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StarFields VIP Club

with Dr Silvia Hartmann

What kind of club is this?

StarFields VIP is a Members Only Club with a monthly subscription.

Who is this club for?

SFVIP is for people over 18 who love EmoTrance, Project Sanctuary, Events Psychology, Energy Magic, Energy Hypnosis, Genius Symbols, MindMillion as well as Creativity in Art, Writing & Music, Business & Relationships and who would welcome the opportunity to exchange ideas, information, moral support and be a part of the ongoing journey of discovery that is "personal development the StarFields way."

What do I get?

As well as the above, there is a priceless research library filled with all sorts of good things, including many unique audio and document downloads which are not available elsewhere.

Then, there is the VIP Forum which is the heart of the VIP club.

Here, you get to interact with EmoTrance trainers, Project Sanctuary Masters, Genius Symbol Readers, Energy Specialists and others on a peer basis.

You learn things first but you also have the opportunity to take part in research projects long before the general public ever gets presented with the latest product or methodology.

What else do I get?

We are always on the lookout for ways to bring more bonuses and benefits to VIP members, from discounts on products and services, to special VIP Only releases and editions; from getting the front row seats at conferences to special teleclasses, online events to many other networking benefits that come about when you're a member of the In Crowd.

Anything else?

Yes - StarFields VIP members get a 23% discount on all DragonRising purchases, plus other discounts on goods and services arranged especially for members of the VIP club.

Who can join?

Intelligent people who are fascinated with the truly enormous potential inherent in the new discoveries and want to use these marvellous things to make their lives happier, and by extension, the lives of those they touch.

Does the VIP Club meet in the Hard?

We are primarily online; however VIPs do meet at international conferences and that's an exciting addition, to have friends to celebrate with when you get there. At TSN conferences, VIPs get to sit in the front row!

Is there anything expected of me?

Yeah. Join in. Take part. Give your opinion. Be there and add your energy to the party.

Do I have to wear a pointy hat?

The wearing of robes, cloaks and pointy hats is entirely optional.

How much does it cost?

Best value on the planet for just 9.99 per month.

Anything else I need to know before I sign up?

Yes. This is Silvia Hartmann's VIP club. She is a true creative genius who walks her talk and she is ready and willing to help you make the most of this incarnation. Priceless.