - Specialist, powerful and heavy duty practical application of the Autogenic Body principles for EmoTrance practitioners and above.

Body Protocol EFT - The basic EmoTrance protocol, backward-engineered so EFT users can also gain at least some of the benefits. Energy EFT

Black Space Of Thought - See Unspoken Realms. Energy Healing For Animals, Project Sanctuary_Masters

Black Satin - Speaking/writing without editing in personal relationships. Can also apply to using paranormal language to tell the truth.

Bridging - Actively creating energetic pathways and connections in healing and repair work. See also Rainbow Bridge. Energy Healing For Animals.

Bubble Induction, The - Hypnotic energy movement to release stale energy fields from the body. EmoTrance compatible.

Champagne Turquoise - Shamanic, autogenic, hypnotic weight loss & fitness supplement.

Champion - Independent state on the other side of mastery. BeauTy T.

Champion's Vow - A re-write of the Bushido Samurai code for the 3rd Millennium. Also an Energy Magic ritual. BeauTy

Channel Clearing Protocol EFT - Advanced Patterns of EFT

Channelling - Term used to have information free flow from any aspect of the totality to the conscious awareness, such as from the physicality, or from the energy mind. Project Energy

Chaos Literature - see Melville Pattern

Chay! - Humorous phrase used instead of Hallelujah! or Jaya! etc. because it is non-denominational. A bit like, "Praise be!".

Chay Catena - One of the three central characters from In Serein.

Celebration - Track 03 on HD2 Heart Healing. An invitation to join life. HypnoDreams

CH Device - Structural device inherent in human neurology which creates false memories. The Story Teller

Child, The - Track 08 on HD2, Heart Healing. HypnoDreams

Chorus - Energy Hypnosis voice state pattern. BeauTyT

Class Of Self - Meta pattern to understand global features about the self across time which never change. Project Sanctuary

Client Avidity - 3rd alternative to client resistance and client compliance which is necessary for energy work. Advanced Patterns Of EFT

Clown Pattern - Pushing a system past its sweet spot and getting ever more failure, the harder you push on past and out beyond into what a system has to offer.

Col. Kurtz Pattern - Named after a character from "Apocalypse Now," this is a thinking pattern which asks, when faced with extreme behaviour, "What if this was not just the right thing to do, but the ONLY thing to do?" in order to re-cover cause and effect.

Conjunction - Refers to the drivers created when traumas and guiding stars are aligned to push someone from both ends in a singular direction. When this happens in a person, they become pretty unstoppable and are often regarded as unusual, either as serial killers or as geniuses. From "Goal Setting The Hard Way" essay.

Construct - Also Crystalline Construct. Artificial reality created directly by conscious thought. Most notably, these are time bound and not flowing, thereby being quite by design and naturally always wrong, untrue and never useful. Living Energy ET 2

Corn Story, The - Teaching story about nurture vs nature debate. The Story Teller

Covenant, The - From Vampire Solstice, the Law Of The Vampires. The first law is love, the second evolution, the third preciousness.

C-P-M Triad - Creator-Project-Market as a single interactive system through which an exchange of information, nourishment and energy flows, feeding their respective needs and balancing them all, growing them all in the process. Project Energy

Creator's Block - When people have one particular highly charged experience of creating a "breakthrough" work of art or invention or such, but then go on to never do anything like it again or of that same quality, being then driven to "repeat the old" forevermore and suffering greatly in the process. Project Energy Writers Block Help

Creator's Logjam - An energy blockage that occurs when someone has too many creative ideas or projects and new ones keep arriving but the old ones aren't moved on, let go, made hard or dealt with. This is alleviated by temporarily bringing projects out in shorthand or abbreviated versions to relieve the pressure. Writers Block Help

CrimeLine - Resolution/Absolution pattern, timeline based, but focussing on the crimes someone has committed. Also see Quantum CrimeLine. Originally from In Serein. Advanced Patterns of EFT

Crystal Magician, The - Fairy Tale, metaphor teaching story about good and evil.

Deliverance Ritual - Simple ritual for moving forward in spite of having made mistakes in the past.

