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Stress Relief

Energy Hypnosis Daily Stress Clearer

Designed by Dr Silvia Hartmann

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Treat yourself to a powerful, concise and deeply stress relieving original energy hypnosis treatment and experience true ...

Stress Relief

Stress is really, REALLY bad for you.

Stress erodes health, overtaxes the immune system, causes illness, weakness, pain.

Stress erodes emotions, destroys love, confidence, self esteem, relationships.

Stress leads directly to disturbed thinking, bad decision making, chaos and failure.

Take out stress and you become a better person

- and that's a fact.

Without stress, you don't "just" feel better.

You think better, act better, are in a much better position to create a reality you like to live in!

And now, the good news.

We don't have to try and meditate under stress, we can simply take 15 minutes each day to release stress profoundly, deeply, and rise above the "rat race" to get a hold of the bigger picture again.

Dr Silvia Hartmann's simple and powerful "Stress Relief" Stress Hypnosis program lets you:

De-stress FAST - no long drawn out, annoying, boring relaxation instructions that are so difficult if not impossible to do under stress.

De-stress PROFOUNDLY - a three step movement takes out top level stress, intermediate stress, and deep stress (old stress).

RISE Above Stress into a state of clarity - Instead of going DOWN into trance (and falling asleep) in this unique Stress Hypnosis program we RISE ABOVE it all instead - leaving you mentally and energetically clear, clean, focused and READY FOR ACTION.

Stress Hypnosis - Stress Relief - Hypnosis Stress


That's why there is

The soaring eagle on the cover -

This is a rising trance

Which takes you HIGHER, and HIGHER.

  • To where the mental air is clear and clean, young and fresh;
  • To where you are ABOVE and in a position of high overview;
  • To where you can see "the bigger picture"
  • To a state of clarity where you make good decisions in mind, body and spirit.



And there's more ...

When we release the bindings of stress and rise above the "every day" whirlpool of activities and demands, what do we find?

We quite practically raise our vibration enough to get in touch with our higher self, our higher aspects, the highest of which is the soul itself.

As experienced meditators will attest, spending even a little time in these high realms is tremendously stress relieving in and of itself.

Raising the level of consciousness up HIGHER allows for a change of attitude, for a better understanding as more information is available from this higher vantage point, and results DIRECTLY in a better flow of positive ideas to help us overcome problems and the reasons for WHY WE ARE STRESSED in the first place.

Even better still ...

  • Raising our vibration and the mental movements of travelling UP towards the higher reaches of consciousness creates a PATHWAY.

Every time you use this stress hypnosis induction, every time you travel that path to higher consciousness, the path becomes more available, more steady, more resonant and more easily travelled the next time.

Eventually, you will find that you have LEARNED THE ABILITY TO RISE ABOVE STRESS AT WILL through the stress relief practice you find in this entirely unique, beautiful and powerful stress hypnosis induction, especially created by Dr Silvia Hartmann for the modern person of today.

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Stress Hypnosis - Stress Relief - Hypnosis Stress

Stress Hypnosis: Stress Relief

Energy Hypnosis Daily Stress Clearer

Designed by Dr Silvia Hartmann

  • De-Stress fast, easily and profoundly
  • 3 Levels Of Stress Relief
  • Stress Hypnosis that goes HIGHER
  • Learn the movement of consciousness to rise above stress
  • With practise, you will be able to move out of stress and into clarity "in the field" as and when required.
  • Practical,  time saving 15 minute session length so you can de-stress and clarify your mind at any time, anywhere.
  • Use regularly to eradicate old stress build up over long periods of time.

Dr Hartmann's upwardly mobile Stress Relief program is the perfect self help hypnosis for removing daily stress.

Keep this in your First Aid cupboard and use it often, and regularly to remove daily stress and old stress accumulations you might have acquired over time.

Excellent value for money, a unique and powerful energy hypnosis induction that lifts you HIGHER.

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