Project Sanctuary - A Brief Introduction

Project Sanctuary is the title given to a group of processes that allow an individual to build an "internal world" and lock it down in time and space, so that instead of it being a vague fantasy or a half hearted "castle in the air", it becomes steady, accessible and very real indeed.

These internal worlds, or also known as "habitats" in PS vernacular, are used like the holodeck on the Starship Enterprise for a number of purposes, the 7 most important of which are:

1. Rest, healing and relaxation.

2. Fun, joy and games.

3. Solving complex problems.

4. Quantum thinking.

5. Magic & higher communications.

6. Exploration and learning.

7. Intelligence and creativity enhancement.

The Project Sanctuary worlds or habitats become the meeting platform in a very specific space of mind and energy for a communication between the conscious and the unconscious mind, bringing the necessary qualities and abilities of both to work together on solutions, on new insights and learnings and to bring about EVOLUTIONARY DEVELOPMENT for the totality of any one particular human being.

With surprising little practice (which is always fun and exciting, at that!), creative people thus learn to build internal environments which can be used for all or any of the seven major purposes above. The possibilities for magic and for exploration in this space are limitless; and the more real the habitats become, the more practical uses they reveal and the more benefits they have for stressed out neurologies and tired physicalities.

In the very act of engaging with these habitats, and entirely by *immersion*, a Project Sanctuary player also learns how to communicate successfully in a different way with their own unconscious mind (as well as higher realities), simply by trial and error.

Always fascinating, always intensely healing and always entirely ecologically and safe, in the Sanctuary habitats lessons can be learned in a day or less that take many people an entire lifetime to find out "the Hard way".

What Can You DO With Project Sanctuary?

For fun, the StarFields Group came up with a list of things to do with Project Sanctuary. This is by no means complete; so the question should probably be - what *can't* you do with it?!

Past Life Explorations
Parts Integrations
Soul Retrieval
Shamanic Identification
Improve Problem Solving Abilities

Communicating With Prophets
Generating New Ideas & Insights
Guide Work
Enhancing Intelligence
Autogenic Training

Meeting Your Daemon
Changing Your Past
Dream Interpretation
Symbol Creation
Visualisation Training
Sexual Satisfaction
Improving Intuition
Discovering Internal Resources
Retrieving & Altering Memories

Practising Public Speaking
Ancestor Help & Guidance
Sleep Improvement
Lucid Dreaming
Goal Definition
Future Planning
Relationships Enhancement
Self Healing

Personal Discovery
Contacting Angels
Developing Extra Sensory Acuity
Learning About Psychic Protection
Working With Alchemy & Essences
Help With Decision Making
Original Art Creation

Drawing Upon Inner Wisdom
Resolving Spiritual Issues
Learning To Fill Your Needs
Logical Reality Planning
Communicating With The Unconscious Mind
Getting Better At Meditation
Seamlessly Travelling Into Trance
Inner Child Healing

Distant Help & Healing
Singing Songs And Making Music
Bereavement Help & Resolution
Discovering Personal Power
Learning To Create Restful Environments
Improving Mental Flexibility
Helping Others With Problems

Learning Life Lessons
Playing With The Magic Of Colours
Reclaiming Injured Parts Of Self
Getting In Touch With Your Magic
Practising Reality Creation Safely
Changing Your Shape

Contacting Shamanic Animals
Having Fun Flying & Exploring
Hero's Journey Discovery
Experiencing Indra's Web
Astral Travel 

Sleeping Better & More Deeply
Revitalising The Energy Body
Re-Parenting Yourself
Creating Support Systems For Yourself
Practising Logical Level Zooming
Solving Zen Puzzles
Learning About Magic Safely

Resolving Guilt, Shame and Rage
Rediscovering Your Body
Waking Up Your "Sleeping Beauty"
Visiting The Akashic Records
Learning To Give & Receive
Familiarising Yourself With Power

Dancing & Partying Whenever You Want
Communicating With Familiars
Time Management
Building Courage, Strength & Valour
Not Being Lonely Anymore
Making Contact With History
Artistic Inspiration
Clearing Your Energy Field