Diamond Transformation - The act of changing by allowing major events to change the energy matrix. Oceans Of Energy

Displaced Time Chunks - Reference to thoughtfields which are not stored and out of time and sequence. These cause wide ranging disturbances. Energy Healing For Animals

Dive To Diamonond - Tack 02 on HD1, The Wisdom Of The Water. Opens extra-sensory acuity. HypnoDreams

Dancing Pixies - (Tanzende Gartenwerge!) Humorous term given for an attempted metaphoric descriptions of existing energetic realities that seem to make absolutely no sense whatsoever if one was to judge them by 2 dimensional logic or by previous experiences in The Hard and which happens quite naturally when someone seeks to describe an erea that *doesn't have* ANY equivalency in the Hard whatsoever in the first place!. The Story Teller

Dark Core - EFT for Humanity Pattern

Dark Energy Systems - Energy Healing For Animals

Darling - Revolutionary and controversial evocation. Track 07 from HD1 The Wisdom of The Water. HypnoDreams

Deep Sea Jewels - Fairy Tale, metaphor and an important teaching story for the psychic circuitry.

Dragon Lords - Novel by Silvia Hartmann. The Naked Writer project.

The Dreamer - Motivational, inspirational speech about human creativity.

Dream Lover - See Autogenic Relationships. 

EFT FreeFlow - An evolved version of EFT that includes streaming concepts, conscious direction and EmoTrance. Originally derived from the MindMillion protocols, which are the precursor to FreeFlow. MindMillion

EFT Heart & Soul Protocol - EFT protocol that adds points for heart and soul to make for a more complete EFT experience.

EFT Stress Bunny - Very funny animation from

EHA - Energy Healing For Animals - Multi-ordinate pure energy healing course.

EI Scale - Emotional Intensity Scale. Open-ended alternative to SUDS & VOC which can be used in "layered tracks" to track multi-systemic emotional interactions and responses in advanced MET treatments. MET Practitioner Course See also SUE Scale.

EmoTrance - Revolutionary energy worlds exploration system that is prejudice free, physiology led and entirely experiential. , Oceans Of Energy - Living Energy ET2 - BeauTy T

EmoTrance Introduction - First introduction to EmoTrance. 

EmoTrance Hypnosis Release Induction - Hypnotic induction (for hypnotherapists) to induce and support the EmoTrance release process. Contains all the main wordings used by EPs also. Oceans Of Energy ET 1

EmoTrance Self Help Protocol - 

Energetic Relationships Patterns - Invisible strings binding individual energy systems to others and also, binding artificial thoughtfields and constructs to and within each other.  Advanced Patterns of EFT

Energetic Bereavement Resolutions - See also Immortal Beloved, Energy Healing For Animals, Advanced Patterns of EFT

Energy A-Z - A complete listing of energy related terms, phrases, concepts etc. for EmoTrance, Project Sanctuary, Events Psychology and Energy Magic.

Energy Dancing - A synergy of Trance Dance (Energy Hypnosis) and EmoTrance, by which body movements are used to improve energy flow through problem ereas.

Energy EFT - Using EFT with energy in mind and as a 3rd Field modality to improve the functioning of the ENERGY body.

Energy Hypnosis - Hypnosis that works from the presuppositions of the Enchanted World and includes conscious mind functions as well as the energy system in the equation.

Energy Magic - The art & science of magic from the ground up following the presuppositions of the Sidereus Universe, which also generated EmoTrance.

Energy Mind - One of the three HEROS. Previously known as the "unconscious mind", the energy mind is to the brain as the energy heart is to the heart. Living Energy ET 2; The Enchanted World

Energy Nutrition Thinking of energy flowing into the energy body as the equivalent of nutrients flowing into, through and out the physical systems and, in their passing and interaction with those systems, bringing the building blocks for existence, growth, repair and energy for all living functions. Oceans Of Energy

Energy Of Learning, The - Learning via the energy matrix which becomes *inscribed* with experiences. EmoTrance base pattern.

Energy Vampire - This is a pattern which deals NOT with how to protect oneself from those, but how to become one. It is said to contribute greatly to longevity, sex appeal, personal power and classical good looks ... Oceans Of Energy

Erea - Existing energetic reality, i.e. something that's really there and is energetic in origin. A more useful term than many metaphors (such as "spirit attachment") which only frighten people and seriously confuse the issues. Oceans Of Energy

Essence - The energetic reality behind a label, concept or word. For You, A Star

ET - EmoTrance

Ethical Pledge - Rather than promising cures or any form of change or symptom cessation, the ethical pledge is for the healer to say, "I will do the very best I can for you." Energy Healing For Animals This was evolved into "the gift that only you would have to give" in Energy 101.

EP - EmoTrance Practitioner

Even Flow - When everything works exactly as it was designed to work by the creator. Oceans Of Energy, Energy Healing For Animals, HypnoDreams

Event - Something the human totality registers as being important or unique.

Event Horizon - How far an individual can plan time ahead and hold it steady. Stress causes a person's event horizons to collapse until there is only "here and now" remaining, and thus decisions are being made which are not in an individual's long term best interest - which is all hidden BEHIND the event horizon.

Events Psychology - How people's actions, thoughts, beliefs etc. are formed by the events of their lives and how by working directly with events we can learn, change, heal and evolve. Events Psychology has its own range of unique naming conventions and terms which can be found in the A-Z of Events Psychology at Events Psychology The Book, Events Psychology Book of Exercises

Evil CD Pattern -  Refers to thought fields and other ereas which have become "stuck" inside someone's energy body, and once they're inside, it seems as though they are self generated and belong there, causing inordinate chaos. Advanced Patterns of EFT, Living Energy ET 2

Evocation The act of raising and shaping energy by intention.

Extra-Sensory Acuity - Learning to pay attention to realities beyond sight, sound and touch. See also Night Eyes. Living Energy ET 2, Project Sanctuary_DL

Fairy Dust - Humorous description for small energetic building blocks used in causal plane work as it appears weightless and sparkly; also because construct constructs which don't have this magical component are flat, lifeless and lack "sparkle". Living Energy ET 2

Fairy Wish - EmoTrance pattern for making wishes. Oceans Of Energy

Fault Lines - Damaged ereas which always show totality stress first and hence confuse ordinary "cause-and-effect" approaches. Oceans Of Energy

Fault Lines Patterns EFT - Advanced Patterns of EFT

Feeding & Care Of The Energy Body - Refreshing ET pattern originated from the MM project.

First Guitar - Metaphorical reference for someone whose higher energy systems are functioning and thus are creating a resonance effect in others, awakening their higher energy systems in return. Comes from the analogy of one guitar striking a note creating a resonance sound on a second, dusty guitar which has not been touched in years. Living Energy ET 2

Focal Time Movement Patterns - Living Energy ET 2

Forgiveness Patterns EFT - Advanced Patterns of EFT

Fractal Imagination - see Melville Pattern

Generative Gift - See also The Gift. More advanced version of The Gift which triggers incremental change. Energy Healing For Animals.

Genius Symbols - 23 Symbols that both conscious and energy mind (subconscious/unconscious mind) can understand and which serves as a form of Rosetta Stone alphabet to enable TWO WAY communication between conscious mind and energy mind. Normal Version - The Genius Symbols, Magic Version in Magic Spells & Potions Website

Gift, The - See also Generative Gift. Very popular and easy quantum energy healing pattern with many uses; perfect for beginners and children, powerful advanced applications. Living Energy ET 2, Project Sanctuary, Energy Healing For AnimalsThe Story Teller

Golden Horse, The - Original Fairy Tale and metaphor about the psychic circuitry by Silvia Hartmann.

Golden Line - Heritage line of people who have inspired a person and if called upon, will support them in the now. MindMillion

Golden Line Goals - Also known as the golden goal line. An evolutionary set of goals that replace a single "final solution" goal. MindMillion

Good & Evil - Essay on how people decide which team they want to play on.

Greeting The Day, Greeting The Night - Basic and important "energy awareness practice pattern", originally from Energy Healing For Animals. Oceans Of Energy

Guide - Term from Totality Hypnosis to replace the limiting term of "operator" and the concept of "hypnotic dominance". See also Traveller.