Taking Charge Of Your Inner Worlds
Getting Questions Answered
Making Magic Potions
Spontaneously Discovering New Healing Techniques
Having Holidays Whenever & Wherever
Feeling Connected To Self & Universe
Expressing Rage & Anger Safely

Strengthening Internal Representations
Meeting Your Higher Self
Exchanging Information With Other People
Inventing New Objects & Strategies
Time Travel
Increasing Extra Sensual Perception
Re-claiming Lost Loves

Increasing Your Sexual Flexibility
Sorting Relationships With Ancestors
Making Contact & Learning From Heros & Champions
Calling Back Lost Parts
Changing Contracts With People
Re-Inventing Your Self
Ending Troublesome Relationships
Practising Lovemaking & Courtship

Increasing Creativity and Spontaneity
Understanding Metaphor in Therapy
Find Creative Materials
Overcoming Writers Block
Writing Original Hypnotic Inductions
Creating Custom Meditations
Understanding Other People's Metaphors
Working Out Metaphors of Life
Writing Metaphor Poetry
Creating Song Lyrics

Writing and Re-Inventing Heirloom Stories
Enhancing Emotional Intelligence
Finding Endless Sources Of Inspiration
Enlarging & Enriching Experiences
Increasing Visualisation Ability
Understanding The True Meaning Of Spiritual Metaphors
Making Energy Forms
Solving "Insolvable Problems"

Safely Using Messengers, Spirit Guides & Angels
How To Deal With Monsters, Demons & Devils Correctly
Working With Metaphor Domains
Enhancing Logic
Learning To Understand Sacred Geometry
Undertaking Hero's Journeys Safely & Easily

Understanding & Decoding Dreams
Moving Along Old, Stuck "Themes of Life"
Instant Response "Story Telling"
Significantly Increasing Systems Thinking Abilities
Asking Your Own Questions - And Getting Answers!

Changing Your Mood
Making Tesla Machines
Playful Discovery & Exploration
Getting Surprise Gifts
Saving Money On Buying Hard Objects

... Never Being Bored Again!

An Extraordinary "Project Sanctuary Story"

PS - Timelining & Decisions

Here is an interesting scenario - someone being in a position to do something but they are unable to do so because of past limiting decisions to the contrary.

Now of course, there are many ways to treat this, but this Project Sanctuary occurrence which happened spontaneously and in real time with a person tonight was so moving and elegant, it deserves to be retold in case someone else might like to try this or something like it.

There is also another and rather mysterious aspect to this story, but more of that later. Let's start at the beginning.

Here is the scenario.

A young lady, 18 years of age, goes out with her boyfriend for a night on the town. He drinks way too much although she asks him repeatedly to stop.

He insists on driving the car back although he is very drunk.

The young lady is scared for him and her and doesn't want to get into the car; the drunk boyfriend basically says, "Either you get in the car or we are history."

This is her first love and the thought of losing him terrifies her even more than his drunken state; reluctantly, she gets into the car.

The inevitable happens - he drives the car way too fast, loses control, the car crashes down an embankment and into a tree.

He is fine because he is wearing a seatbelt; the seatbelt on the passenger's side however was damaged and she gets thrown through the windshield and lands on the bonnet.

So she's lying there, blood streaming from her entire face and in agony, with glass shards in her eyes and the boyfriend is heard to say, "Hey babe, look I'm going to leg it, don't want the cops to catch me, I lose my license."

And this lovely gentleman just leaves her there.

He does further, not call an ambulance or procures any help whatsoever; much later, from somewhere, the young lady manages to drag herself off the bonnet somehow, succeeds in scrambling up the embankment and stands, bleeding and blind, in the road, until another car comes by. 

She doesn't remember anything clearly after what the boyfriend said and her first real recollections are two days later, waking up in the hospital bed.

One eye was saved and repeated cosmetic surgery had reduced the scarring in her face to not being that noticeable, but she did have some very serious problems with "trust and relationships" following that incident.