Guiding Stars - Moments of glory (numinous experiences) that shape someone's life eternally in their image because of the high impact and charge; see also The Higher Taste Pattern. Originally released as a special report Guiding Stars 2000/2, now only availably in Advanced Patterns of EFT

Habitat - Cohesive environment, landscape, event environment for a particular Project Sanctuary story or occurrence. Project Sanctuary, Project Sanctuary_DL

Hands Of Ghost - Non-physical versions of the Healing Hands. Also sometimes called ghosthands. Originally from In Serein. Oceans Of Energy

Hard - The Hard. Term used for physical reality as being less than, but part of, the entirety of REALITY which also encompasses the energetic levels, up and down. This term is used in order to not have to use the term reality in the limiting form because so many say reality and they really mean "the Hard", thus missing the most important points about real reality which is more by far. Also used in versions of "the hard table" as to make a distinction between a metaphor used for an energetic reality, or for a physical manifestation. Originally from In Serein

Harmony Programme - Hierarchical systems cause unnecessary conflicts and chaos, and can NEVER support or live within the Even Flow. The Harmony Programme replaces entrained hierarchical responses with a flow based methodology. First developed to deal with high end Attention Seeking Behaviour Disorders in social mammals. Free download at from Energy Healing For Animals

Healer Model EFT - Advanced Patterns of EFT , EFT & NLP

Healing Servitor - Functional erea with response capabilities. Energy Healing For Animals. Project Sanctuary_DL

Healing Star - Energetic occurrence between healer and client whereby the client's own healing systems are actualised or awoken. Energy Healing For Animals.

Heart Healing - (1) HypnoDreams track from HD2 "Heart Healing". HypnoDreams (2) Title of HD2 CD Heart Healing and title of accompanying E-Book. (3) Very simple stand-alone stabilisation and healing technique which also serves as a state anchor. Living Energy ET 2, MindMillion

Heirloom Stories - Powerfield metaphors which get passed down in tribes, groups, races, and families to maintain a cohesive construct and "racial identity". The Story Teller

HEROS - Abbreviation for Higher Energetic Reality Organising Systems and referring to the energy mind, the energy heart and the soul. Living Energy ET 2

Herosphere - Object from Varillian.

High Energy Morphogenetic Systems - Energy Healing For Animals

Higher Taste Pattern - Neurological organisation pattern normal and wired in in people whereby the "best taste so far" becomes the new goal and target and overwrites the previous higher tastes. See also "Guiding Stars". Living Energy ET 2

HoloDreams - Also see HypnoDreams. Sanctuary State energy hypnosis with the vocal track deleted to allow the user to "flow into" the space left behind for even more personalised expression and experiences. 

HypnoDreams - Also see HoloDreams. Sanctuary State energy hypnosis. Groundbreaking energy states work.

HypnoSolutions - Energy Hypnosis devices, created with the Art Solutions process, for particular problems in human energy systems. HypnoSolutions come with Activators to transition smoothly from healing sessions into the Here.

Ice River - Track 05 on HD1, The Wisdom of The Water. Reconnects in safety to the magical realms and/or parts of the energy system. HypnoDreams

IEFT Instant EFT Practice Patterns - Instead of physical tapping, a single anchor or trigger sets a flash fire sequence automatically in motion to accomplish the meridian re-balancing. Advanced Patterns of EFT

Immortal Beloved Pattern - From "Energetic Bereavements Resolution Sets". Energy Healing For Animals, Advanced Patterns of EFT

Inner Child Healing Spiral EFT - An energy therapies re-parenting pattern for neglected, abused and unloved past children, adjusted for EFT. Advanced Patterns of EFT

Innocent Energy - A natural energy form like water which simply falls and clears, and doesn't judge. Unlike "the light", this is accepted and received by the entire energy system, whether or not they were labelled "of the dark" or "evil" and regardless of whether they are undeserving or not, hence by-passing a great many shields and layers of defenses which often keep healing energy away from many parts and aspects of the energy body. Originally from In Serein, Oceans Of Energy

Innocent Energy & Perfect Personal Healing - Article/pattern for EmoTrance self help.

In Serein - Fantasy Fiction Trilogy by Silvia Hartmann. Book 1, Sourcerer & Apprentice, Book 2, The Cage, Book 3, End Of Dreams. 

Instant Past Life Regression - No trance method to elicit past lives. Also used in character creation for fiction authors, PS games and therapy. The Story Teller

Isca - One of the three central fiction characters from In Serein.

Listen To The Land Pattern - Geopathic stress diagnostic exercise. Energy Healing For Animals

Locus - A structurally existing, prescribed and fixed "location" (time/space/dimension) in energy systems. Mostly used in the context of PS style astral travel, but also pertinent to the loci of systems in the human energy body. Infinite Creativity

Lord Lucian Tremain - One of the three central characters from In Serein.

Lord Ashtar - A name for a particular shape of the autogenic body, more suitable for astral travel than a human shape, and it roughly represents a bird, or a smooth dragon. Project Sanctuary_DL. Infinite Creativity

LoveLine - Timeline based pattern for discovering how much love someone has received in their lives and what they have done with it. Project Sanctuary

Lullaby - Deep trance deep sleep hypnosis device.

Magic Moment - Refers to a lightning strike instant actualisation of previously unexperienced energy body systems; usually the genesis of a Guiding Star. Energy Healing For Animals

Magic Word - A word is a magic word when the word itself and the energy behind the word are aligned and they become one and the same, or have absolute structural integrity.

Marp (pl. Marps) - Hands who are acting on behalf of the energy mind.

Matrix Globe - Erea created and used for the transfer of information to the HEROS. Unlike Snow Globes, Matrix Globes contain pure data so there is no need to access pictures, sounds or feelings during creation and transfer. Living Energy ET 2

Metaphor Mnemonic - A short phrase, like the title of film or a book, which captures a single image representative of the whole story. Aromatherapy For The Soul

Metasong - The word to describe the data stream from the Energy Mind which is translated into metaphor, and then into all manner of practical manifestations, such as art, poetry, mathematics, architecture, music, religion, healing techniques, etc. etc. etc. See also Streaming

Meta Story - A form of Project Sanctuary Story which runs over an extended period of time, plays out according the rules of its own universe, and which takes a considerable amount of attention and energy to complete.

Moment Of Perfect Clarity - A totality state when something has been truly understood, learned, decided and there is congruency in mind, body and energy system. Energy Healing For Animals.

Moment Of Stillness - Crucial incident during the Thought Flow technique to allow consciousness a chance to set a new direction. Living Energy ET 2

Morning Light - Track 06 from HD2, Heart Healing. HypnoDreams

Mountain Part II, The - Teaching story about ecology and outcomes in personal development. The Story Teller

Melville Pattern - One of the Zoom patterns. Changes perceptual position infinitely and teaches smooth movement through infinite logical levels. Also handy self help pattern to change state and creativity enhancer. Project Sanctuary_DL

Metaphoric Abstraction Levels - Using consciously a range of abstractions to describe different kind of energetic occurrences across the planes. The more abstract, the further away from the Hard. Project Energy - Project Sanctuary_DL

Metaphoric Fluidity - One of the key principles of metaphor work, i.e. that a metaphor is something which is meant to develop and flow (prince turns to frog, frog turns to leaf, leaf turns to grassy landscape etc) as it seeks to translate and describe the ever flowing energetic reality behind it. The Story Teller

MindWalk - Experiencing a sequence of events in mind rather than in physicality. Advanced Patterns of EFT

MTP Multi-Tasking Personality Pattern - Learning to use and place "aspects of self" (parts) at the right time and in the right environment. Practice pattern from Project Sanctuary.