Twenty years later, and she has sort of met this new gentleman who professes his love for her, seems a good sort but she cannot move forward an inch with him, no matter what she tries to do.

Now the reason for contacting me were a) desperation and b) to ask if I could come up with a good EFT opening statement that would do the trick.

I'm still in half shock myself after hearing this appalling story and thoughtlessly I say to her, "Well it really isn't any wonder. What would you SAY to your past self there on the bonnet, making all these decisions about men and relationships?"

And bam! we're in Project Sanctuary country. A superfast shift to shamanic levels of incredible clarity and immediacy, with that "lucid dream" quality so you just KNOW and feel it in your bones - this is REAL.

We're both there, listening to the drunk boyfriend, seeing her lying on the bonnet. The boyfriend scrambles away. The current self lady and I go closer and start talking to the young one. 

This extraordinary event unfolds as we are doing this which was so real to me as though I was really standing there in the cold misty night on the clay ground in the weeds, sinking into the wet ground as I'm standing there next to the current lady and having this extraordinary conversation with the bleeding young one on the bonnet.

We are asking her to not make the decisions about herself she did back then, that she was so stupid, so naive, so overly trusting, that she should have never loved him at all, that it was all her fault that she was lying here now, her life in tatters.

Between the two of us, we told her that "It wasn't your fault" and that is never wrong to love, or to trust; that she couldn't have known any better, did any better, she was so inexperienced and again and again that it was NOT her fault. 

Eventually, we are starting to get through to her and she asks us then what she should do, how she could protect herself, how she could avoid these kinds of mistakes in the future.

We talked to her about listening to her heart, growing her heart, not giving up on love but to make sure she was always safe, whatever she did as best as she could, and to make those decisions instead of the ones she had been about to make.

The current lady got her lovingly off the car bonnet, brushed the glass off her, embraced her on the ground and cried for quite some time, and then *helped her up the embankment* 

I too, went to her other side and between us we got her up on the road, standing in the road with the semi-conscious young one held between us, both of us giving her encouragement and support until the car came which rescued her, the driver saw her and stopped, went to her and we released our support and she fainted in his arms.

When we came back from this, we were both rather shaken.

Not so much by the decision thing, although that was good and moving, but by the embankment thing.

It had been a total mystery for all concerned how this girl back then in her condition could have possibly made it off the bonnet, never mind up the long, steep slippery slope in her condition at all, or to be able to stand by herself in the road.

I am absolutely not given to going "Whoooo ... spoooky ..." at the drop of the hat, but that whole thing had been so incredibly realistic, it was really - well spooky, alright then.

Whatever that was, it was something else and it had a really profound effect on the current lady.

And what spooked me out the most was when she said slowly, "Do you know something? Everything we said to her, EVERY SINGLE WORD OF IT, is already in operation.

"I've done that, exactly that, what we told her to do just now.

"I have kept myself safe and put my own safety above everything.

"I have never given up on love, nor on trust; and the simple truth is that I was not SAFE in a relationship or with a relationship - until tonight.

"Something happened tonight that had to have happened, exactly now and no sooner, and it is as simple as to say that all my seemingly strange paths and experiences have led me right here, right to you, to be doing EXACTLY WHAT WE DID TONIGHT.

"We were there. I know we were. We were there back then, we told me what to do, and we got me up that embankment.

"I know we did because I remember us being there."

I'm not often speechless but I was then.

I just nodded because that's all I could think to do.

The CHANGE in her bearing, her appearance, her energy field, the way she spoke - whoa. Something else, is all I can say.

As a scientist, I can't tell you what on Earth happened; what that was or how it worked or what it was for, but the current lady, when I cautiously asked if she needed any more opening statements just looked me straight in the eyes, shook her head sadly and said, "Come on. You were there. It's all over now, it's been put to rights."

I won't make any meanings of any of it; and I won't suggest this or that. That's the story, that's what happened. Do with it as you will.

Silvia Hartmann, October 2003

First Posted To The StarFields Group