Naked Writing - Refers to writing directly from the autogenic experience (being in Sanctuary) and documenting events in real time as the energy mind presents them. Term originates from "The Naked Writer Project" 2012. See also Creative Writing 101

Natural Healing While You Sleep - Project Sanctuary related autogenic protocol to deliberately create soothing and healing energetic environments and states before going to sleep. Helps also with insomnia. Project Sanctuary, Project Sanctuary_DL

Neverland Pattern - Training pattern from Project Sanctuary III to explain how damaging it is to try and create Sanctuary structures and habitats mistakenly in the Hard. Project Sanctuary

Night Eyes - Or "eyes of night." Switching the autogenic view to the energetic realms and realities. Also see extra-sensory acuity. Living Energy ET2, Project Sanctuary_DL, Infinite Creativity

Nothing Principle, The - States that a nothing is nothing and cannot be improved upon. In order to have anything other than nothing, one needs to start with an anything - which then may be shaped or improved upon to become a suitable something. Project Sanctuary

Oceans Of Energy - (1) Evocation Dedication originally written for Energy Healing For Animals (2) Track 01 on HD1, Wisdom Of The Water, HypnoDreams. (3) Title of EmoTrance Volume 1 Book. Oceans Of Energy

Ocean Wood - Track 04 on HD2, Heart Healing. Deep rest and absolution. HypnoDreams

One Equals Infinity - Formative pattern of Events Psychology, meaning amongst other things that once something has been done, it is done and stays done and cannot be done again. 1=I in short.

Organic DHE - One of the many nicknames for the processes of Project Sanctuary

Organising Plane - Higher energetic level plane where ideas first form into being. Living Energy ET 2

Paranormal Language - Language that sounds like a poem or "a metaphor" because it is based on an enegy mind vision. Can be anything from a short comment to a metasong. Infinite Creativity

Pertineri Market - Interdimensional meeting place external to any one given individual. Project Sanctuary_DL Infinite Creativity

Planes - Different levels of existence or so it seems to the consciousness as it travels between them, inhabiting only one at the time and thus thinking they are very different and possibly even unrelated.

Planes Confusion - Trying to do something on one plane that should be done on another instead and thus causing chaos and conflict. Project Sanctuary, Living Energy ET 2

Planism - A form of prejudice whereby one of the planes of existence is given much more attention and care than the others. For example, daydreaming so much that the physical reality crumbles; or working in the fields whilst ignoring the psychosis and the nightmares.

Potion - Aroma Energy term for something that contains more than one essential. Aromatherapy For The Soul

PowerField - Thoughtfield made up out of many contributions from many individuals over a long time. PowerFields Paper 2000. Energy Healing For Animals.

Prayer Prescription - Basically wrapping up a custom made energy cocktail in words so that another can repeat the words at home to raise the requisite energies. Energy Healing For Animals.

Precious - Track 07 on HD2, Heart Healing. HypnoDreams

The Preciousness - One of the three laws of love. The first is love, the second evolution and the third is the preciousness. From Vampire Solstice.

Presenting EFT To The Public - Advanced Patterns of EFT

Project Energy - Energy magic techniques set which begins with aligning the energy of a project (or product) before action is taken in the hard. Energy Magic, ET3, MindMillion Intensive

Project Sanctuary - Quantum logic training manual which is both fun to do as well as being capable of generating endless, totally individualised healing and learning experiences for the player. Also known as the wellspring.

Proxy Tapping EFT - Advanced Patterns of EFT

Psychic Circuitry - See Astral Body. Infinite Creativity

Quantum CrimeLine Movement - States that the punishment for the past and current crimes was the original causative event/s and once this is understood, absolution has resulted. See also CrimeLine. Originally from In Serein.

Quantum X Grenade - Useful device to blow up thoughtfields and all other forms of ereas and a part of the energetic 2nd level origination plane and goal patterns. Living Energy ET 2 Infinite Creativity

Reversing Reversals (Focal Time Movement) - Using attention to direct global flow directions in the energy system. Living Energy ET 2

Rainbow Angels - Colorful angels as messengers for angelic energy forms.

Rainbow Connection - A method for bridging ereas to encourage information flow between them which will change them in the process. Living Energy ET2

Rainbow Bridge - Complex metaphor for quantum solutions & quantum thinking -  Energy Healing For Animals.

Raising Your Metabolism With EFT - Hypnosis technique cross-engineered for use with EFT.

Real Events - Occurrences that make an impact, energy carriers that have the power to reach out and "touch people". From the Metallica Pattern

Receiving The Colours - Energy alignment set to enable active receiving of a wide range of universal energies. This is Track 02 on HD 2 Heart Healing  HypnoDreams and originated in Web Magic.

Red Bicycle Pattern, The - The impossibility of physically healing a past need injury by fulfilling it in the Now, by for example a Grandfather buying the red bicycle THEY never had for the grandchild who never wanted it, or by buying a sports car when you're 90 when you needed it when you were 17. Project Sanctuary

Resonance Connection - (1) Track 05 on HD2, Heart Healing. (2) Also phrase used to describe the connection between souls, standing communication field. HypnoDreams

Riversmooth - (1) Energy Magic shielding pattern; (2) Matching song from Altar Ego

Sanctuary State - A particular range of totality states where all of the self is present - energy mind, energy body, physicality and consciousness. Technically placed at the Alpha/Theta overlap, with Beta and Delta traces brought right up. HypnoDreams

SBSFF - Humorous reference to "Silvia's BSFF". Unreleased.

Serein - Word to replace what is sometimes called "the causal plane". This is a stable, non-self generated Project Sanctuary style BASE environment. See Game In Gold for an example of how to play "In Serein". Name derives from In Serein, the novel, obviously.

Sereyah's Song - Fairy tale story for child abuse survivors and others. 

Shadow Emotions EFT - Emotions/experiences around which entire lives have been constructed to avoid ever having to have them again. Also Holographic Emotions. Advanced Patterns of EFT

Shields - Energy barriers erected for protection consciously which now impede the Even Flow. Oceans Of Energy.

S-L-O-W EFT - Advanced Patterns of EFT

Snake Town - "Going to Snake Town". Reference to a very fast slide into unwanted states/energy totality states. Refers also to the game of Snakes & Ladders, which is a metaphor for not being at cause in one's incarnation.

Snow Globes - Ereas created for the purpose of transferring materials and thoughtfields to the higher processing systems or HEROS. See also Matrix Globes. Living Energy ET 2

Solus Device - Holographic place holder for use when a component, puzzle piece or picture is not yet known, or to replace unwanted aspects without having to know what might replace them. Story Teller, PS Masters Course

Soul - One of the three HEROS. Actually existing system in the energy body which is functionally immortal and survives physical death. Living Energy ET 2

Soul Pilot - Getting in contact with entities that require help, and helping them.

Soul Quest - Re-orientating internal devices to be searching for one's own soul, making contact with it, and learning communication with it. Like "soul searching" only we really do search for the soul! Living Energy ET 2

Spirit - The human energy system, the "energy person". Enchanted World, EmoTrance Practitioner Distance Learning Course.

StarFall - Track 04 on HD1, The Wisdom of The Water. Endless peace and rest for recharging before change is undertaken. Originally from In Serein & HypnoDreams

StarFields - Metaphor/picture for all souls in resonance connection. Energy Magic ET3

Star State - Totality present (including the conscious mind) lucid awareness state in real life.

Star Seed - A version of the "Generative Gift". Energy Healing For Animals. Project Sanctuary

Star Stone - Energy Magic beginner's device.

Storm Drains Specific major channels designed to be capable of handling the strongest and fastest energy situations if there is no damage to these channels or blockages in those channels and if they have developed properly as they should and have not become atrophied. Oceans Of Energy

Story Healing - Interactive and explorative process between conscious and energy mind to create a healing solution. Energy Healing For Animals, Project Sanctuary_DL

Streaming - The process of flowing energetic data from the energy mind into consciousness to use this data/information FOR SOMETHING. Used instead of "chanelling" which often pre-supposes unconsciousness.

SUE Scale - Subjective Units of Experience. Adds the domain of positive emotions and goes from -10 via the 0 point of peace ONWARDS towards the positive emotions that terminate in the treshold shift event of change at +10. From Events Psychology, but for use in all Energy Psychology incl. EFT and EmoTrance.

Sylvia Plath Pattern - Creativity without performance pressure pattern to establish communications flow, and also general energy flow. For use in all energy work but also as a creativity enhancer for artists. The Story Teller.

Symbol Painting - A work of art generated by the art solutions process which works as an interactive healing/problem solving device during its creation, and as a broadcaster/environmental energy device when it is completed.

Symbol Thieves - Essay on reclaiming the essence of archetypes and symbols.

Tesla Machine (Organic) - Constructing something that will run by itself and in so doing, show up the flaws in its original design over time, giving the creator an opportunity to correct this before running it again. When it is perfect, it gets build in the Hard. Project Sanctuary, Project Sanctuary_DL

Therapeutic Tapping Pattern - Advanced Patterns of EFT

ThoughtField - An erea which comes into being by someone making it via conscious thought. ThoughtFields can become very real if they are fed with a great deal of intention. See also PowerFields. Living Energy ET 2

Thought Flow Pattern - Self help pattern to break out of repetitive thought loops by passing on specific thoughts and irresolvable questions, paradox, desires etc. to the HEROS (higher energetic reality operating systems).

Threshold Model - Systemic model for charting interactive events which all together make up a presenting problem (as opposed to single cause-single effect manifestations). Energy Healing For Animals MET Practitioner Course

Timeline Walkthrough - Advanced Energy Magic pattern to integrate life experiences.

Totality - All and everything which comprises a human being, known as well as unknown, all levels, all layers, all dimensions, all times. Living Energy ET 2

Totality Chakra Protocol - Energy systems clearer from the MindMillion project. MindMillion Intensive

Totality Mirror Pattern - Physical mirrors only show the physicality. To see the totality self, one would use a totality mirror. Project Sanctuary_DL

Touch & Heal - Internal & external mind maps for use with METs - Advanced Patterns of EFT

Touching The Creative - Becoming aware of "the great web of life". Also sometimes called a "numinous experience" (Jung's word choice for the same experience). The Story Teller

Treasures & Riches - Track 06 on HD1, The Wisdom of The Water. This is not about money. HypnoDreams

Traveller - A person taking part in a totality hypnosis session. Replaces the term "hypnotic subject". See also Guide.

Unspoken Realms - Also Unseen Realms. A state where the mind no longer processes in thoughts, sounds or pictures but interacts with the energy matrices directly. See also Black Space Of Thought. Energy Healing For Animals, Project Sanctuary_DL Infinite Creativity

Unchangeing You - What came into being at the moment of conception and has never changed, will never change. The very foundational (and immortal) core of any one given individual. Also known as the Immortal Beloved. Original PowerFields Paper, Energy Healing For Animals. Infinite Creativity

Vampire Solstice - Novel by Silvia Hartmann

Varillian - Novel by Silvia Hartmann.

Vega Pattern - Advanced Energy Magic Pattern.

Vortex Pattern - Shamanic type "merging with the problem" energy movement to discover an Even Flow resolution. Energy Healing For Animals, Originally from In Serein

VOW - "Very Overriding Warrant". Conscious decision made in conjunction with highly charged states that unless rescinded or fulfilled, can run an entire incarnation. Vows override values.

Web Magic - Free 7 lesson course on ... web magic.

What Every Person Needs - Evocation/dedication for the totality. HypnoDreams, Advanced Patterns of EFT

Whining Your Way To Happiness, Health & Prosperity With EFT - Using EFT to clear daily annoyances rather than super traumas. 

Wisdom Of The Water, The - (1) Title of HD1. (2) Track 03 on HD1. Used for recharging and re-balancing energy systems and often used in EmoTrance trainings. HypnoDreams

World Seed - See also Seeds. Developing a world or habitat from a single object, thought, colour, emotion et al.. Project Sanctuary

Zodiac Cage Induction - A short meditation/PS experience to both break down prejudices acquired as a result of "Zodiac predictions" from the past, as well as teaching one of the essential zoom movements from Project Sanctuary.

Zoom Patterns - A whole range of hypnotic patterns to "free the consciousness" from limitations and indoctrinations of the Hard. There are time zoom movements, conceptual ones (see the Melville Pattern), contextual zoom movements and all improve the ability "to flexibly chunk up and down and across" various levels and layers, plus to acquire the necessary "bigger pictures" or "finer details" as and when required. Infinite Creativity


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